Yes, welcome back everybody and before we say what we have today just subscribe like turn on notification, everything down below that is not bad don’t hit the dislike. Please, and we got another sean’s toy review here on the exclusively on the fanboy factor. What do we have today? Sean follow our snapships. These are really cool aren’t. They, i don’t even know how much of this videos are out right now, because of how many we got yeah now. This are drones, right, yeah, different drones, bad guy drones, good guy drones, the way to tell us it’s a bad guy. It looks this. It looks like an insect, the bad guys and they’re, and they are also black and red. Oh, that has a some type of this shooter. Can you fire a disc for us sure i’ll fire it at the other distributor? Maybe is that me? Oh, oh wow, that’s cool, that’s, a new feature that they added this one and these two were practically the same, but from different teams. Now, with this mini series, all three of the bad guys, ships are all three of the good guys ships. We can put them all together, right yeah and they can form one thing now. What do we know? What are you going to show us now? Is the mech this set all right, let’s see the front bud okay, so this is the pp48 biped mech now we’re going to build this or daddy’s going to build this right, yeah and here’s what the whole, both all of them together and here’s all them together For the bad guy and i’m, just gon na go off camera for real, quick, all right, i’m gon na come on and he’s going to build this back we’re back that my dad built it and here’s the mac.

That is a cool looking mac let’s show us how the guns work. You just press the back push down Music. Sorry friend slide it down Music, open, oh no, not open, choo choo shoot there. We go very cool stuff. Now you love these smart. These snapchats right Music, if we can figure out how to um like fill the set with, we will do a video of us definitely. So what do we say? Thank you play monster for giving us these cool toys. These are awesome and i’ll.