This is v the voice and kickers head. How may i help you hi, audible, ah youre, interested in sponsoring a video awesome. I mean yes, we might be interested in such collaboration. Please tell us more uh, huh dusky can read, i mean different, define, read audiobooks, okay! Well, it depends what kind of genre does audible offer? Ah, it offers incredible selection of audiobooks for every genres, so mystery, bestsellers motivation. I know she needs those i can see here. You also have new releases and ooh podcasts fancy, so just to clarify if someone were to become a member, how easy is it to listen to audiobooks theres, an app of course theres an app oh yeah? I could definitely see how easy it would be to listen anytime anywhere, really walking traveling oh yeah, sailing too, because let me tell you, i know how hard it could be to read and sail at the same time. So are there any specific points you would want us to cover for that segment? Ah, she must show footage of listening to audible. Okay, all the kids from daycare are in dreamland. The froggy has made his last leap. Hell. No, you cant go to the bathroom. You know where you can go perfect. Yes, i think i can manage that and just to clarify what exactly would our audience get out of it? All new members can access a growing selection of titles that they can listen to all they want since fair.

They can also choose one title per month that they can listen to forever. Oh cool. Let me write this down. New members can try audible for 30 days for free by visiting audible.coma or text sailing uma at 500, 500 and all kika needs to do is to look at the camera and say this video is sponsored by audible yep. I think i can convince her to do that. Well, i think that is all the info. I need ill definitely relay the message once kika wakes up. Okay, bye today were going to go check out an old walled town right in front of our marina and in front of our boat. There is a giant wall and behind that wall, theres, actually an old, completely enclosed lets, call it a village. It dates back to the 1500th century. This village dates back to the 15th or 16th century and itll be really cool. To get a bit of a history lesson today: duck Music. Historically, this old, medieval town known as field close was a center of shipbuilding, and the fishing port had a huge impact on development of the city. Although the first inhabitants were fishermen, many conflicts took place around this rock throughout history. Vealclose was also turned into a military outpost and has seen many battles, but now this little fortified island is devoted to tourism and is one of the most visited places in brittany. Music. No, oh, not that i need water just bring the boat here and then you know i like how intact all the buildings and all the structures are and theyre actually doing some renovation as well on the um on the front side of like the moat.

I think its the ocean, the ocean moat, but its really cool, because all the buildings are intact and they turn them into cute little shops and restaurants and creperies. And so this whole place is more of a tourist attraction like a tourist area and its a little nice walk around, and you can look how thick the wall is its really thick its really look at this yeah yeah. This is the the width of the whole wall all around its thick. Do you want to go up on the top yeah? We can actually go all the way up and go from the basement to the attic Music. This is where, if you come up, i think this is where you could technically bring to dinghy, but that would be really cool or maybe thats, where the ferry goes, but unfortunately yeah our dinghy is on deck and i dont think we wanted to put it in The water just just to come around the corner, so please we could just walk five minutes too. Let me tie um up there. Oh we totally cut nah, i think its perfect. I think it would be deep enough. I think its very. It would be fair, but i mean theres no reason why you wouldnt be able to tie the thingy on the side yeah. How can i blame you? Music? Oh hey! You can see uma from here. Oh, if only we had a zip line. We can just go straight back home instead of walking all around the town.

Its pretty neat, i mean weve been staring at this wall for like a week since we arrived its cool to be up on the wall. Looking back down in the marina, especially such an old wall and such a well intact wall, did you remember my shot of the road? The cherry blossom tree its getting blown Music, so Music? We are finally going to be back on that anchor life. The rest of the week is going to be beautiful and warm and sunny so were going to be sailing about nine miles out of kokono and into a little group of islands called glena and well be staying there for the rest of the week and then from There well, hopefully be waiting for a good weather window to continue around south, but i am excited, i think, uh its been nice to be in big towns and big cities, but now were definitely ready to be living on anchor. Again, all right were ready to go. Lets lets rock and roll yeah take some tires and light some fires, as they say, or we dont have tires or fires lets flick, some switches and sales. All right. You wan na hop on Music. We can start putting the main up now if you want because well hit that red mark and then were going gon na fall off just enough that we can sail it Music, Music, Music. What did you think of that? A quick race against them look at 60.

. We held our own, i dont know if obviously hes not like in race mode, theyre, just kind of out cruising but cool boat, its cool to be sailing that close to one, i think were holding our own though yeah, oh my gosh, not too, then they would Have put out like nine, more sails and healed over and foiled and took off like a rocket ship, yeah theyre gone now biggest swell is still coming out of the south, so well probably anchor on the north side of these islands scope it out. Promise theres like two and a half to three meters of tide, so a lot of the places we want to anchor are probably going to be dried out at low tide. Almost there, though, three miles super quick sale yeah, i can get used to these seven mile day sails. These are nice on a sunny day on a sunny day on a warm sunny day, Music, so yeah. This is the right amount as well: Music, okay, its story time. This is our witness that we installed back in norway from maximal 48. Volts totally love it, but up underneath in here theres a little tiny magnet back here is a little tiny sensor. When the magnet passes over that sensor, it counts and thats. Our chain counter works. So we know how much chain we have going out into the water and when we came out and anchored in pineapple, we realized that our chain counter stopped working.

And so we started to investigate and we pulled some stuff apart and we reset some stuff and finally took this apart and realized that that little magnet somewhere along the line had decided to jump ship somewhere between iceland and france, because i havent really anchored a whole Lot over the winter, so we thought it was gone like disappeared, fell off deck and uh, so we ordered a new one and unfortunately were sort of on the move again. So getting mail is really really tricky and we werent. We tried to find magnets at a local hardware store, but they werent strong enough. They werent big enough. We could get another one from maxwell, but it would take like a week or two probably to get it and wed have to ship it to some marina down. The road somewhere, and so instead, we just kind of gave up and we went and got some colored zip ties from the marine store here in concord new, and this morning we pulled out all our chain on to the dock and started measuring and zip tying uh Different colors for every 10 meters and lo and behold, we found the little magnet stuck to our chain. So today, uh now that were on anchor, i can pull the windows apart, one more time and re epoxy that magnet back in there and this time hopefully do it a little bit better. So it doesnt fall out next time: Music, Music, Music, all right so heres.

What im talking about this is our chain gypsy its? What that chain goes in and it bites onto it to go up and down and up in here this little hole and in that little hole its supposed to be this little magnet. But it fell out because this isnt magnetic so it has to be epoxied in there. So ive got to clean up that hole and then re epoxy that little magnet in there whered it go. Oh there, it is Music im doing there Music. I think that ought to hold it um. Last time we uh didnt scuff up the inside of it and just use liquid epoxy like the stuff we used to fiberglass and do repairs, and this time i use some of that fiberglass or um. Some of you, some of that epoxy putty, its meant to like fix engines and stuff so hopefully well have the same sort of expansion and contraction characteristics uh and after roughing up the inside, hopefully itll like bind in there a bit tighter but well see if it Does fall out next time we will make sure we double check the chain locker before we go searching for another magnet. A few moments later looks like that. Epoxy has had plenty of time to dry its nice and hard. Hopefully it stays in there longer than the last one did um yeah. I can go install it now and do a smoke test. Hopefully it doesnt smoke smoke uh lets not make it smoke.

Dust yeah, a smokeless test, theres some hookless Music, all right moment of truth smoke test time, Music, the windlass still works, which is good, but i didnt really like messing around with the actual mechanics of it. The main thing were gon na need to test is, if it logs the spins as lengths of chain, so got ta, go back to the cockpit yeah. Yes, yes, it works. Audrey said it twice, but uh its logging, at least its logging down, and its logging back up lengths of chain rotation. Im gon na have to go back through and program it again for our specific chain uh, but it does work so thats. A super good bonus because its nice to know how much chain we have out other than waiting for it to be all the way run out and then knowing we have 60 meters and pulling some back in uh thats nice im glad that worked out im glad We found a little magnet like. I was really thought that that went off in the middle of the ocean into the middle of the north sea somewhere between iceland and scotland, maybe but um im glad we found it yeah right. We didnt have to wait two weeks to ship it its amazing that we didnt lose it put it that way, all right, well, im kind of done for the day i think suns starting to go down its a beautiful anchorage, its kind of pretty nice and warm.

I got some cleaning up to do Music, Music. Well, so much for a full week of warm sunshine. It is entirely foggy uh, you cant, see anything. You cant even see the beach and you cant see in front of the boat. So yeah. I feel, like you, hear, a boat anchoring, maybe oh theres, a dinghy coming here out of the fog Music theres. Another thing: when was the last time you wore these kika bahamas? What are we doing today were going out for a swim today, because we lost a drone, we yeah well um. It fell off the sky and landed in the water, so today were going to put our wetsuits on and go for a little free dive exercise and retrieve that drone and while were at it, were going to clean the bottom of the boat because the fog has Lifted its now beautiful and sunny, and also it is low tide, so this is a perfect top to try to reach the bottom, because the the tide here is about three meters. So if we wait for high tide, it might be a little bit too deep to see the drone. So this is our window of opportunity and well take it, but its not a look bikini and sweaters its, not warm its its very deceiving its sunny, but you still need a sweater and the water is beautiful and you feel like you want to go for a Swim but it is 12 degrees celsius, so you need a wetsuit.

So i feel like this. Island is more of a tease, its not the bahamas, but yeah were about to put the wetsuits on uh weve got some boiling water in our good old fashioned garden. Sprayer weve had this thing since the very beginning of our journey, that used to be our main shower and now its our shower at anchor um yeah. So we have some boiling water in there to keep ourselves warm and then to wash off after and lets. Lets lets find a drone, shall we quick, quick, slippery conditioner and then open up your pants preheating, the pants yeah? Oh, you see how slippery it goes. We cant use all the hot water before because we need some hot water, no well come out and stay in our wetsuits and boil some more okay. I forgot about like your fancy: blue camouflage mermaid suit. They do. I remember how terribly annoying it was to put this Music. Oh yeah yeah. There you go its backwards, no, no, its Music. I feel, like i put this on in norway at some point to go like spearfishing, i go spearfishing in norway. You did like two years ago what i came out. I came out of the boat to rinse. You know my hair, and that was one of those times that i just let my hair out like this. I was just cleaning and then, when i rinse it out just i just saw a crab fall off my hair, so im just gon na braid it this way nice, oh, i might, i might just duke a little a little preheat.

This is good, like in my hair, just get some hot water everywhere. Just gon na fill up my pants, my boots with some hot water Music. Oh, that is not say you wan na, see me on my birthday, Music, Music. It is not that clear. You dont really see much Music, Music, Music theres. Nowhere were gon na find this drone. You cant see anything. I know: oh Music Applause, how oh man that is exhausting yeah yeah was the last time we cleaned the bottom of the boat manually underwater yeah. This must have been new york, maybe yeah. Oh, i wonder if the waters still warm, oh yeah still warm a little bit warm enough. Couldnt find the drone though, but the bottom of the hall is much cleaner and the propeller is much cleaner. It wasnt too bad. It was all just soft growth, no barnacles or anything but um. The zincs on the ocean volt definitely look like they need to be replaced and probably because we spent all winter in marina but um im not gon na do that this time. But next time i jump in the water ill, probably replace them, and everything else looks pretty good. The hole is nice and clean now, and we should be sailing a little bit quicker. Next time we go off for a sale man. We need to get back into the free diving thing, though, im exhausted, unfortunately, its too murky to really see the bottom and with such a large search area uh, we spent about an hour searching for the drone, but we couldnt find it so it is lost to The depths of davy jones and uh well have to pick up another one.

Next time were near civilization. I hate crashing drones, especially into the ocean. Uh. Maybe well try to find some sort of little like floaty life jacket thing i think ive seen them where they self inflate, when it hits the water. So at least we can get the drone back, because i dont really like leaving that trash in the ocean. Unfortunately, um but yeah i mean, after seven years of sailing, weve only lost two drones, so thats not too bad get out of this bugs off me. Oh, that is so much colder outside of the wetsuit than it is inside. I can see my breath yeah. I know by the way, its weird right, its really weird, so weird Laughter, i am give me up yeah its not that cool. I dont understand where we can see here bro. This was exhausting. Oh yeah! No luck on the drone, though i was really hoping. We could find it, but the water isnt as clear as we thought it was. We went back and forth like a dozen times and until you go all the way down to the bottom, you cant even see the bottom, so its kind of unfortunate yeah. Maybe somebody else will die if someday for fun and theyll theyll find a surprise Laughter. All right lets see how much water is in my stuff. Well have warm water in a minute. I dont know how im gon na take this off Music Applause.

Well, the boat is clean, hopefully well see a difference. Next time we go sailing, we i think we will, especially in regent too, and the propeller is much cleaner.