Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my videos. I really do appreciate it if youre new to the channel, welcome to hub city, drones, remember hit that subscribe and that notification button for me down there. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. I got a really good one for you today guys have you ever wanted to put two drones up in the air and have a drone war with them? Now you can do it honestly, you can actually do it. Now, thanks to san cisco and their a21 mini battle drones, these little things are so much fun super easy to fly. The price isnt bad, either 35 bucks on amazon right now, and they have a 15 off clickable coupon. You can get this little guy for 20 bucks. If you buy two of them. Theyll give you an additional 10 off your purchase. You have to buy them separately, im, not sure why they dont have them in uh like a battle buddy pack, hey. That actually sounds pretty damn good battle, buddy pack, but im sure they will. The drones are still brand new um. They just put them out not too long ago and im sure theyll eventually put them together in a two pack, because you do need to to have a drone more were going to unbox this little dude ill. Show you everything you get with it! Well, set it up, which there isnt much to setting it up at all then were going to put it in the air and my son, and i are going to have a little drone war and show you guys just what these things do.

Lets go get started because this is going to be a lot of fun. Music. All right lets get this little dude out of his box and see what we got with him up front. I apologize for any background noise. You may hear with that time of year. We can open our windows and theyre all open, and so my dog decided it smells and hears everything now and the birds decided to chirp away this morning. So there may be a little bit of background noise, but lets get to this thing here. Oh one mini manual right on the top very cool, even though theres not a whole lot to this drone read your manual guys learn everything you can about it. So you know what it does. What it cant do all that other good stuff. Remember what i always say: dont be a drone dummy, read your manual and its thick, but its multiple languages, so dont. Let that fool you. I think its really only a couple pages long before you get into the next language yeah its only like looks like 11 11 pages, so not bad, but read it its 11 wont. Take you long. All right lets get this little guy out of the box. I got ta see this all right here we go tada one san cisco, 821 mini battle, drone wow! This is really cool. This thing is super tiny wow, so it is made to fly indoors. So i would not recommend taking this thing outside to fly.

It only weighs, i think, its like 24 uh, 0.8 grams, or something just under an ounce, its like 0.8 ounces, so its really light so even indoors when youre flying it. I would turn your ceiling fans off any oscillating fans. You have because its gon na super affect the way this thing flies, but i like it its cool. I like how the propellers are guarded, so you can bump into just about anything. You dont have to worry about ruining your blades or the motors. All that good stuff, really really cool so on the back here, is where your battery goes. You just kind of pop this open here battery slides in there. You have your on and off switch right here neat. This is your laser beam to shoot. The other drone out of the air this part under here this little thing here. This is your 360 degree sensor, so you dont have to be head on with the other drone to shoot it down as long as this sensor picks it up, you can get them from the side from the back from underneath how you would do that. I dont know but thats cool 360 degree sensor and for being a mini drone as small as it is. It really feels very well made im impressed. I mean it really feels good, very, very cool. All right lets open the box here and yes, it actually comes with a mini controller. If i can get it out of the box, thats cool, really small, its actually perfect for little hands.

You can see. My hands are big, so its all over the place, the joysticks feel nice and tight super super cool, so heres your auto takeoff and land, so you can take it off and land it with this button. Your power button these little uh buttons down here. These are your trims to trim it out when you put it up in the air its going to probably drift a little bit here and there, especially if theres, a draft or anything like that, and you can fix it just by tapping these in the opposite direction. Its drifting, so i believe on this one if its drifting left and right, you would do this for if its drifting right this one if its drifting left – and this is backwards and forwards drift, so super cool there, simple controller, heres, your speeds, it does have three Speeds to it on this side here this is your laser beam trigger, so one one tap shoots: the laser beam. If you long press this, it actually puts this little dude in headless mode, which i thought was really cool that this little dude has headless mode built into it as well. Super super cool now the range on this little guy here is, i believe, 164 feet. So not bad at all for indoor flying thats thats pretty decent, you could pretty much go anywhere. You want just remember, theres, no app or fpv, so you have to watch where youre going, but again, with these little bumpers, you know bump into the white the dog.

No injury might piss her off a little but thats going to be about it. So lets see here they have a bag of goodies in here. A mini bag of goodies lets see what we got in here. So we have one usb controller, so it says five volt one amp, so you could use a power bank, your computer uh, your cell phone charger box, all that will work, um and just plug it in and plug the battery into here. One screwdriver more for the controller than anything else. I havent seen any other screws on the drone, so just to take the backing off, which was thoughtful of them very cool. Two aaa batteries is what the controller takes. All right lets get this stuff out here. Lets see we got, we have two mini high powered 180 mah 3.7 volt drone engines. You get roughly close to 9 to 10 minutes out of the battery again thats going to depend on what youre doing, if youre in speed, 3 or youre doing lots of flips and all that other good stuff with it. Of course, the batterys not going to get you your full amount on there, because the more you do, the more it drains the battery so but you can get a decent. I would say eight to ten minutes out of each battery, which is really cool. I did charge the batteries, i drained them uh one cycle and i charged it and if i remember right, it took less than 30 minutes to charge the battery so thats not bad at all, not a whole lot of downtime, which is cool.

But you get two of them so charge. One were out flying the other one and youll be ready to go. Then four replacement, propellers very cool. If i can get them up theyre, so damn tiny, i cant pick them up with my big hands. So four propellers thats everything we get with this little dude very cool. Now, back to the controller real quick, it is a 2.4 gigahertz controller which is really nice uh and that helps so. The controllers dont interfere with each other when youre doing both to have your drone wars, so were going to put the battery in im going to turn it on real quick. Now there is no app, so there wont be how to do the app part of this video and its real simple to set up. So the battery just goes in, and it says to put the information side of the battery downward so down like that or facing the top of the drone, and you just slide it in like so its got a nice fit to it. So its definitely not going to bounce around in there, so thats pretty cool, and then you just take this little wire here, your little connector and you pop it in here, maybe did i put it in right. I think i did all right lets see all right ill, get it hold on there. We go well. If you have big hands, be prepared its going to take you a little bit to get this battery in here, come on dude, gee whiz.

All right. Let me see, i probably messed up and put it upside down. No, i dont think i did lets get this black one out of the way and see make it a little bit easier. So there we go, we got it now and then just take your fingernail or whatever and push it down make sure you got a good connection on it, so it doesnt uh come loose when youre in flight and drop the drone out of the air, but its Really well protected, so even if it falls out of the air, its probably not going to hurt it at all, all right, so i think were in there good looks like the wires bend back well enough to cover them up and close the cap. So i did notice on the cap this little. I dont know if you can see it theres a little notch here. You want to take it and kind of push it upward, a little bit as youre closing the back, and it will snap in like so and youre good to go. All right lets turn this little dude on and check him out. So the little switch on the back turn it to on ta da whats. Really cool. Is you dont have to pair the controller its got an automatic pairing in it, so thats really cool too. You just turn it on. They stop blinking theyre paired. Now you have to calibrate the gyros on this little dude.

He does have altitude hold, which is super cool, and that makes it that much more easier for the younger kids to fly. You launch it and it just stays there again. You may have to correct the drip, but its really not hard to do it says for ages, 14 and older, but i think a little bit younger than that could probably fly this drone as well. All right so lets calibrate the gyros and its just both the joysticks down and out and these lights will blink, really quick Applause. Maybe there they go thats it. Your gyros are calibrated. Now, if youre having your drone wars, when you hit this drone four times, it will land it slowly, land by itself, when it does that they recommend calibrating the gyros again before you put the drone back up in the air, which is technically the smart thing to Do so when you shoot the drone, the lights will blink, it will shake a little bit. Your controller will beep and again, if you hit your opponent four times, it causes the drone to fall out of the sky. No, it wont just drop, it will land. This also has an a motor start feature on it, which that kind of blew me away. Many drones, usually dont have those, so you can actually start the motors before you lift the drone off and both joysticks down and in wow. This thing is really quiet that thats impressive.

I was waiting for it to be really loud because they are brushed motors naturally, and its hard to put a brushless motor in a mini drone and there they go. They shut off all on their own thats. The a21 battle drone guys theres, nothing else really to know about it. Its that simple to set up and now were ready for hub city drones. First ever drone wars, so lets go, get the battle started, put up a little mini. Hence the word mini drone battle. Im gon na put them both up in the air. This is my cameraman otherwise known. As my son justin were gon na put him up im gon na. Have him shoot my drone just so you can see the effects the drone has when it gets shot and what happens when it gets shot for the fourth time where it just literally falls out of the sky were gon na get them up, and then, after that Ill show you all the features on the drone, the speeds and the trim, and all that other good stuff so were gon na unlock the motors actually were gon na hit the one key take off button, which is really cool. You push the button up. Itll, go Music all right. Im gon na keep my pretty much try to keep mine in the camera. Oh he got me. You see there. The drone shook oh thats, so cool Music – oh he got me again.

Music was that four times gon na find out theres two theres, three theres, four and down on the sky goes game over. That was super cool, great little battle drones. I love them once you get used to flying it, its so much fun. Im gon na put mine back up and im gon na get my revenge, oh hes, too low. I missed him. I got him that time. Oh, he got me too whos gon na go first. Oh, oh! Oh, he beat me again. This is a lot of fun. Very cool ill have him land his im going to show you guys the different speeds: how to trim it. The 360 degree flip that it does ill show you guys all that in a minute that was really cool thats, what they do put them up shoot each other great little battle drones. That was really cool. Im, definitely going to get some more of these at 20. Bucks, a pop 80 bucks for a family of four you can have a hell of a game night. Instead, you can have family game night battle. Drone edition priceless, i its just well worth it to put the family together and have that much fun, something different and fun to do. Lets go through it and ill show. You all the features on the drone here, real, quick and then well wrap this video up. Okay, guys, the san cisco a21 battle drones. You saw the battle, my son and i had it wasnt a actual battle, but i wanted to show you what they do and how much fun they really are.

So im going to unlock the motors again, you can use the one key take off and land button to put the drone up or you can take both joysticks push them down and in that will unlock your motors. Take the left stick up and up. He goes thats the altitude hole. What i really like about these drones, you guys is they really dont, need a whole lot of trim when you put them up in the air thats really impressive. Usually they drift one way or the other really bad, and these dont seem to do it, but right here, thats, cool thats, actually, a really decent takeoff. Uh speed and altitude hold ill, get them over here. Im going to do the flip, real, quick and you guys can see the flip. You just push the right joystick in, and that was it. That was really cool ill. Do another one ill. Do it sideways, so you guys can see it. Maybe if i can get them over here, Music cool, so he does have the awe where he can all left and right and then he turns, and then i told you he has three speeds. So im gon na go ahead and this is speed. One Music and ill put him in speed. Two Music. The speeds are really comfortable. Three is pretty quick for a mini drone. I was impressed but ill put them in speed 3 for you now. So you can see speed 3.

and you can see he goes pretty good, but again, small enough theyre, just so cool theyre easy to fly. You can fly around your whole house, its just so cool great little drones for battles thats it and then you can bring them over and you can do the one key land ill show you that here, real quick hit it and thats it they land thats. The a21 all right, so my final thoughts on san ciscos, a21 mini drone. Theyre awesome. They are absolutely awesome, definitely five stars. These are definitely going to be in our upcoming christmas special for sure. The price is just out just amazing at 20 bucks with that 15 off coupon. If you have a family of four, you can get four of these for under 100 bucks, put them up in the living room and have family game night battle. Drone edition loads of fun super easy to fly. I love the takeoff speed and the altitude hold, and i like the fact that i really didnt have to waste any time trimming the drone up. We put them up in the air, no trim at all and started flying around and shooting each other out of the air theyre that easy to fly. My son in all full disclosure did not get any practice time on flying this. That was his absolutely first time. Putting that drone in the air – and he kicked my ass twice in the in the drone wars – so definitely a five star drone great idea from san francisco to make this into a battle.

Drone ive never seen this concept before so much fun. Im actually gon na go order me some more of these, so we can have our own family uh battle, drone night and ill make a video, so you guys can see it so remember, subscribe and hit that notification button. So you dont miss that one because thats going to make a heck of a video ill put the link down in my description where to go, get one go, get you two three four of them have a load of fun with them. They are so so much fun thats going to do it for this video guys. Thank you again for watching. Remember, stay safe out.