This is a d15 mini drone, as you guys can see. This is supposed to look like a miniature mavic pro from dji a little mini twig raid brush motor version. This is obviously again a toy theres, no gps, theres, no fancy features. The camera just is manually tilting with your hands. However, you want it, but it is foldable and it ought to fly pretty nice, but it is really really light. So you have to keep in mind. The outside wont take much wind to cause problems for this guy, but fold them out there and that that you know thats how it looks. Theres, no optical flow again theres, nothing, fancy got a couple: leds look like theyre, probably white, on the front and theres, probably a little light right here in the back heres your power button. The battery for this is a 1s lipo and it is a lets see if we can find the capacity on this 500 milliamp hour. So you know it ought to get a decent little flight time out of this, and you get two of these so im just going to do a quick review of this guy outside here. There is a usb charger that you need to use its included with this micro usb, but it does turn it off and on so you have to use the provided one and again you get two of these batteries and thats. All that you get in the you know: packaging you get the drone two batteries, the charger, extra props, of course, and the controller.

So this guy looks like its gon na be a blast to fly um the camera. You know its gon na probably be. I dont know exactly what it is im guessing: 720p uh. It could just be sd quality. I dont really know um. I just saw a preview of it in the app now the app youre going to use. This is the sansaco v or cnx 5 app, so ill put a screenshot from the play store up here on the screen, so you guys know what app to use with this and lets quickly. Look over the controller. I really like this controller, its one of those styles, where you have the sticks up and down on either left and the right sides, but its really nicely. It just feels nice in my hands. I really like this controller a lot to do a gyro calibration. This guy, it both sticks down into the out at 45 degrees. This is your trimmer on the uh, the pad here. So the trim. What direction you want to uh to adjust the drone? If its drifting on you a lot and thats pretty unique that they do it that way on the top youve got your rates. I dont know if its two or three well find out when we fly, and this does your 360 flips, so youll flip. Obviously, you have to press the direction you want to flip here. You get your headless mode here this you press down for a second, and this will, i believe, start to props and you would auto take off you also press.

It do an auto landing. This is your emergency stop right here. You hold this one down to do emergency stop, and this one right here lets double check the instruction manual. What that one is because i knew it, but now i cant remember what it is that one is your photo video but its kind of oddly labeled, but a long press will do video and the short press will do photos so pretty common. It just threw me off because its kind of its a camera, but it looks goofy. It looks like a webcam, and this is your power button right here. So you need to connect this to the sansaco wi fi uh on your phone and then you should get a video feed and take this guy up and well fly around. So im gon na do is gon na. Do exactly that. Im gon na power. It up connect it to the app and then well take it up here for a test flight. So let me do that and ill be right back all right guys, so i have the app connected and the controller bound to the craft. The camera is not gon na, be very good on this guy, its so little and its just an expensive key that in mind, i see a lot of noise. I dont think the color is gon na, be very good, so dont expect much from the video of this, but of course well include it, and you know again, i dont know what the resolution is or anything on this guy, but lets go ahead and do a Long press and see if a recording video here and it does weve got a counter it go in.

There lets go ahead and do the long press and see if we can auto take off there. We go boy theres, a little control lag there for a moment. Theres, your yall very little pitch in the lowest rate lets go up to the lets, see what rates we have here. That should be there. We go the highest rate. Now i can fight this win, so we got. We got three rates but yeah im, seeing some im seeing some control lag in the controller and its really im over yawling at times and im, giving it some commands, and it just takes it a moment before it does anything at times i figured this would be A really good flyer and it is but again im getting those control lag now that could be the wi fi interfering with this, what im probably going to do in a moment here, is you see im over yalling? I need to try to come back here guys. I dont lose this fighting the wind here we go. You can see theres a lot of noise in the video here. I want to do some 360 flips, but yeah its just im, getting a lot of lag in the controls, man that is really bad at times. Lets see if we can do a 360 flip yeah it flips. The drone itself flies good. I mean im, giving it yall input and i just simply watch and wait for it to respond to my commands, but i mean the video is staying.

The app is staying connected and right now its flying okay and responding pretty well to my commands, but at times i can say i over yall right there and if it flies good, its good, its just controls so im gon na do here now you guys can See some videos im gon na land, this im gon na disconnect the wi fi and i wan na see if that has any effect. If these controls lags clear up because if it does, then we know that you just dont wan na. You know this drone. If you get it for the right price, just dont expect to have great controls, while youre, recording and ive seen this before. You know you know these wi fi controlled drones with the wi fi uh video. You know. Sometimes you get this, but this is also really rare. This is just did the holy stone had some problems with the app on that one, and this one im having problems with the uh control lag. All right lets go ahead and do an auto landing lets see if i hold the and it should start to land now there it goes. We landed all right. What im going to do now is lets, go ahead and stop. Recording video now lets. Try a long press see if that stops. It well im going to stop it in the app. Hopefully we got some video there and were going to do is were just going to go ahead and stop the wi fi.

I want to go in here, and i think maybe you know its still connected lets – go to disconnect and lets disconnect in fact im just going to throw my phone back in my pocket. The video was very noisy and had a lot of like weird, colors and stuff that i could tell so do not expect much from that. Video anyway, lets go ahead and do a take off and see if it flies better with it all disconnected lets do that. Gyro calibration, you know, beeps, we didnt do that. We didnt it beeped there. We didnt do that at first, but it was that was not affecting the lag. That was just if the drone drifts or something and lets go ahead and try the auto takeoff again lets see. Do we have any better controls with the wi fi? Well, i can tell you right now: it looks like we do. Yeah now ive got control im, not seeing that look at that im doing funnels. I dont im not over yalling lets see what now i can fly it guys. So this drone, if you want to use the camera youre, going to have to be a gentle flying in in perfect conditions and not give a lot of controls inputs because youre gon na over yall and stuff. Now it flies great look im, not not having any problems so whats happening is the controller works on 2.4 gigahertz same frequency band and everything that the wi fi is using, and sometimes these drones will interfere with each other.

The interference in the wi fi is causing a delay for the uh drone, because its transmitting a wi fi signal and its receiving from the controller and theyre interfering with each other enough that its causing a delay in the inputs now im perfect. So its gon na be tough on this one, because if you want a drone to just fly around, it flies awesome, which i knew this one would youre just gon na have to not use the the wi fi app. If you want a camera, a little camera drone, this would not be for you, because, even though the delays and the controls is bad, what i saw the camera was really poor. It wasnt necessarily jello filled. It looked to me like there was a lot of just weird and missing colors and almost like noise and stuff. I dont know how i didnt describe. It. Lets try some flips now, while we still got good battery power since we didnt get to do but one before i disconnected it just flies. Superb just forget about the camera. It should work its no excuse, but if you can get this drone at the right price and you just and you dont care about the camera, i mean this thing flies. Awesome looks like we got a a dragonfly still alive in november here chasing the drone around this fly is awesome. I mean i love how this flies. I had high expectations for this guy because i just ive flown other drones similar to this, and they always fly great theyre, very agile, its fast.

They can handle some wind in the highest rate. You can do some funnels like this. This is a really sporty little guy. I love it. Just dont dont expect much from the camera. In fact, i just dont buy this. If you want the camera just pass on this, get something else, a little a little loop. You check my channels. Other little camera drones that are better for this, but if you want just a great little flyer, especially if youve got some experience flying like myself and you dont want to spend much money, this one would be a great choice for just a great little flyer. I mean theres, not too many i can think of, and this size that flies this well theres a few, but i havent had one on the channel in quite a long time. Yeah. I love how this flies again. When youve got a camera, you know if you had a good camera drone theres, no reason to worry about cameras. The cameras on these little toys like this are gimmicks. I mean theyre, just not theyre, not necessary. They should just make these a flyer lower the price. A little bit forget about the camera, because even if the wi fi causes no problem because it usually doesnt, you know, theres just lag in the wi fi, the video feed and your drop frames. And even if you have an sd card on the drone without stabilization, the video is just pretty much useless and who wants a shaky jello filled, video its just.

They should leave them off lower the price, get rid of these cameras and just make these fun little flyers. We dont need to see a crappy video on these little toys. Theyre not going to look good man. This flies great fly is great. I think we got everything we need to test with this guy i mean we did some flips um. You got a little bit of video. There recorded theres really not much else to test and if youre experienced flyer fly this in the highest rate, theres no reason to go with the lower ones. If youre a beginner, then you might want to uh consider that uh, it also does include prop guards. I didnt mention that at the beginning of the video i did a little uh review there and, if youre a beginner you might want to put those on, but thatd only be if youre gon na fly this guy inside. He is small enough that you have a decent, uh, open area in your house. You could certainly fly this indoors that will protect the props from getting scuffed or broken, even though they do give you an extra set. But if youre going to fly us outside theres, no reason to mess with prop guards, because prop guards are just going to make it easy to get caught up in a tree and youre, adding additional weight and thats going to decrease the flight time. So we have some beeping, i think what thats telling us here we.

I can see the red light in the back flashing that we reach the lvc, so we shouldnt be able to do flips now say we cant do 360 flips. So you have that red light in the rear and we have those two white lights in the front. As i mentioned beginning, i just didnt know that what the colors were on the rear lets go ahead and do an auto landing and well wrap this video up. This guys, a super flyer lets just hold down the auto landing. We can just land him ourselves. We wanted to oh tried to land on the helipad, but couldnt quite hit. It awesome. Little flyer love the way. This guy flies if youre, okay, with not worrying about the camera or the cameras, low quality, and you know the fact that the lag makes it almost unflyable. If youre just looking for a drone to fly – and you dont care about this camera, then i would say absolutely get this as long as the price is good um. I just dont know offhand what the cells for at the moment, but i will include a purchase link to this guy. I do recommend this drone as long as youre, not wanting the camera, because even if youre, okay with the camera quality, which looked to be really poor, those control acts that was over yawling and just had all kinds of issues flying this drone because of the wi Fi interfering with the 2.

4 gigahertz control cross, interference, which you dont usually see that too often, but this drones really bad about that. So just dont put the app on dont connect your phone just fly it like this and its awesome. But if you want a camera drone, just look for something else. You know save up for a mavic mini and mini 2, or something like that. Thats going to be well worth your your money. If you want, if you want a camera, if you want a camera ill get something better. If you want a toy to fly around, you cant beat this guy at all, all right, guys that wraps up the review of the sansaco d15.