The paragon 12 seems to be designed for race day or fast tempo efforts over moderately technical terrain in protective comfort, a thinner layer of power run midsole is layered with a thin, flexible rock plate and five millimeter power track. Outsole lugs underfoot up top is a newly designed, thin and light mesh upper with minimal welded overlays and a simplistic build that holds to the foot in a precise way. These new peregrines are light and fast, but will peregrine purists prefer the previous version of the peregrine that was so popular? How many peas can i put into a sentence? Apparently, all of them is there enough underfoot in the peregrine 12 to make these my go to trail grab well find out in todays review lets dive in Music. What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review, as you can tell im firing on all cylinders today in that intro uh were gon na get right into it. Today were talking about the saucony peregrine 12. ive reviewed a number of these uh shoes in the past previous versions and and whatnot. I think this new version is a complete overhaul that many of you might like its an interesting evolution of the shoe, and i think it opens up sauconys trail line to some additional offerings which ill chat about later in the review uh. Before i get into the review, of course, the ftc requires that i let you know that these shoes were provided for review by running warehouse im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative, about the shoes im not financially compensated in any way.

For anything that i say in this review, no one has to approve this review youre the first to see it with that out of the way lets get into this thing. I talk about the things i like and dislike about every product. I review on this channel. These are no different, but start as always with the things that i like the grip. I think these things are incredible: with grip um, they are using their own outsole rubber, its their power track rubber, with five mil lugs, which are pretty beefy lugs theres. A lot of them this chevron shape, i think, really contributes to these getting great grip in a multitude of situations, so in wet muddy conditions, youll be good. I like the power track in this usage. I think it works well on sliding surfaces like roots rocks, bridges, uh, creek crossings, things like that. It performs better than ive experienced in the past. I dont know if theyve changed the compound or just in this version alone, maybe its wearing in a little bit better, which makes it just a bit tackier. I get great grip and i think a cool addition is this rock plate, thats sort of embedded in the outsole material, the protection from underfoot because of this outsole is increased. So not only are these lugs getting you that grip, but the outsole itself is providing just enough protection underfoot fit now. This is because of this new upper, so the uppers been redesigned.

The welded overlays are pretty minimal, but they are in the right places for that protection across uh, the toe box, and things like that. The mesh is lighter, its thinner, its more breathable. But what i love is the mid foot fit the lacing system and across the toe box, its a more precision fit, and i say that with a bit of an asterisk, because i dont think its solomon precision fit where sometimes that just doesnt work for people and Tends to be a bit narrower. I do think that the peregrine 12 has a decent sized toe box a fit across the midfoot that locks your foot down and a really solid heel cup that locks your ankle in as well theres, not an abundance of materials to make the fit cumbersome and theres. Not a reduced amount of materials to make it weak. I think youre getting a good mix in the right places that make this shoe a very good, fitting precision shoe speed, im gon na admit, im, not super fast, but i feel fast in this shoe and this shoe is definitely leaning into the more reduced faster, more Flexible realm, so for me, im not finding myself wanting to run in the shoe over 12 miles 15 miles. I just im a bigger dude. If youre looking for running a trail, 5k, 10k half marathon, this thing could be a really fun option or, if youre, just looking for a trainer, that you can pick up the pace and work on those speedy trail days.

Working on the tempo, the peregrine 12 actually does a pretty damn good job of making. You feel at one with the trail im seeing the word nibble being used a lot in their marketing and i think thats, a great descriptor of what these shoes feel like or at least let you feel like think, a light sort of reduced slipper. That fits really well. That makes you feel fast on the trail, nice and snappy very responsive. That is what you are getting out of the peregrine 12.. That being said its not all survivor, reruns and snyder cuts. There are a couple of things that i dislike about. The saucony peregrine 12. lets get to those now comfort, specifically through the midsole. While i think previous versions of the peregrine did a pretty good job of putting enough underfoot that it provided you with that additional layer of power run cushioning. I think the power run usage here, its a bit on the reduced side, and so for me its going to be a shorter effort shoe. I think saucony has sort of opened up that space in their product line to offer a new, maybe ultra geared shoe, which i im going to tease that perhaps they have created what cushion and give this midsole provides is fairly minimal. So uh the mileage for me tends to be on the shorter end of things, while its great for speed and faster effort, i dont think im going to be using it for an ultra or anything over a half marathon which to me ultimately limits how i use This shoe and where it fits in my rotation durability.

This is more of a concern and its also why im, including it in my dislikes here while i do think the shoe is holding up. I have about 50 60 miles in the shoe so far. I do have my concerns, this power track outsole. While i do like the lugs i like the shape, i like the grip uh im, not for seeing it lasting a ton of miles, maybe 150 to 200 miles, or so the power run midsole being a bit reduced. I think thats gon na begin to flatten out a little prematurely, but really where my big concern and durability uh at least the potential durability issues is with this upper. These welded overlays im seeing a little bit of the seams begin to separate from the mesh upper and the mesh upper now being a thinner mesh upper. Will it hold up to the abuse of technical trails, dusty climates things like that, where your sweat will absorb some of those gritty materials and, as you begin to flex the shoe for 150 200 miles, uh well begin to wear those materials down im just a little Concerned im not running into issues currently, but i can foresee things happening. So it is a concern that i just wanted to raise that flag for you consult for you, but honestly thats, pretty much it for dislikes its. A very simple shoe again reduce you very specific race, ready tempo effort. Type shoe ive already mentioned that a number of times in this review so lets just get more specific here in our breakdown, where we talk about the build comfort, fit price and looks starting as always with build quality.

I mentioned the durability, concerns im not running into that right now, but i do just based off of the upper materials sort of coming apart a little bit uh. It does give me a little bit of pause comfort. I think thats, one of the biggest drawbacks with this shoe is that now i think the peregrine is sort of shifted and become more of a race ready, shoe, definitely more minimal. More reduced, youre going to get plenty of ground feel youll get minimal protection, its really. The elements themselves providing that protection versus the stack height or the additional millimeters of material between you and the ground. The upper is comfortable and does get a good fit which brings me to fit, i think, thats. The strongest point of this shoe is just how good of a lockdown i was able to get here in the shoe. The paragon 12, i think, is a good example of how a shoe can provide you with that precision fit that race ready, fit while not being alienating and way too narrow and just ruin the experience for people who might have wider feet or toes that want to Splay a little bit, i think this shoe has that really nice fine balance price at 130 bucks. I actually think the shoes priced okay for what you get. I think its a great uh entry level shoe a great shoe for people to add to their rotation of trail shoes if youre looking for like keeping a shoe for race day and that sort of thing, if youre, looking at training and logging lots of middle distance Miles this may not be that kick i think.

130 bucks is a pretty good price point. Uh. Bringing us two looks. I dont think its the best looking shoe but im aware its, not the worst looking shoe either they do make a variety of color versions. So, if youre looking for something to match your kit uh, they do have a lot of options for you to choose from this being their yellow orange highlighter version. Um man, i just feel like ive, been seeing so many orange trail shoes that for me, im like yeah its fine but its bold and it stands out thats for sure um. So look some. You know a little mixed on bringing us to our conclusion. So i would say that the saucony peregrine 12 is a really fun shoe uh. It is a shoe that im going to be using on those faster effort days where i want to pick up the pace. I want to work on intervals or ladder workouts on trails. Things might get a little technical or the weather might be a little adverse. I think you get a lot for very little in a little package here, but if youre looking for that daily trainer, this isnt necessarily the shoe that i would lean towards and while it doesnt have a lot of what previous versions had both in girth size weight. Everything like that, it does provide a very precise and nimble ride, which some of you might be looking for and might give you guys some smiles for miles, which is always worth it.

Bringing us to our final criteria is the peregrine 12 a buy, try or y in its simplest form. It is a try if you have not tried the peregrine before now might be a good chance to get it into rotation, give it a shot. Those who are peregrine purists, you might be of a different opinion. I think those of you who are used to a bit more underfoot a bit more structure, a bit stiffer platform uh. This shoe might be a bit of a surprise to you and im actually quite curious now what you think of the peregrine12 in the comments of this video thats it for todays review everybody uh. Let me know what you think, but if you have any questions or you want to get a pair of the peregrine 12 for yourself links in the description will take you over to running warehouse. You can grab them there. If you are a gr crew. Member uh go get the coupon code. You could use that for all of your running gear at running warehouse as well. That is it for todays review. Of course, if you liked it like favorite, subscribe to the channel, the gingerrunner social media links all that good stuff and join us at patreon. Join the gr crew. Patreon.Com slash the ginger under some really fun perks on the back end, including our daily live streams. So much fun uh for now, im gon na get back to work on tiger clothes, our in person race its happening in just a matter of days.

I cannot wait to see hundreds of you come conquer our course. Its an absolute beast and its gon na be super fun. Some of you might even be wearing these thats it for now get out there train hard race, harder and part of the hardest. I know i am well see you guys.