What so thats the question, and it is the sandrock u61w, because theres no identifying number right here for the product. It just says: sand rock and it doesnt say that uh you 61w anywhere on here that i see um. Oh there. It is right there item number u61w on the bottom. Usually you know on these things. They always play. Put it right across here like that, but uh, not this one anyway, this sand rock looks like theres some kind of new player in the little toy uh in the little toy grade, doing some rebrands and some stuff like that. But i mean the quality. Uh seems not bad, so why dont we get it out of the box and check it out alrighty. So there you are out of the box and uh yeah. It looks nice. I think potency made one similar to this a couple of years ago. Uh mine was really bad from what i remember. I dont think this is exactly the same, but it looks, pretty close, you know, might have made a couple changes on it. I remember the one i had the potentic one like this. The flight time was awful. Okay, uh from the one i had everybody elses seemed to be good. Mine would only go for a couple of minutes, but anyway heres the quadcopter itself, the camera it tilts. If you look underneath here, you will see the qc label and what i thought was an optical flow sensor, but its not theres the on and off switch on the back right there.

Then they give you two batteries with it ill put a link in there. If you want to take a look at it, they are im having a hard time seeing this writing is so small 3.75 hundreds right there. It is on that gray label on the top 3.7 500. They give you two of them. Give you a manual, give you a phone holder and then give you uh this bag. It has the normal stuff in there spare props the charging cord and the little screwdriver and the prop removal too tool. So anyway, it uses the flying c app, which uh its been around for eons. That app has been around for a long time, so there theres the app right there. Blank c so its been around for a long time, but at least four years that app has been around so why dont? We turn it on and bind it up. Turn the on off switch here, theres that turn this on here so and this takes uh. Four double a batteries right here, so that makes this way a little bit so well fire the app up. Okay, so there it is its udirc wi fi, and that would be the the original quadcopter that used. This was a udi rc. They used that app. I remember i had one i sent it to uh deandre. I sent him that little thing. Okay, so when you fire up the app they give you a little operating instructions.

So then it goes here and then this part will come up and then he goes to the helicopter or the drone. We want to go to the drone, it wants to access the photos and all that good stuff. Okay, so there you go there, it is. Let me show those flowers like i always do the fridge. The fridge has food in it. Today i went shopping okay, so there you go yeah its great stuff, great stuff. You know these are the kind of toy quadcopters i mess with now i dont try. Try not to uh mess around with those those gps, things anymore, im just so fed up with that that words cant even describe how sick of those things that i am. These are much more fun than those things. Those frustrating things so anyway heres a little template card for your uh for the controller. You know your normal stuffs on here. You know: take off laying headless mode photo video. You know the normal, the usual suspects right. Why dont? We turn it around and take off. Just for a minute im not going to shoot no video in here, but i just want to take off for a minute uh off the table and then well uh, well see what it uh, how it acts and stuff. So what well do is well just take it off here for a minute and then well uh. Take it off outside, well, go outside and fly it because, its its definitely an outside uh outside flyer.

You know heres the take off and land butt. Well, let me see if i can do the level calibration there. I did it down to the right, so it did that so lets just hit the take off button. Okay, so its got three rates: Music and thats – held by this its getting running into its little prop. Wash there Music Music, okay, Music, stop! Can i stop uh yeah good stuff lets? Take it outside and fly, it seems pretty stable to me were out here with the sand rock there. It is its a classic its a legend and were gon na fire. The app up i have the recording started already. The screen recording so were gon na try to fly this thing. A little bit lets uh start the video up ill put the flight time in there. Also hello access, okay, so its recording so lets take off Music. I see like tons of lag in the video okay. Let me slow this down a little bit. I dont think this thing does flips to be honest: no thats the trim, okay, its got that sema trim where you hold this in hold this in and move the stick. This way in that way, but it is pretty stable, but it doesnt do any flips and the video has loads of lag in it, but you know i dont care. I didnt buy this for the video anyways i bought it just to fly around, see how it is it flying and so far its flying pretty good, very maneuverable.

I just hope the battery lasts more than a couple of minutes, because my other ones didnt that were, i guess, maybe knockoffs or this is a knock off of them or i had the potensic one that looked like this and that was uh the battery didnt. Last two minutes three minutes tops so lets just hope we can get more out of this. One lets check the first raid here to see how yeah i guess its very sluggish theres, not much pitch at all on it takes forever to see that takes forever to make a turn see how slow it is. I could run faster than that. Okay. Believe me, my old ass can run faster than that lets get to the second rate. Okay, so now you see its picking up picking up speed, yeah, but the sand log. It flies great okay lets. Let me make that clear. It flies great Music. Now lets kick up. The third rate now lets going okay, so you see that thats a lot faster, Music Music has a very slow descend, speed very slow, wow Music. It was even in the third rate, so Music, okay, so let me bring it back here and straighten it out. I think the trim might have got a little out of whack over there Music yep, okay. I straightened it out all right so anyway, yeah flies great. Very nimble, very quick in the third rate. Now i dont think the video is going to be anything to write home about.

To be honest, i keep peeking down at that screen and i keep seeing lag okay loads of lag Music but hey. You know what? What really matters right? What matters? What matters is, how does it fly? Thats, the only thing i care about thats, the only thing you should care about all this other stuffs, just gimmicks. It doesnt fly good, its no good, i dont care of the camera, or i dont care about the gestures. I dont care about the finger wagon and all that other crap. If it dont fly good, its no good period Music, he thinks the battery might be dying out because its getting very Music jittery, so i dont know theres no flips on here. So i cant test it. There is a headless mode which i dont want to chest. Okay, we dont want to go there a little bit of breeze, just just kicked in there a little bit so maybe thats affecting it. Some because it seems like the steering has really went kind of south yeah, its starting to drift away and stuff. So i dont know what that story with that its a toy right. Okay, so i think i got it straightened back out. A little bit of breeze came up, it really affected it. So, and i mean it was very little. It was almost like blowing on it. Okay, so, but what i will say is it flies good, so, Music, all right, whoa, so the batterys going dead.

You know that thats, why its dropping down to the ground and doing all that stuff that it wasnt doing. When i start there goes the warning: im. Gon na stop the video save the video all right guys. Let me bring it back Music. What a grab right lets shut that damn thing off. I dont want to chase the customers away all right guys there you go the sand rock yeah man. It flies great wow fly spectacularly so yeah im digging that no doubt what did it say in that battery 14? What? What was that that 14, i dont know theres a little thing here. It says: 14., you guys see it flashing. I know you do so all right, so thats it the sand. Rock very nice, flew great. I mean you know. I know what the video is going to look like and i dont really care. So i mean im not doing this for video.