1. 1. Its my last ride on the bike today, so i thought id bring it out and see if it can actually scramble. It is meant to be a slightly off roady bike, because im here in princess rizzbra, looking for a local green lane that im hoping is now open, im recording this on may. The second, i think they opened on may the first and then lets just see if it can do a bit of off road Music right im, not too sure exactly where this green lane starts. I think up here on the left and then theres it down here. I think its up here on the left ive done this once before. I think its down here here we are upper ichnield way november, the 1st of may here we go so this one is a completely legal way open to all traffic. I hate to upset anyone lets see how this goes so anyway, since ive published my first video on this bike a week or so ago, the prices have been announced now and this bike is actually cheaper than i thought it was going to be. I was saying that if it came in at about 5 000 pounds – and i thought itd be a bargain – well actually its 4599, so an absolute bargain, just a smidge under 4 600. Here in the uk. I think that is absolutely brilliant. So here we are. This is the start of this green lane.

Before i get too carried away on it, i just want to jump off the bike and talk about some of the things that youve commented on following the other video, so ill. Just pass these walkers and then ill jump off and show you they look suitably frightened as they should be. Thank you bit miserable, looking werent they anyway. Let me just uh jump off the bike here, a couple of things to do before i tackle this mighty green lane lets turn the bike off. First thing is turn on the 360 cam lets see if we can get some footage of me going down here ill. Never know quite how to operate this. There we go seems like its recording, brilliant alrighty, then so a couple of things then about the bike. A lot of people have been commenting and saying how they dont, like these um, yellow things on the side. Here i think theyre. Actually quite nice, people have been asking: are they functional? What do they do well and ive been saying well, theyre, just bits of effectively faring. In fact, what they are, i think, is the idea is that they cover up the horn there and they cover up the top of the uh little oil cooler there. So yeah theyre just bits of uh cosmeticary. If you have a look there and actually looking at it, it looks like almost theyre almost act as crash bungs as well. They appear to be attached to the frame under there, so i actually quite like those i think they look good uh.

The other things that people have been commenting on is the exhaust. I said that it was rusting and people said well, its stainless steel. It cant rust, well, okay, then maybe its tarnishing, but look at the color of that. I just uh i just cant be doing with that. So um, not good, but there we go thats that um and then the other thing i know about before was the welds. Well, now ive learned that the price is 4 600 quid. I think this is just an awful lot of bike for the money, i have to say: ive really been enjoying riding it, its a its a great little bike to ride and for a six, absolutely incredible. All right so uh what else to say, i think thats it um all right lets, jump on and see what happens with this green lane thats a long time since i did this one did this on my. In fact, i did this on scrambler once and i cant remember at all what its like, whether its easy hard or in between we have a little bit of rain yesterday, but not a lot so im hoping its going to stay as dry as this the whole Way down here and also im hoping its not a tricky lane. Last time i did a green lane. It was horrendous caution, children and coaches crossing, ah yeah theres a school here. If i remember right and then the lane carries on it, gets a bit narrower.

So just the standard tyres on the scram 411, which are basically on road tyres, but on this so far easy track. Absolutely no problem at all. So quite a long suspension travel on here and i have to say its soaking up the bumps quite nicely. Another road crossing looks like the track continues over there. There are so few of these legal green lanes around where i live. This is one of the longer better ones believe it or not. Those of you watching in other countries, us australian places youll be thinking. What is he talking about? Thats not even off road – and i agree this basically is uh – is just a dirt track, isnt it, but this is about as challenging a green lane as i like, and this is about as much as i would do. If i owned a scram 4 1 1 and i have to say its handling it with a plum lets, try standing up feels quite wide between the legs, but standing up is absolutely fine. All right. What happens here footpath that way by the way, this way can change gear standing up all right, yeah. Absolutely fine! If you just want to do the occasional green lane, then yeah the scram 411 can scramble no doubt about it, not sure how these tires would do if it was wet and muddy. Uh youd probably want something a bit more knobbly. If you want to do some serious off roading, but in terms of suspension and so on and handling feels absolutely great – i came down here once on my old honda, crf.

Okay, it was a bit muddier then, but i tell you what this feels more balanced than that does yeah im quite tempted on getting one of these just to do the old green lane. A number of you said in the comments on the last video youve already put um deposits down on these bikes to do some green lanes having not even ridden one yet, but you will not be disappointed. I have to say and again at the at their price point tremendous value for money just got to watch that i dont meet any dog walkers or anything like that down here, because they tend to get a bit irate, even though im perfectly legal to come down Here, oh bit of a gully: now i hate these oh theres one. Thank you. Applause, whats fun! Well, that was really cool only short, but it handled it with a plum Music, hello Applause, so yeah green lines absolutely thought. I love that so yeah. This is pretty much my last ride on the scram 4 1 1 and i have to say, theres not really much. I dont like about it other than those welds and that bit of finish the rust on there or is what i call it rust tarnishing whatever you want to call it on the exhaust. I dont, like the stalky mirrors ill, get those changed out ill, probably get the exhaust painted black or something so id have a problem with that or sorted out for something else, or even just some heat proof.

Varnish would sort that out some lacquer of some sort, but the engine on here chugs away its frugal, its easy to live with. It feels nice and light really not much not to like on this bike. Ive been impressed, and i think you will be too if you ride on so one thing. I have learned about the scram 411 that im not too keen on is the fuel gauge on here, although im glad its got a fuel gauge its one of these ones, that doesnt read in a linear manner. I think because this was half full when i started this uh journey about 10 minutes ago, and then it went down to two bars and then a flashing one bar with the fuel light on all in the space of about a minute. So now ive got fuel anxiety, so im going to look for a garage and fill her up, but just be aware, the fuel gauge is one of those ones that stays high and then goes down. Suddenly it seems Music army busy in the car box up here. People out for a walk, its actually bank holiday monday in my world one days the same as the next, so i dont really uh. I dont really register bank holidays. That explains why theres so many people out, incidentally, you may have noticed if your eagle eyed, that ive got a brand new jacket on today and new jeans. So if youre interested in the kit im wearing stick around the very end of the video and ill do one of my little fashion segments and tell you about these theyre brand new to me, uh in the last couple of days.

Actually, first time, weve been riding with them, but otherwise thats pretty much it for this video, just a quick and silly one just to see if it is uh capable to ride the bike on a dirt track, and it very much is absolutely as easy as like One of the easiest box ive ever ridden on a dirt track. I have to say if youve got a deposit down on one of these hoping to do some green lanes. Youll not be disappointed its brilliant and if youve got a deposit or if youre thinking about getting one for riding in the urban environment, which is kind of what theyre designed for too then again for the money. An incredible value bike at 4, 600. sounds like im. A royal enfield salesman im, not i can guarantee you theyll. Tell me what to say they dont give any money for my reviews. Im just telling you like it is, from my point of view side room in the garage id have one of these, probably alongside the royal enfield classic as well. They really are knocking some great bikes out and i look forward to seeing what else they come up with all right. Well, if its the first time youve been to my channel, i hope youve enjoyed that little ride. Dont forget to hit that subscribe button. That way, i can see you in the next video. Until then, this has been the mystery flyer, cheerio all right.

Well, thank you for staying tuned for the infamous fashion segment, ive stopped in a wholly inappropriate place with plenty of traffic going past some people. Looking at me as if im, some sort of nut job so ill, try and do this quickly anyway, this new jacket, im wearing then its from a company called segura. That youve heard me talking about before this is called their funky jacket, its leather, its made from buffalo leather, in fact its very comfortable, very soft feeling uh, and i think it just looks absolutely brilliant, its ‘9.99, so quite expensive, but then the jacket. So it comes with a zip out liner for wearing in the winter, its quite a chilly day today, its about 12 degrees. I suppose im perfectly warm enough in just this with a t shirt under it and i think it looks absolutely brill and mrs fly likes it too. So uh so thats a bit of a winner, uh and then the next thing that im wearing thats brand new are these jeans. These are from pmj ive used pmj jeans before and these ones are called their russell jeans, and these are in color, tarmac or tar. As you can see, theyre sort of a dark blue with a black effect. These are double a rated which is the second highest rating. All the jacket by the way is triple a rated as well so from the from the ce point of view, so very safe.

As far as jackets go, the uh jeans single layer double a rated, so the second highest level you can get and they are super comfortable. My pmj jeans, i normally wear, are excellent as well theyre kind of my go to jeans, but i think these may overtake, because these got some stretch in them that make them really comfortable. I tend to like slimmer, fit jeans. Sorry bruce. I know he ate skinny jeans, but i got a fairly thin leg, so these fit me well and uh yeah. I think they look. Alright. Okay ive got the knobbly knees, but you get that on all on all them bike. Jeans dont, you yeah, they fit really. Well – and i really like those and the details of those theyre called pmj russell jeans, theyre, a rated theyre in tarmac, and these cost 219 pounds 99 and at the bottom ive got my falco gordon boots that youve seen loads of times before 185 pounds. They are so all in all bit of a retro set up, but i think looks absolutely fine on the older himalayan scram 411. If you want the details of these ill put links below to them to um sports bike shop. If you want to go online or if you want to find out your local stockist, then check out the link to bikerheads.co.uk below and you can find out your local stock.