To start with – and you may say james, i thought youve always said that the hs210 is the best beginner mini drone to start with, and i have, but the shortage of materials have hurt a lot of companies more than others, and this used to be in the Low 20s so lets put it too close to the price point of this sand rock u61. So if you look, the hs210 is much smaller than the u61 and this still flies really really good. But at this price point you can move up to this drone and this one has a camera and it actually takes pretty good pictures. Its got three speeds um, its really fast. You can flat outdoors or you can put it on speed one and fly it indoors. Even though its a little bit loud, but it does teach you the orientation of a drone – and you may say why is it important to learn the orientation of a beginner mini drone, because so many people do their research and they buy a drone? They spend a couple grand then they come home with something like this and its because as a mini drone and a big drone, they both sit on four axis. So they pitch forward and back they all left and right. They roll left and right and they go up and down so the first time you fly your drone, these joysticks move all around and it can be kind of confusing what the orientation is doing.

But after a little bit of practice, your subconscious takes over your skill, set, improves and youre comfortable with this, so its better to learn and safer with the beginner mini drone like this. It also teaches you how to set up the drone calibrate it get. The gyro set and get the wi fi working, so the camera will work and ill. Show you how to do all of that after we go, fly it and then ill come back for my final review. So lets go put her up in the air and see how she flies Music, all right guys. Let me turn that volume down on these props. You can hear me talk. First of all, let me say i love the controls on this drone theyre very fluid theyre, not quirky. What i mean by that is sometimes, when youre flying a mini drone, its all or nothing, theres, no slow, turn slow, yaw, slow forward or back it just its either all or nothing not with this drone. You can turn it really slow. You can turn it really fast, its very fluid just like that hs210, but this things uh three times as bigger and five times louder. So when youre flying it inside even in speed one, this things really loud, the reason im flying it outdoor space because theres very little wind, as you can see on the pond, this things a blast to fly even when theres a little bit of wind.

Its really good practice for you to fly in a little bit of wind to help you kind of fight the wind, because this is not a gps drone, because the gps drone uses the satellites to hold its position, and this is more of a budget drone. So it doesnt get that so if the wind starts to take it away its just going to go away, so you got to learn how to fight the wind. You may want to learn how to fly it first, its just flying away from you, because orientation will be very easy to control, because when you turn around and come back at you, everything is backwards. So thatll take a little bit of practice, but youll get the hang of it. You also may want to start by using just your right hand, because thats going to make it go forward and back and roll left and right and not yaw, in other words turn, but you can still control the drone that way so learn with your right hand. First and then go to your second hand, dont worry about the camera at first, i know its exciting to have a camera on a drone. Uh just learn how to fly it and have fun, but when you do want to start using the camera – and you start hooking it up to your phone uh make a pre start checklist, even though its a short pre start checklist. It will teach you when youre flying a bigger drone, the proper way to get a drone up in the air and make the pre start checklist.

Youll learn how to hook up the gyro. What that means, what the gyro is theres a what the gyro does is inside the drone theres, the ecu that keeps it balanced, and so it needs to be reset every time you crash it or every time you take off for the first time um. So if you need to set that on a flat surface, because if you set it on those bricks over there, the driver will be set crooked. So the drone will try to fly crooked. All the time and thatll make it really hard to fly um. It does have three speeds, so when youre inside you want to start in speed one and when you come outside, if its a little bit of wind at all, you want to go straight to speed three that way if it starts to take it away, you can Come back but inside is speed three its way too fast to fly. Um youll need to stay in speed one unless you get your skill set, really good man. This things fun also when youre flying the drone challenge yourself, try to make figure eights or have an agenda theres. So many video games that you just drive around a car and shoot people and that gets boring, really fast. Well, the same thing with this drone: if youve just flying around randomly with no agenda, it can get very boring so make yourself have an agenda when youre flying it.

I try to keep it low, sometimes, have it go away from you? Have it circle away from you, pointing at you and then make it circle away from you pointed away from you and practice and youll be really surprised by how fast your skill set improves if you, if you have, if youre thinking about what youre trying to do With the drone, instead of just having fun so heres, some pictures that i took um the really good pictures, for you know an inexpensive budget drone and heres. The video i took the video is really shaky, but this drone is in the air. So you need to practice keeping it really still and turn really slowly, because, if youre flying around its almost unwatchable but uh, it records it straight to your phone theres, no sd card, all right so lets go inside lets, see what she weighs. Uh lets go over. The app and how to get the camera working and get it connected to your phone, how to calibrate it and how to set the gyros and everything so lets go inside lets see what he weighs in at he weighs in at 62 grams. Just to show you its the same drone, the lulun weighs in at 62 grams also, so how much is 62 grams, its just a little bit less than a energy shot, all right so on the drone, the batteries i love, the modular batteries they pop in and Out they take about an hour to charge and you get about eight nine minutes of flight time matters, how what speed youre in they snap in really tight the drone.

These props are really protected and you think you could never damage them. But if you look at this one, my dog caught it midair and bit down on it and broke this one or bent it. I need to use this prop removal tool and take it up and use it, be sure and use this tool. If you try to pull this prop out, youre going to end up pulling this wire out of this motor and then its going to be more trouble than what its worth so whats nice, the camera can be moved up and down manually, so thats pretty cool, because If you look at the footage, it really gets some pretty good video for something thats, so small and so cheap, so it does come with the remote and the remote takes uh four double as they go in the back turn it on here. This is your power. Switch its a short press for a photo right here. A long press here to take a video over here is your headless mode. Dont ever use that that changes, the orientation of the drone. The whole purpose of learning to fly. This drone is to learn how to fly it right and it doesnt take very long so to set the trim. So if the drone seems to be sliding to the left or to the right or forward or back you press down on this one in flight and you press this, the opposite direction until you get it centered, usually you dont have to.

But you have to do it. It just takes a little bit of practice, so you turn the remote on you turn the drone on pull down that binds it now its bound, and then you pull down and to the right to set the gyros and make sure this is on a flat surface. If its not on a level surface, then the gyro is going to be crooked, and when you take off its going to fly off to the left or to the right, so you pull down into the right and it blinks. Then it stops. So now the gyro set it starts out at speed. One thats speed two and thats speed three. So if youre flying it outdoors, you need to go to speed three right away. You wan na start out in speed one inside it comes with this clip. You put your phone in and then your phone can go here. If you to operate the app to use the you dont have to use the app to fly the drone. But if you want the camera to work, then you need to hook the app up to your phone and fly it, but im going to show you on my ipad all right, so its the flying c app, you open it up after it downloads. But before you do that, you have to go back to your settings because its a wi fi drone, so you have to turn the drone on turn the remote on go to your settings, go to wi fi and this udirc hit that so now its connected to The drone you go back to the app and open that up now you see now the cameras working camera works really good um on the app dont use the app use the remote everything thats on here.

But then again you know youre not gon na dont use any of these. When youre flying you can change. So you you cant, even change a speed at half the time it doesnt work, so youre just going to use everything on the remote, because you cant do a custom route because its not a gps drone. So just forget about all that this other stuff that it says to do. Okay and even the takeoff i dont even think the takeoff usually doesnt work. Let me see yep, so the only thing you might want to use is a take off and if you press that itll work and take off, but you can also do it on the remote by pushing the button. So what do i think about the sanrok u61? I think its a great drone, great price. I love the modular batteries – takes really good pictures, so so video but its to be expected at this price point um the blades are really protected, so it makes a great beginner drone. You can fly around the house and speed one a little bit loud, but its got three speeds. So if you want to fly it outdoors and theres, not a lot of wind, you can have a lot of fun with this drone and it comes with extra props. In case you do damage them. I think it would make a really good christmas present to a young person, or even someone like me that just likes to get the most out of something.

So thanks so much for watching and like always, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe. Subscribers mean everything to me in this channel and i got lots more beginner mini drones coming out, but its gon na be hard to beat this one.