We finally got the we finally got somewhat decent of a day here. It actually looks pretty good compared to yesterday. Yesterday it was like. Are you freaking serious? Well, crap, you know what im saying this is rain, wet, nasty off and on all day you know what im saying really couldnt do much of anything, but today we are out here with the sand rock u52 again for another quick flight demo uh, you wouldnt believe My last couple videos that i did on this bad boy. I had a lot of people leaving me comments asking me to do another actual another flight demonstration of this bad boy here, so i said i would bring it back out for another quick flight demo, so this is the sand rock u52. You can pick this guy up on amazon guys i got a car coming. I picked this guy up on amazon. It has a 1080p manually adjustable camera, so you can manually adjust the camera off the ground before you fly here. It has sd card slot here on the side. I did put a four gigabyte send this sd card in there. So hopefully it works today. It has an empty hole in the belly where it would be a optical flow, but it has no optical flow here. You want to just release this little lever here. Releasing the lever will pull out the battery. You do get a 1500 milliamp hour battery 3.7 volt, so thats a 1s, a one cell 1500 milliamp hour battery.

You get a decent flight time with this bad boy. So just pushing it in and it slides in like so you got a power switch here on the top guys you got leds. I think youve got green in the front right in the rear, underneath the motor pods. These are brushed gear motors, you guys and so thats pretty much the drone in the nutshell and lets go over the transmitter really quickly. So i do have my fpv phone mount already installed here. You put your phone in there. You have your power switch here. Joysticks center joystick is altitude. Hold, i believe, pressing in on this is you could do flips? I know somebody i mentioned theyre asking me about flips. How do you do flips you press in on this, and then you pick a direction to flip. So when you press in then its going to arm the drone for a flip, so when you press in on it its going to arm it for a flip, and you pick a direction like back like forward back, you know uh right, left or whatever you know. What im saying so thats how youre going to do that? You have the speeds here. This is your speed button. This is your automatic takeoff button here, guys photo and video button and you have Music batteries that are not included. Are you need four double a batteries for the bad boy? So hopefully that goes over everything for you guys that have questions like i said, power switch here.

Lets go ahead and take this guy up for a car guys lets get into setting up the drone. Just go ahead and power on the drone. First, you have lights flashing. You should have lights flat up. I didnt hold it for a few seconds. Okay got lights, flashing, green in the front red in the rear. You want to turn on this. Do up down that arms the drone with the uh remote control, you guys so now the drone in the remote is bound together. So next thing you want to do: is you want to get into your wi fi settings so lets get into the wi fi settings and look for the wi fi of the drone ud irc fpv is what we want you guys. So we just connected to the wi fi signal that the drone outputs and were going to connect to the fly and see app, so you have to download the flying c app in the google or the uh play store. You know im saying so get in here. You want to click on this little quadcopter signal, so we have fpv feed right away. You guys check it out, fpv right away. So its telling me my battery percentage all that good stuff, a couple of different features inside the app we go over at a later date, but yeah guys so lets go ahead and just start. The recording from the transmitter lets do that long. Pressing. That starts recording via the transmitter.

So now we should be able to just take off lets, hit this automatic takeoff button and were off guys so were airborne, sandrock u52. This is the lowest rate a little breeze here, but we are were all right in the low rate, see that van gogh going past there raise it up, fan rock g52. Its kind of i forget how to trim it its kind of getting a little trim. There got a truck coming here, getting a little breezy. This is the first rate, so this is fourth flight here for flight. In the first rate, you guys not much of a pitch in the first rate, this is very docile like a beginner right here. This is what you would want to film in on a nice calm day, its the first rate so lets increase the speeds. Thats two beats. This is second rate or high rate. It only has two rates, so it has high and low rate, so lets yeah were at high rate again lets bring it on back here. Another interesting thing about this drone: it has uh the remote control has somewhat like telemetry in it. It will beep, it will. Beep, if you go too far out of range with the drone, it will beep at you and it will also start to beat when the drone battery starts to get low, so thats a pretty cool feature for a low budget, quadcopter guy thats, pretty good, so lets.

Try some flips for you exhaust our battery and, like i said, thats pressing in on the right, joystick and then picking a direction just press in on it and pick a direction it flips, pretty good. You see, im flipping it with one hand, pretty good lioness sand. Rock u52, you guys so from what i can remember from their first initial flight review. This thing has a pretty decent camera for a budget quadcopter guys if i can remember, im gon na drop a link for you guys below, and i think this bad boy is still on sale. If i can remember if its not on sale, im gon na see, if i can get it with the amazon with one of them coupon codes, you know how amazon has some green coupon codes so make sure you click the coupon code underneath the price thatll get You thatll get you like five. Maybe ten percent off well see flying pretty good, though oh shoot. I said that as soon as i said that dont do that. As soon as i said that it got wonky on me, they got walkie. I mean i got out of range. You heard it beep as soon as i said, its fine pretty good. It got a little wonky on me like it lag for just a second there. So keep this guy relatively close im going to say about 30 to 40 meters guys. So you dont want to go no further than 30 to 40 meters.

They caught a little loss of signal there. It could be from the could be wi fi, a lot of wi fi around here. This is a heavy wi fi area. All these houses have wi fi, but still i wasnt that far they caught a little signal loss there, but at least it beeped at me, but i felt it before it even beeped at me. I felt it go kind of lose connection and kind of it. Kind of got stuck in the command it was kind of stuck in like a forward pitch. I thought it was gon na hit the tree for a second, but i was able to get back in range and catch a truck coming. It Music, Music, yeah decent flyer, guys just dont go too far with it and that 1500 milliamp hour battery is gon na get you decent flight time. Yeah its got. Ta get you decent flight time, then yeah im not really talking too much its not really too much to say u52 is flying pretty good guys just trying to fly smooth and get decent footage for you guys and not try to fly too far for myself and Get out of range like i did that last time, a little bit of stuff, theyre gon na stuck in the pitch or command in and thatll be uh. Oh spaghettios, real right now, Music, its doing pretty good im, not sure how many minutes ive recorded. We got about six minutes of recording, already thats, pretty good six minutes of recording.

So almost six and a half now im gon na go ahead and just stop that recording take a photo. So i took a photo, bring it in close moving around again and uh. Take another photo Music, hopefully its capturing these photos here, hopefully its capturing these photos lets bring it in close for a close look. It just now took a photo just now. Wow lets try one more yeah. Photos are very delayed, but it takes them. At least i will put the photos up for you guys lets just fight this bird Music. Im gon na hit the ground Music. You know, 1080p camera has sd card slots and youre gon na get the actual 1080p Music and it flies pretty good. Like i said, the only con is, of course, that it has brushed motors and doesnt have really that long of a range. You know i had that one little range hiccup to where i felt it kind of like get caught in a little. You know im saying like it was caught in a pitch, because that was because it was lagging in command, but other than that. That was just only the one time. I thought that just flying good right now, though, Music yeah im happy with they can keep this. It underneath that 80 price keep it underneath the 80 price, i think, thats a good deal. Music wind is picking up when this is some kind of lag or something over there.

Something Music of your grizzle get that bad boy out man, Music, Music, all right guys! I dont want to make this super long. Video im gon na go ahead and land it still havent hit lbc yet but im just gon na land, it automatically land and im gon na just guide it down. Saying rock you 52, your boy, drones and dogs. Another quick flight demo – hopefully this went over everybodys questions and concerns that they had about this drone. So, like i said for the price point, i dont think its a bad drone, its a good budget, beginner drone, any more questions you got. Ta leave me some questions and comments below. If you have any further questions, are your boy drawing the dogs? I will drop the link for this bad boy below catch.