This is the sansaco d15 mini foldable drone for beginners and intermediate flyers as well its a little bit higher quality drone than most its a really good quality drone. In fact, looking at the controller, this controller is not cheap. Its a good feeling controller, i really like it and i was impressed to see it – has a button to insert your three aaa batteries. Not included comes with two proprietary batteries. Each battery, giving you 10 minutes of flight time per battery also comes with your charging cable. Additional props, screwdriver and even prop guards and the drone itself is foldable and the legs lock into place. The batteries are easy to charge, just plug it in to the side and goes right inside the drone. Very simple, very easy. The camera is adjustable, so you dont adjust the camera on your controller. You adjust it manually before beginning your flight time and you press the button to turn on the drone very simple Music to find your sensco drone app. It uses a scanner box. Just hold your camera up, press camera and itll. Take you right to sensco app, as you see here very simple, takes me right to my app install the app and youre up and running put on the drone guards is very simple, simply slime into place. They lock in and, to my surprise, im able to fold the drone up, even with the drone guards on when you have to replace your props, you its easy to identify.

You can see two stripes on the left and bottom right and one straight. There kind of cool heres your button for taking photographs, emergency landing, headless mode, take off trim tricks, and this is your speed button right here, slow medium or fast, very simple. What im going to do now, though, is im going to hook up the drone to my wi fi, go to wi, fi, Music and lets. Look for the drone lets go to the wi fi there. It is. Sansaco comes right up! Look at that how nice click that open up the app hit connect, and i should see the image there. It is theres our image, pretty cool and i can start taking video. The video will be sent from the drone right to my phone here, alright. So, to take off just hold the button down for one second Music: there we go pretty simple, and here we go so it flies really well im kind of surprised that this is not a gps, because it flies really good. Look how stable that is. Im going to trim it there, we go nice, perfect, nice and stable. That is awesome. Look at that. I have very little breeze out here backwards forwards. Now this is speed. One right here lets go and try speed: two Music, very nice, now im noticing the sterns a little hard to see. Even though the lights bright, i mean the lights sort of bright, that is, Applause, Music, flying just now lost signal, so it just fell thats a big crash Music.

Look at that. That was a real big crash that wasnt very far. I was probably uh 60 feet away just now, maybe 70 feet or 80. Oh maybe 80 feet was the distance and i lost signal before it fell. So it tells me the range is probably around 60 to 80 feet all right. Here we go again: im gon na start, recording, okay, im now recording im gon na put a level three thats level. Three im gon na go up. Hopefully, you guys can see it im, recording myself right now, so it looks like if i go too far ill lose signal. I get too high up yeah. We lose that signal thats, not good Applause, Music Applause, flys good, though i got a nice breeze out here and its doing good Music Applause, myself, Music, Applause, Music. All right got my pictures. This is a pretty cool drone guys. This is the cisco d15. I kind of like that the only advice ill give you Applause. One advice: im going to give you guys this drone, you dont want to hit you if it hits you the blades do hurt. I had it run into me. It hurt. I was surprised how much it hurt so uh be careful um, because, even though its a tiny little thing, Applause at one point, i was flying and it did crash into the field. I couldnt find it. So i had to use my phone to identify where the drone was so.

I do recommend, if youre going to fly this thing, because its so small and black its easy to lose and especially lays into tall grass youre gon na have a hard time finding, because these lights just are not bright enough. In my opinion, all right. So this is your flip button right here. If you want to do a flip, oh neat lets. Do that again: heres a flip ready, ready back flip, very cool Music to emergency. Stop. You can press the emergency, stop button right here and just hold it down and it drops okay lets go ahead and try orientation. This is called headless mode. You hit this button and now its gon na be headless mode, and we have that annoying beep. Well, its nice about headless now headless movement seems to work yeah, okay, its working fine, see im controlling it now, im gon na turn it away from myself and go away for myself. Go this way. Headless mood works really well with this um thats cool. So the way headless movement works is basically you uh direct it based on where youre taking it uh yeah headless mode works really well with the uh d15 very nice, very nice look im going away from myself now im coming towards myself. I could do without that. Annoying beep, but it definitely is working im just going to turn headless move off lets go away from myself headless made off okay, oh there, you go all right, so so we have our our landing as well as going to try the landing Music.

This thing is a lot of fun: man hold down landing button and there it goes coming from landing very nice, so its the sense code, d15 kind of nice, i kind of like it. If you think about buying it, i do like it guys its a fun drone, its not perfect, but it flies good. Has good power now theres, absolutely no wind out here. I like the drone guards a lot its nice.