Ladies and gentlemen, skin number one, this one is called j balvin, and this is the first icon series skin. Ladies and gentlemen, this one is super super cool. I am super excited for it honestly, i just love when fortnite adds icon series skins and well, i wouldnt say morty is an icon series skin, but i cant wait to show you that later in the video so guys that is the first one. What, if i told you there are many more leaks, i cant wait to show you. This is janky. I dont know if this is some sort of spin off of like meowsles or something like that, its some sort of cat – i dont know if theres like a reference to this or anything, but i have never ever heard of this in my life, but it is Definitely a super super interesting, looking fortnite skin guys to give you a little bit of context. What happened yesterday before i show you, the morty skin and gameplay hypex just started leaking literally all of these skins at once. So this is janky and there are so many more. Let me show you right now. You cant miss any of these. What, if i told you will smith is being added to fortnite? This is the man himself, ladies and gentlemen, comment down below. If youve heard of will smith have you watched any of his movies because he is a super super good actor and guys this is so so similar to the actual will smith.

I think fortnite did an amazing amazing job and, as you can see its just amazing thats all i could say there are so many more skins and i cannot wait to show you morty later in the video lets get into it say hello to burning wolf. This one is extremely extremely unique guys. Let me know your thoughts on this, because what im about to say fortnite for a few seasons kind of started to make, i wouldnt say bad skins, but some of the skins werent, like insanely cool. All of these skins being leaked right now are absolutely amazing. I love this one. I love the will smith one. I think im gon na lose all my money, because im gon na buy a lot of v bucks when these skids come out. Ladies and gentlemen, so guys that is burning, wolf and lets move on to the next one. This is jay baldwins official fortnight emote, and let me just tell you this is going to be an absolutely perfect emote to troll locks with just listen to this. He is going to be just so mad. I dont know if this is a tick tock or anything like that. Let me know in the comment section down below, but this oh, my gosh. This is gon na, be a troll worthy emo. Ladies and gentlemen, im about to show you the encrypted get schwifty emote before i show you morty, im gon na show it with the burning wolf skin three two one here we go.

This is so sick. Let me know in the comments: are you guys? A rick and morty fan im a huge rick and morty fan, so this emote? I just cannot wait, just listen Music. This is so sick. Imagine eliminating someone and then just using the get schwifty emote it just repeats over and over again, and that is why i am super super excited for this skit. Ladies and gentlemen, heres another emo being added, and i am pretty sure that this one is a tick tock. It has pretty cool visuals boom bam bim. I dont even know what any of that i dont know whats going on right now. But, ladies and gentlemen, if youve missed the tick tock trolls unlocks recently, i think they are coming back because im almost positive, this is used to tick tock. I dont know for sure, but um yeah. This one is gon na be fun when it comes out. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to show morty heres a second style, to the jay baldwin skin and, interestingly enough, ladies and gentlemen, i dont know if anyone here will agree with me, but that face in my opinion, looks like kevin. The cube, obviously we know kevin, is going to be returning, but for anyone unaware about jay baldwin – and you know, wouldnt really know, people would think that this is like a spin off of kevin the cube, but this is definitely a very, very amazing, looking fortnite skin.

Another style for the same exact skin, so you can buy just this one and be able to use both styles so sick. That is not all here is a third edit style. So imagine you buy one fortnite skin and you get literally all of these skins dude. It literally looks like three different skins. This is absolutely amazing, ladies and gentlemen, how shocked are you that fortnite was able to be leaked just like this? All of these skins, its honestly amazing, how many all of a sudden all got lee. That is not all more upcoming skins. Only the first one could be for the season. As you can see, we got this right here. We have minotaur, mythical roman creature, part man and part bull, moon, goddess shark woman, dark ark, female version of malkor well dressed spy code; name that could be will smith. We dont really know i dont know. Let me know what you think: code name, thats, really interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, we also have tune fish stick, so this is a this is the tune meowzal skin that got released a few months ago. So we kind of know what were in for with toonfish stick that is going to be sick, deadpool fish stick and this one is apparently probably scrapped. Voxel jonesy, i dont even know what that means: alien flora purple tree from the survey repaint kuno guys. This all sounds absolutely amazing. I cannot believe how many skins are being leaked, and now let me show you morty say hello to morty in fortnite.

This is morty on the robot and oh, my gosh. This is everything i could have ever imagined for a rick and morty fortnite skin. Now here is the thing: if you want to see rick and morty, i mean i, i dont know why im saying both rick and morty. If you want to see morty, do the get swifty emo, because obviously weve seen the burning wolf, do it and now morty is doing a different emote? I am about to show you next up morty himself on the robot doing the emote, but just look at this ive never seen a fortnite skin that, like i dont, even know how to describe it its him on the robot. It honestly looks taller than a normal fortnite skin, because morty is short. Are you ready to see get schwifty on the robot with morty? This is the best day of my life. Here we go subscribe. If you want to see me troll locks with this three two one lets: do it all right, so mortys moving on the robot, and here we go so the song is copyrighted, so now its muted. But here we go dude.