I can still see the drone ah weak signal. I just antennas seen that before no big deal just a little glitch in the transmission, it will come back in a second okay. Maybe not. I havent seen that before lets rewind a second and see what actually happened there, because i was too busy flying the drone to really pay that much attention to the telemetry at the time. Pay close attention to the distance to the remote control signal strength and to the little compass. You need to get intimately familiar with these items im down on amber signal strength, and then i go to red signal strength now, ive seen this loads of times before i regularly fly from inside a car, i expect weaker signal and interference. Nothing has really ever phased me in this respect. Having a glitchy camera view in these environments is very common, but ive never had a complete signal. Failure between the controller and the drone itself and thats exactly what happened here. The compass is my primary tool for knowing where the drone is at any point in time, but look at what happened here when we had a signal failure. The blue arrow is the drone, and the blue circle is where the controller is so, where you are standing in the event of the signal failure. The compass defaults with north at the top, the blue circle, turns to great and it becomes completely useless for getting your drone home.

Well, what about the maps? I hear you ask well in this instance, i was using the dji rc with the integrated screen. It does not have some connectivity and i was having a bit of trouble connecting it to my phones, personal hotspot, to use the data from my phone to download the maps onto the controller itself, so i did not have maps set up now. I knew this. I just didnt bother because i didnt think this was really going to come up. To be honest with you now, of course, folks, i was flying a visual line of sight, so there shouldnt really have been any problem, should there well, let me show you what actually happened and how you can still get caught out, keep in mind that, in the Event of the signal failure. I could not see what the drone saw. My first person view turned grey, but look at this immediately. Return to home is initiated the drone spins round and starts raising its altitude to the predetermined return to home altitude set in the dji fly app a few seconds later. The drone and the controller reestablish a full signal, strength connection, another piece of great news, however, during this whole process, given that the drone was flying away with me at the time of signal loss, ive been pulling back on the right stick trying to fly the drone Back towards me, because i didnt realize that return to home had been successfully initiated and the drone had been spun round.

The action of me pulling backwards on the right stick is actually flying the drone further away from me in all of 15 seconds. The drone is no longer 480 meters away from me, but 570 meters away from me. The absolute last thing you need in this event, but stuart. If you have visual line of sight, youll have known what was going on. Well, yes, i could see it but depth perception at that. Distance is very, very poor. You can see objects going from side to side, but at 500 meters away youve got no idea whether its going forwards or backwards. Fortunately, however, i fairly quickly realized that we had telemetry back on the compass and i could see that the drone was in fact pointed right towards the controller and as such i was flying backwards. Panic over with the compass up and running. I am happy fly it forwards towards myself. Note, however, that it wasnt until the drone was 50 meters away, that i got the camera view back alls. Well, that ends well, but a keen reminder that you need to be intimately familiar with your compass, your maps and your return to home settings in the safety settings. We can adjust our auto return to home altitude. Ive got it set to 100 meters here, thats kind of hard to be honest with you. That would use a lot of battery if the drone shot up to 100 meters. So i would say, keep an eye on that on a case by case scenario.

In the advanced safety settings, we have three choices for how the drone should react in the event of a signal. Failure return to home, which youve just witnessed descend, so the drone will descend and hover if youre flying in a forest, for example, hover would be a pretty good option because you dont want the drone shooting up into the trees in the event of a signal failure. My strong recommendation, however, is that you do a dummy run, find out how the drone will react in the event of a signal failure, as you saw, i was okay in this scenario, because the drone wasnt too far away and i fairly quickly realized what was going On but nonetheless, i still accidentally took the drone, an extra 80 meters or so away, which really wasnt helpful, given the circumstances, no matter your level of experience, its a very uncomfortable situation, feeling out of control. So hopefully, this has helped give you an insight into what happens in these kind of scenarios and will make your life a little bit easier.