But before we get started, help me out on patreon, because i do make a lot of fpv videos for the fpv drone community. You can check us out on facebook at drone camps. Fpv community join our discord, instagram and now were on tick tock as well and twitter. So all of our links are down below either in the video description or you can check out our channel main page. We also have a community page that we update youtube, shorts and all kinds of cool stuff and, most importantly, this month, uh in the next 100 000 subscribers were giving away a dji, fpv drone, so dji fpv drone to one lucky guy on the channel in the Next 100 000 subscribers so subscribe hit. The notification bell for the new videos come out, so you can find out who wins it uh that will be going on for a while, but today were going to check out the tiny ape from darwin fpv check this little guy out. It is a super tiny. 2S2 3s analog backyard ripper. We have another backyard ripper on the channel and im excited to take you out today and show you two different styles of flying with this were going to do some just standard fly along cinema. Insta 360 go shots with it. You can put any kind of little tiny action camera on here and were also going to fly some rip and dipping hardcore crash and bash power.

Loop action, acro flying freestyle with this quad. This quad is all about freestyle. Forget the the firefly fr um. This is a whole different, beast and well eat that one for lunch, so lets go ahead and get into the next honest review, guys flight test first and then back on the bench after were done. Flying here we go lets fly the tiny ape. I like cheap. You like cheap, i like cheap. Here we go all right guys. If you know me, you know im all about micro, brushless and im all about cheap, but lets go ahead and fly a 3s 450 milliamp battery and lets see what 3s can do for freestyle. Now. Im gon na go for my first power loop right here and boom back through with speed thats. What im talking about that is so different night and day different than the firefly baby. Nano fr that they claim is a freestyle quad. It doesnt have the power to weight ratio that this does, but this is also running way: bigger power system, 1103 motors, guys, um and and again this is the micro brushless power to weight ratio. Sweet spot like you can get away with the craziest stuff. With these little micros, you can turn in your backyard into basically a little skatepark, its a lot of fun. So im just going to fly through that water that we just landed in and try to fly fast and clean up the lens a little bit there.

It goes is deflogging a little bit, but power loop tried to get the overhang for the power loop. That didnt happen a little bit late in my back part of that loop. So coming back around im going to line up another one here, bam into the tree. Full full crash and thats so another durability test its its its working out pretty good. As far as the durability goes so lets strap up. The insta360 go 2 on there. This time a little lower camera angle and im going to try to just chill out im going to try to cruise and not fly like. I stole it, because i thats how i love the fly. I like to fly stuff fast and furious, but for the sake of a cinema test, im gon na try to really slow down here. So you can see a little bit of wobble here in certain parts of the throttle and thats, not the quad itself, thats. Actually, a prop that i have on here after flying freestyle, i banged it all over the backyard. The quad is really durable because of the light weight it just kind of bounces off stuff. I crashed into the roof. I crashed into the fence through the trees. I almost didnt get it back after i crashed on the roof, but i was able to find it make sure you set up. Also your beeper on there make sure you set up the uh auxiliary beeper, because you youll never find this thing in the tall grass.

If you, if you crash in tall grass, but it handles a dive, even with the insta360 go on there, the go to is a little bit heavier than the original go, but i feel like overall, it flies good for if you wanted to make little cinema videos With this and play around with an action camera, you could do that all day long with this one and just cruise you can slow it way down. I was having fun just kind of flying around the backyard, but uh elrs on the flight controller find and fly thats whats up so pretty sweet. I will uh be taking you guys back to the bench. Well talk about this one on the bench honestly, i mean i have no idea. What happened here lets go all right, guys, welcome back from the flight test, this quad with a battery total takeoff weight without a camera is 99 grams. Now, with this little insta360 go 2 and the mount youre looking at 140 grams, this thing is under 150 grams, with the go to its kind of amazing. So this quad really has a dual purpose function. Here it can do cinema stuff with a little d cased gopro on here. You can also put the insta360 go to that. I have here you can put on the new run, cam thumb on there as well run cam. If youre listening send me a thumb, guys dont be stingy id like to review that, for my guys we have a pretty big following at 100 and almost were almost at 177 000.

Now you guys. So i want to say thanks for that be sure to hop in here and subscribe again if youre watching this video weve got that that dji fpv drone coming up to give away for the next 100 000 subscribers one lucky guy is going to get that. So this is an 1103 series. Micro, brushless, beast and ive talked about this 1103 to 1102 2s to 3s micro brussels kingdom. Before and you know what i love 1103 series motors with 2 and 3s, its like a playground for fpv – i mean you – can really have a lot of fun in your backyard. It turns into a jungle and, if youre, around playground equipment. This is so fun because this little tiny quad you can power loop. This thing, like less than 10 feet off the ground. I was trying to power loop that same overhang out in the backyard that little um we have. We have grapes going across some concord grapes going across there and with the firefly nano baby, fr freestyle version in parentheses, freestyle. You know i i i was having problems coming back around and i was i was over boosting and then i wasnt able to come back in through and without bottoming out now with this one. Today it was completely different animal and on the high end of the throttle i could come in super hot super fast. I made the first power loop that i went for and we were doing freestyle all over the place.

Doing 80 foot tree dives. I i think that the freestyle capability of this one it reminds me of like the old school like manta. Do you guys remember the happy model manta? That was one of my favorite smaller? I believe it was a 2.5 inch quad as well, but that frame was super cheap. The components were cheap dirt cheap and this darwin fpv kind of reminds me of a modern like updated, happy model manta, and i missed that quad. I feel like that was much better of a freestyle quad than any of the flywoo 1s quads ever were, but that was a. I believe that was a 2s beast, so i cant, i cant be too hard on flywood for that one, but i was expecting more out of the firefly fr series, so im happy that today i have something like very durable. This is a unibody frame on the bottom, around 2.5 millimeter 3k carbon fiber. It is reinforced front and back i crashed into the house. I bounced all the way down the shingles on the house to the ground on the concrete um bounced on the cobblestone out in the backyard, and this frame did not break. I thought i had broke it right here, but its actually a black piece of tape. So its kind of amazing that it survived, i crashed down the side of the house. I hit trees with it. I smacked into the patio furniture i hit the basketball hoop out in the backyard and what else did i hit um? I flew into the trees with it.

I landed in wet grass with it, and i also landed in a bucket of water. There was only about this much water in the bottom of it, but they have put a little tiny piece of plastic, protecting it from any type of splashes when you land, if you land in wet grass, with the quad notoriously a little drop, will get in there And itll fry one of the mosfets on the esc and youre completely done so this is cool that they have that on there i know, like diatone, also does that on their flight controllers and also just helps keeping like the circuits away from touching the carbon fiber, Because carbon fiber is conductive guys, so i think its nice. They also have an f411 flight controller in here they have 15 amp escs, letting you run anywhere from two to three s and my battery of choice honestly for for four to four minutes. Maybe five minutes. If youre cruising is just a 3s 450 and thats, the eachine branded gnb batteries. These are these are gmb batteries, but they just slapped an eachine label on there and these charge up pretty quick in about 10 minutes time. I also like the fact that they also have the gem fan 2.5 inch props on there. You can decide whether you want to put the bolts on top of these props. I think you could probably fly this without the bolts on top of the props, but hey you know, i didnt want it to fly off today and i was going to do some pretty fun extreme maneuvers for you guys, because today again i was really hot.

On the throttle – and i was flying it like – i stole it, but when you hook it up to betaflight, also be sure that you update it to the latest betaflight. You want to be running the experimental build of the betaflight, because if you try to update this on an older version of betaflight youre, going to bork the elrs receiver on there and its going to do wacky things mine, like almost flew out of the backyard full Throttle – and i was able to do – you – know, throttle cut and i dropped to the ground so make sure youre ready to hit the arm switch if youre, making updates on the old beta flight, because itll do wacky things just a tip for new guys. Make sure you download the latest version of betaflight, i cant say that enough, but as as far as what you get in the box, i mean this quad is a pretty good price on the banggood website. You also get some zip ties in here. Some stickers, darwin fpv stickers and im, not a big fan of these. These velcro straps theyre theyre kind of theyre kind of crap. This is something like you get in, like a craft store id like to see like an actual fpv race. Quad battery strap in there with like a metal buckle on there guys and maybe a darwin fpv logo on there. But you know what were you know again were buying stuff on the cheap.

You can get these at the craft store if you ever lose. One of these or replace it, you need to replace it its kind of ridiculous, but i also like the fact that it has a 600 milliwatt unlockable vtx on here, its defaulted to 400 milliwatt, and it does get pretty hot on the bench. So you want to be careful about that. I believe it is defaulted. As you start, your quad up around 400 milli so be careful. There weve got a dipole coming out the back, and i moved my antenna underneath the motor wire here to make sure that this was kind of hanging out precariously back here, and i knew it would end up in these 2.5 inch props just and get totally eat Up so you want to run it underneath the motor wire right there and kind of point it down and itll usually be fine. But i liked flying this and i liked having something on the jeep, because you know times are hard right now and if you want to get into fpv this perfect time for grabbing something um with elrs built into it. Now, with this new version of flight controller on here, i think thats cool, maybe thats, why its a little more expensive than the last one. So you can check out the link down below and be sure to subscribe if youre brand new to the channel youre going to get a chance to win that dji fpv drone coming up, so i paid 1500 for it and im gon na give it away with A very nice pelican case um so and and two batteries come along with that, so so get in on that next hundred thousand subscribers im gon na pick, one lucky dude also check me out on patreon.

If you want to that would be amazing, sign up and help me out there. It can be around five dollars a month or more. If you want to get a drone camps. T shirt also stay tuned for new drones. To drop like this one in the discount drone store, i dont know if im going to keep this one yet ill make sure it still works before i send it out. Most of my tests fly – and i i take you know around 50 off some of the retail price on things so be on the lookout for new deals in a drone store, but take care guys, im, justin davis and i am going to go back out and Fly again because i have more drones to review, for you guys, so stay tuned be well guys.