I really do appreciate it if youre new to my channel remember hit that subscribe and notification button for me, so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. So if youre browsing youtube today and youre trying to find the perfect mini drone to get to fly indoors when the weather outside is crappy kind of like it is here today trying to talk the wife into letting you get one. I have the perfect mini drone and the price is amazing: its san ciscos, d15 foldable mini drone with a 1080p adjustable camera. This is a very cool little dude. He is just awesome. Price is even better 55.99 right now on amazon, but wait before you say my wife wont go for that they have a 50 off clickable coupon right now, so you can get this little dude for under 30 bucks great deal pause. The video go, get it real! Quick before the coupons gone because you dont want to miss out on this one. This is an awesome deal on this little drone lets go unbox. It well check out everything we get with. It then im going to put it up my living room and im going to show you just how great this little thing flies. Lets get started. Music alrighty lets see what this little dude comes with so thats the box. It comes in just your standard, cardboard box, with your technical info on the back. The drone on the front d15 mini drone, hd camera long flight time, adjustable speeds three of them headless mode and that cool 360 degree flip all right.

Oh i love it. The manual is right on the top cool manual, it is thick, but it is several languages and i believe the english versions only like 20, something pages 23 pages long. Is that what that says? 23. 13 – maybe something like that anyway, its very well illustrated. I know you probably cant see it because of the glare. I sorry i apologize. I dont have all that professional lighting stuff yet, but it is very well detailed. The illustrations are really great, so you know what i always say read your manual top to bottom. Live it, learn it and know it, even though its not some high tech, gps, drone or whatever read the manual anyway. So you know everything the drone can and cant do its safer for you, everyone around you, you wont crash and ruin your drone dont just get it charge the battery and put in the air before you know what it can and cant do. Dont, be a drone dummy cool all right, oh my lord! This thing is tiny wow. It is really really really small. Very cool. All right lets start with the goodie bag. First might as well right all right lets see what we got here. So we have one usb charger, then we get looks like four obstacle avoidance mechanisms, two three, four four propeller guards. I like to call optical avoidance mechanism. It sounds better one drone repair tool, one propeller removal tool and then four spare propellers very cool thats that goody stuff.

Then we get two condom. Yes, two 580 mah specially designed high powered mini drone engines. They are a 3.7 volt, 580 mah battery. You just plug this into your battery here on the side. It just pops right in there and you charge it. There will be a red light on that comes on on here, and it will go out when your battery is completely charged. You do only get one charging cable for it. It would have been cool to get two, but you get one, but you can use another usb type c, cable and a charger box, its a 5 volt one amp is what they say to use. So you could plug it into a power bank, your computer or your cell phone charger box to charge it up, and if you have an extra cord, you can plug it in here and charge it. You just wont know when its done charging and i believe it doesnt really tell you in the manual how long it takes to charge these batteries uh. I did cycle them down and charged them and it took about an hour and a half total to charge them completely up. So about 90 minutes, i would say 90 to 120 minutes, give or take but charge them up, and you get 15 minutes per battery, which is really cool for a mini drone. You normally dont get that much time out of them and you literally get just about the full 15 minutes out of it.

So its really cool all right lets check out the controller, well save the star of the show for last. Oh, i like it, its really nice got a little bit of weight to it, but not too much the batteries arent in it. Yet it takes three aaa batteries and lets go ahead and put those in. I want to show you guys this. You just take this screwdriver, and this actually has a little push pin in here, which is really cool. You just push it down and open it up, and i have some batteries right here. Lets put the batteries in it, one two three aaa batteries, and then this just slides right back on there like so and it locks right in its kind of cool you dont take a screw out or anything like that. It wont come off on you, so thats, pretty cool, so handy dandy. Little screwdriver did its job. It actually has some nice weight to it. It will weigh more once you put your phone in it and it should be real comfortable and the cell phone holder is cool it just flips up in the middle opens right up now i use a note 20 ultra and i actually have an otterbox case on It – and it literally fits right in here with the case on it, thats rare, because usually i have to take it out of the case to to use the cell phone holder, but this one it fits so its a rather large cell phone holder on it.

You have your joysticks, they feel nice and snug theyre not loose or hairy or whatever you want to call it. They actually feel really good. Then you have this little uh. What do you call this your little directional pad down here, and this is to adjust the trim on the drone when you put the drone up in the air its going to drip one way or the other forward backwards, left or right? And you just its really cool: normally, you have to push a button and hold it and then tap the joysticks in the opposite direction. This one all you have to do is tap this in the opposite direction. The drone is drifting and it will level the drone out and keep it from drifting. Remember youre not going to get a perfect hover on it, its going to drip here and there with a draft and all that, but it will level it out pretty damn good. So up here we have our auto, take off and auto lan button. You just long press this. The drone will take off long press it again when its in the air and it will land and it does have headless mode. You just tap. This puts the drone in headless mode. You have your emergency stop here. If you push this button in and hold it for about three seconds, the drone will literally explode in the air and you wont have to worry about it hitting anything or crashing anything.

But youll lose your drone, so emergency im kidding. You know that right. You just pulled it in, but the drone will drop out of the sky wherever it is so only use that button. If you absolutely need to over here, is your photo and video button. So one press that will take a picture, long press it. It will start recording your video down here. Is your power button, long press, it oh look at there and it will come on now. This is an auto connect or auto pairing controller, so you dont have to go up and back on the joystick to pair it. It will actually pair with the drone all by itself on the top. You have your really cool 360 degree flip push this button, it will beep and then you can take your right, joystick and push it up back left to right and the drone will flip. Whichever way you push that joystick so itll do a side flip forward backwards, really cool over here is your speed switch. It has three speeds: that is the controller, very cool. All right lets get this little guy out of the box. I cannot wait to unfold him and check him out wow. It is really really small. Look at that. That is tiny, so lets unfold him here and see what he looks like. So i dont think there is any particular way you have to unfold the arms. It looks like theyre high enough where they will well.

I guess youll have to do the back first and then the front to close it up, but thats him unfolded. That is super cool. He is really really tiny. So you take your battery and it just slides in the back here like so, and it locks right in boom super super light. This thing only weighs about two ounces total. So its really light, i wouldnt fly it outdoors. I mean you can, if theres like zero wind, but any breeze or whatever, like its probably going to really make it hard to trim him up or to fly him at all its super light. You have your power button on the top and you push this hold. It in and the drone comes on – you got some blinking lights here, theyre going to blink because i dont have it paired. Yet i really like the two leds on the front. It almost makes this little dude look like a mosquito, its super cool, since we got them this way. Here is your 1080p fpv camera and it is adjustable 90 degrees and goes straight down with it and straight forward with it really cool great camera. On this little drone, i cant wait to show you the camera. Its got some great quality to it, thats pretty much him. You got a little led light blinking under here some vents. You got some rubber legs here, some really tall legs. He actually stands off the ground. Pretty far i mean i can slide my thumb pretty much all the way under him.

Thats, the drone lets pair him up to the controller here and see if we can start him up, so you can hear him so now. The range on this drone is 100 meters or about 328 feet. The fpv range, i believe, its 50 meters. So its half of that so youre going to get just about 120 feet out of it fpv, but thats really good for inside to fly it around again. That is unobstructed and they say outdoors, but with that kind of range you can probably get it through. Your house, all over the place flying it and with no loss of fpv or video transmission, so really cool. All right so were going to turn on the controller. Oh, that was quick and they just paired each other. Just like that. So i believed on this one. Now you do have to calibrate the gyros. There is no compass calibration or anything like that, but its super easy, its just both joysticks down and out – and you can see there – i dont know if you can see it, but the lights blinked and your gyros are calibrated. Then you can unlock the motors on this little dude and its really awesome take both joysticks down and in very quiet for brushed motors. I am actually shocked how quiet this thing really is: theyre, usually super loud im, sure that will get a lot louder once it takes off and theres more power going to them, but you can hear thats really quiet.

That is cool. That is everything you get with this little dude. I see we set him up, get him ready to apply im going to show you guys the app how to hook them to the wi fi on your phone and were going to put them in the air and see what he can do. Okay, guys im gon na go ahead and show you how to set it up and connect it to the wi fi into the app and then well go over the app here. Real, quick and ill show you some of the features on the app i did leave. One of the obstacle avoidance mechanisms off i wanted to show you how they go on theyre, really super easy. You just take it and slide it up to the bottom here, and then you got ta kind of push them up onto the drone, and i kind of just take my finger below the blade here and just kind of squeeze it up. You got to give it a pretty good squeeze to get it up all the way, but thats how this little dude looks with his propeller guards on awesome. All right so were going to go ahead and set it up. So you need to turn the drone on there. We go. Lights, are blinking pair him to your controller and again calibrate the gyros calibrate the gyros. Every time you crash the drone or change the batteries or land it and put it back up.

It only takes a split second to do it and its just a good thing to do down and out come on there. He goes and were calibrated so now hes emitting a wi fi signal from the drone and youre gon na use that to connect the app and the drone to your phone. Now you do not need internet on your phone to connect to the drone. You just need something that can connect to a wi fi signal, so go to your wi fi settings on your phone and open them up and youll see it right there. It says san cisco with a bunch of numbers, ext 5g nope thats the wrong one. It switched on me there sorry san cisco d15 to do its only 2.4 gigahertz, not a 5 gigahertz, and then you want to tap on it. Where did it go? Where did it go? It went away there. It goes all right, so were gon na tap on it and were gon na get connected now, the first time you do this, its gon na, probably ask you to give it permission to your photo, album and all the other good stuff, and then you may get A pop up telling you youre connected with no internet again, that is perfectly okay, and then you may get another one popping up asking if you want to keep the wireless connection or switch to cellular data, keep the wi fi connection. That is what the drone uses to send you, your fpv, or your video transmission feed, then youre going to go download should have already the san cisco v app and its free at google play and the apple store open.

Your app and youll see the picture of the blurry mountain in the background and its supposed to look that way, so dont think somethings up with your phone or the app it is supposed to be blurred. Next, you have your help app when you tap on this. It will open up a little page and it shows you what every icon on the app means or does come out of here and then youre going to hit connect. And hopefully we will have a video signal and we do and you can see right there. We have video, and you can see here, im going to show you now, since i have the camera up its actually a really clear video for a mini drone, its actually really clear, im just impressed with the camera all around. All right so now were connected and were good to go. You can put it up near and you can fly it now, so ill go over. Some of the features on the app here, real, quick. So the first one here well the arrow that will take you out of the app the first one is your picture: if you tap that the drone will take a picture the next one, of course, is your video and it will start recording video tap it again. It will stop the next one brings you to the photo album and it will show you the pictures and the videos that you have taken Music.

Then next to that is your speed and you have three speed. Sixty percent is speed. Two one hundred percent is speed. Three and then next to that this is a really cool feature. This is what they call their mv mv feature uh like a movie feature, i guess, but if you tap on this one and then click up here in the top left, where it says, click select, music, tap it and it will give you all these little selections Down here for music that you can pick and what it does you pick a tune like well save that one and then you hit record from here, and it will tell you to confirm it and if you confirm it, what the drone is going to do now Is it will record a 30 second clip with that music in the video, so its really cool theres a whole bunch to choose from, i wont, go through all of them, but stop it well get out of here really cool feature on the drone, its its really Cool the next one is your gravity control. If you tap this one, you can take your phone and tilt it forward backward left to right and the drone will go accordingly. It just will not ascend and descend with the gravity control, but it will go forward backwards and all left and all right next, is your. I dont know why this feature is on here. I dont understand it.

I dont know what good it would do, but this will flip your video upside down and when you tap that you can see there now our video is upside down and if you tap it again, it will bring it back upright. So the drone does not fly upside down, so im not sure what good that does, but hey if you want to apply it with your video upside down, fly it with your video upside down. Next is your trace to fly. This is a cool feature as well, and what you do on here is you just draw a pattern on here, and the drone will actually follow that pattern. Just be aware that you dont know what the range is on this this pattern here, so i would start out really small and work your way up. So you know where the drone is going to go so youre, not making a square or a circle or a figure eight and its going to smash into the wall, because its too big so just be careful with that. And you have to tap it again. To get out of it, i dont know why that joystick came up, but it did so the next one here this would do your flip thats a 360 degree flip when you tap that um you can use on the controller on your app and go up or Back or left or right and the drone will flip accordingly. Next one here is your headless mode.

If you put that one on, of course, the drone goes into headless mode, then you have these three little dots open these up, and this puts your controllers on the screen and over to the left is your auto takeoff. Then you have your auto land and this one is your calibration button. Your gyro calibration tap that itll calibrate the gyros. You have your controllers, so your left, one of course, is four or is up and down turn left turn right. Then you have your forward backward. All left and all right over here on the right these little lines at the bottom here. These are your trim buttons and you can trim the drone through the app as well, and then you have your emergency. Stop tap that and again, the drone will explode in the air and you lose your drone. No, you know im kidding tap it and the drone will fall out of the sky wherever its at it just completely shuts the motors off, so be aware of that thats pretty much the app you guys, um quick note. If youre gon na fly it with the app you have to turn the controller off, i will try to do it and show you ive not been able to get the motors to unlock with the joysticks on the app well, try it again and see, but to Do the auto takeoff auto land to use the trace to fly uh features you have to have the uh controller off you cant.

They wont work in unison, which is kind of unfortunate that, because its to me its really hard to fly the drone with the app controllers im going to do it and show you a little bit of it, because i want to show you that tree supply its A really cool feature, but its to me its just harder to do it that way, so i wish they would work together, but they dont so im going to turn the controller off and the lights should start blinking on the drone and there they go and now They quit so its synced to the app now. So, if i hit the gyro calibration, the light should blink on the drone. There they go so we are calibrated. So what im going to do is im going to take both joysticks and push them down and in and see if itll unlock the motors, i dont think it will but were going to try it so yeah, so it wont unlock the motors this way. But i do know if i hit the auto takeoff, the drone will launch in the air im not going to do it because it will shoot right up into the camera, so were just going to totally skip that step, but there you go thats. The drone lets go put this little dude up in the air and see what he can do. Okay, guys here we go test flight of the san francisco d15 mini drone im gon na unlock the motors with the joysticks and were going to launch him there and see what he can do here.

We go and liftoff well thats a great liftoff Music. That was really smooth. He just took off didnt go very high at all. That was really great. Now you can see there. He does need to be trimmed a little bit. Not much though, so you just take that keypad at the bottom left and tap it the opposite direction. Hes drifting, you see there. I only tapped it once a little bit forward there, maybe to the left again: wow thats, pretty good im, not doing anything with the the controller and hes staying right there. So thats, really cool Music, all right! So im gon na do the flip and show you the flip, its really cool. How he does this flip just remember when the battery gets to a certain point. He wont. Do the flip for you, so its just a little safety feature, i suppose, but here we go Applause right down and up he goes. That was a sideway im gon na. Do backwards? Well, that was awesome. Music Music! He handles really well theres, no delay in the controller whatsoever. I mean you tap it and he goes whatever direction. Youre tapping it up and down too, that is really cool. All right, ill show you the speeds! This is speed one right here: Music, Applause, Music, nice comfortable speed to fly it around in the house. Speed two Music Applause: Music see theyre a little bit faster, actually its quite a bit faster in speed too.

All right so now were gon na hit speed. Three. You heard the three beeps Applause, Music Applause, Music and that speed three speed. Three is pretty quick, so thats, pretty much so im going to land him and im going to attempt to launch him with the app i want to show you guys. The only feature that i want to show you on the app is the trace supply. It is actually really cool. You just got to be careful when you do it, because it doesnt really give you an exact uh estimate of where the drone is going to go. When you do your pattern, but he will do it, i hate flying it with the app but im going to try it just so. I can show you guys that feature and then again you can switch the speeds with the app too remember. You cannot have you cant control, the drone with the app, if you have the actual controller on so ill, bring them over here and ill. Do the one key lan for you guys. You can see that! Well, i really like the way he handles its great Music. All right, so let me get him over here and you can see hes just hovering right. There line them up, so i dont miss the table, and here we go and thats it. He lands all right. Let me switch this battery and im going to do the app, even though i dont want to do it, but im going to try to do it.

So i can show you guys that trace the okay guys here we go im going to attempt to launch him with the app and then get him kind of leveled out and im going to show you that tap to fly or trace the fly. They call it. So you can see that its pretty cool, so you just hit the one key take off Applause, Music wow. I cant believe im actually controlling him with the app i usually cant. Do it that well so well turn them a little bit ill get them over. Here. Some more and then im going to go ahead and do that feature real quick, so you can see it. I think im just going to have him go forward and then backwards a little bit. So i dont run into anything again it doesnt. You got to be careful with the radius youre youre, drawing your pattern all right. So here we go little circle there there he goes Music and well turn it off Music. So i dont know: if you saw it, he did do a little bit of a circle. Ill, try to do another one, a little bit bigger, i dont know, but lets try a little figure. Eight see what happens here here. We go well that was kind of a figure, eight wasnt it, but there you go the actual. The response actually from the the app controls to the drone is really a slight delay, not much at all so im going to show you this movie mode that it has too, because its actually pretty cool lets see i dont know if you can do it with The app no it looks like you cant do it so the that part where you can play the music through your video.

You have to do through the controller. I see here its shaded and i didnt know that im not gon na. Do the gravity control guys, because i will absolutely wreck this drone but thats him. I mean thats everything great little, drone, im gon na land him and then im gon na give you my final thoughts and were gon na wrap this video up. So i will just bring him down over here Applause: a little bit and im gon na hit the one key land and were hopefully gon na land him on the coffee table. Maybe oh im, no good at the controls on the app i hate this here we go. Oh that worked out great all right. There you go san franciscos, d15 mini drone overall great little drone for indoor flying. I absolutely fell in love with this little drone. It was super easy to fly. The takeoff was perfect. The altitude hold was great, didnt have to waste a whole lot of time, trimming them up, which i absolutely love. I even did the apps controls and they worked. I was able to do them normally. I suck at doing those, so i dont even attempt to do it in my videos, but i wanted to do this one to show you this one is really easy to do. There was no delay from the joystick movement on the app to the drone, which i absolutely love, normally theres, quite a bit of the delay uh in that movement to the drone.

When you fly it through, the app makes it a lot harder to fly the trace to fly or tap to fly as they call it. It worked start out small on that, though, so you know where the drone is going to go and youre not crashing it into your wall when youre trying to do your figure, eight or whatever design you want it to fly in camera, great little camera on it. I love the 1080p camera on here and the fact its adjustable is great 55.99 on amazon. You guys you cannot beat that price and you cant beat the fact that its 50 off right now 30 bucks with tax absolute steal for this mini drone. This is going to be my go to indoor mini drone. I love it im going to go charge my batteries up right now and get him back up in the air and fly him. Some more till then remember hit that subscribe and notify button for me. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. Go get your drone.