3 inch hd screen its even waterproof getting started its really simple, just press the button on the side, and it starts right Up it even has a light on the camera, the lights up, right away to start, recording just press the middle button, its that simple Music. I really like how i can now get into those hard reach places of my home. There are some areas where it might be a little tricky to reach where you cant, really access with your typical camera, but now, with my san cisco endoscope, i can get into those hard reach places. In fact, if you ever need to check your roof or the in between areas where there might be bugs or youre thinking, maybe theres termites well now you can look with the endoscope, and i really like that here i am looking inside my ceiling and see if I see any little critters in there looks clear to me: do you see anything? I think it looks okay, you can also adjust the brightness of your endoscope. Very simply just turn the brightness up or down or even off its up to you. You see here im able to bend the wire into shape, so i can go and look into wherever i need to go. The length of the endoscope is 16.5 feet and it stretches out nice and stiff. When you stretch out, however, it is a coil and so its accustomed to winding itself back up into that coil form.

So if you want to keep it straight, maybe use a ruler or a stick and have it attached that way. If you need to keep it straight now, i really like how i can go into the hard reach places this last summer i was having some problems with some wasps, so here i am checking in for my deck and trying to see if theres any wasps nest There i dont know what that is: hmm well whatever i like this, though, because i can now go under my deck and i can see what little critters are there or, if anythings going on there underneath my deck, i like that again going to those deep hard Reach areas and the menu is simple: if you want to go, you can have a choice between 1080p or 720. You can format your card, the menu, just you know just use the buttons to toggle up and down on the menu screen Music. Now this is a dual endoscope. Camera has a camera in the front, with a light and a camera on the side. With a light, and just as you can adjust the lighting in the front, you can adjust the lighting on the side as well. You can turn the light off or turn it on and make it brighter. So i really like that, and now i can go inside my car and check for myself next time that mechanic tells me i have a hose thats got a tear in it or rip or leak.

I can look for myself and see i like that and, of course, if youre gon na have an endoscope, you got ta check. Your vents lets. Take a look at my vents here and see how it looks here. What do you think um? Do you think my vent needs to be cleaned its a little dirty isnt it its been 20 years ive been living in this house? You know, what do you think should i get my vent clean comment below? Let me know: is it time or should i just let it go either way? Ive got my endoscope and i can see for myself and you can tell me too, it does look pretty bad. I think maybe i do need a call to clearness, while youre charging, with your mini usb the light will blink. It also comes with a 32 gigabyte card which easily fits right into the spring loaded card holder of your endoscope. It also comes with a really nice magnet now the magnet just screws right onto the end of your endoscope and lets see how strong this magnet is. Now this is my card reader. Do you think you can pick it up? Lets find out whoa look at that. It picked up my card reader thats, not light its, probably a pretty amount of weight there. So if you have a metal object, you need to pick up like a metal ring or something it should work. However, if its not a metal ring, uh plastic or something different well, you can use the hook so again, with the hook.

I can use my camera to pick up my objects with the camera thats kind of cool. I like that, its really nice, its a 1080p camera, its industrial and its easy to use, has multiple lights. Multiple settings and i was really impressed at just the usability and ease of using the stethoscope id say to you. If you dont have one go ahead and get one its a good thing to have its good to have in your house, you never know when youre gon na need it and its on sale right now, as a matter of fact so check it out guys got Darkly sprayed below, however, that said this is not meant for humans or animals, so please use your endoscope responsibly and, if youre, using on any pipes or an area where theres lots of wetness make sure you clean your pipes. Well, you dont need germs to get onto your endoscope and make you sick so got direct links for you below guys and gals check it out now. This is gon na be really good. If you um, maybe lose some jewelry down a pipe somewhere youre concerned, you need to get somewhere to find. You know from time to time my cat will disappear in the house and we have different places where the cat can hide and im not able to get into these areas easily. So i can just use my endoscope now it even has a light. Now the units got a nice quality feel to it, its all plastic, but its a good feeling plastic feels good, looks really good.

Here, tf card has to be inserted into the screen. Okay, there you go heres, our okay. Does it come in the card Music? All right comes with an sd card, too 32 gigabyte card nice. That helps so you can record your video. You have an input here as well reset buttons, if necessary, lets, take a look. What else we have here, heres our instructions im going to go through im, going to go through the instructions in detail next and additional parts as needed? Okay and our charging unit thats it does this look like something you would use and need. If so, let me know im tommy jordan, please comment below.