Oh look guys wow! This is my basket. So let’s find some toy vehicles. Yes, wow a mini bus, guys, mini city bus nice, color, let’s, go and find more toys, whoa, guys, wow a speed boat, beautiful water, vehicle speed, boat, wow, wow ambulance, emergency vehicle, guys, a beautiful emergency vehicle metal toy ambulance. Look realistic and let’s go wow, wow guys. A tire bus, yahoo, beautiful tire bus, yes, a six wheeler truck a container truck guys front part is metal part and the back part. The container part is a plastic part. Six wheeler container truck and guys wow wow a mini toy gun toy revolver, guys, captain america, captain america, troy river toy gun, it’s, also beautiful, guys, really beautiful, whoa wow. Look at that gun a assault rifle here’s, a scope, assault, rifle toy gun, beautiful, really beautiful, so let’s go! Oh guys. Applause, wow wow, a drone plastic toy drone, guys it’s uncommon in my channel in my videos, a toy drone guys no cameras here, it’s only just a concept, part of a drone, beautiful look, wow, wow, mcqueen, car, beautiful mcqueen, car awesome and let’s go wow. I see here something a truck fire truck guys, look beautiful six wheeler fire truck it’s, totally new brand new fire truck and let’s go wow wow a racing car beautiful racing car looks great guys, plastic, cheap racing, car wow, excavator truck six wheeler six wheeler excavator truck It’S, flexible, flexible part and let’s go guys.

Look another uncommon parts is a toy hack, so guys look plastic toy hack, so it’s also uncommon. In my channel plastic toy hexo, oh wow wow, guys a bus city, bus six, wheeler, wow, wow fire truck beautiful fire truck. Eight wheeler guys very, very good quality plastic made fire truck it’s just awesome and guys guys, here’s a vehicle, whoa police cover van high quality plastic, mid police cover van it’s, six wheeler wow guys. Yes, a bunch cooler, look, fine cooler, whoa, beautiful it’s, a bina cooler and guys let’s go guys.