It is super duper windy right now guys. Look at this! Look at this i dont even know if this is a good idea. This is going to be like a true testament to this little thing right here, man, but this was sent over for me to check out. I believe the company is sandrock, i believe well, at least the app is the sandrock app. This is the h859 hw guys. You know what im saying. I appreciate them for sending this guy over for me to take a look. I said, im not really sure what company it is. This is the h859hw, but they uh sent me an email asked me for uh yeah sandrock. This is by sam rock. They actually sent me a message and asked me if i wanted to take a look at this guy and check it out, and this is its like a little baby like mavic pro clone, or something like that guys. Its a this guy actually has throw to go. Auto hover 2.4 gigahertz transmission, it says auto trim six axis gyro uh does have a hd camera high low and medium speed, so cool guys, app control, headless mode 3d, flips and roll high performance. Foldable drone, oh its gon na, be pretty windy out here. Guys, im not really too sure, were gon na be able to check this guy out here today, i think were gon na have to just yeah yeah super duper windy here today.

Yeah, its super duper windy here today, guys, but uh lets see lets, go ahead and just pop it out and see what we got here, anyways how about that? So we got a goodie bag here with the charger looks like we have that little barrel charger there a little barrel charger to charge the batteries. I know the batteries right off. The bat are 500 milliamp hour batteries. We got a set of propellers with some screws hardware and, of course, a screwdriver lets see what else we got all my stuff dont blow away. We got the look at this little baby, drone man, so we got a fpv phone mount that should hold a decent sized phone right away. We can see. We have two batteries here. Lets see lets take a look at the battery its a little 500 milliamp hour battery yeah 500 millimeter hour battery lithium ion with a little charger port. The little hole there to charge the little battery there guys so check out this little folder. This guy is really tiny. Little tiny guy look at that bio, bio, little, tiny, little dude little baby, mavic pro so youre gon na fold, the uh youre gon na fold, the rear arms out first, it looks like file and youre gon na fold. Wow there we go little mavic pro clone were gon na pop our battery in there wow. So there we go guys. Looking like a little mavic looks like it has an optical flow sensor underneath but thats a blank spot.

I dont think thats an optical flow camera underneath, but it has a camera front. I believe thats, like a 720p camera, looks like we have some lights on the side and some light light in the rear. Maybe some lights up front, where it would be like an optical flow sensor for the uh original, though the real mavic, but these are probably going to be leds here, so cool looking guy, so you know you got an extra battery looks like the wind might have Died down just a little bit guys. There is a controller. Everything is labeled on this guy being quickly guys. You got some prop guards that you know im not going to use. Beginners use those if you want to get caught in a tree yeah, but uh yeah. So this is kind of like a quick unboxing and a quick flight review guys so youre gon na go ahead and just pop the little fpv mount there put your phone up there – 360 flips here camera and video button. Here. Everything is labeled rates, take off, trim buttons, headless mode, one key return and you got a couple little trick button. Do he do hickeys right here, little auto, rotate and stuff like that on and off switch here, three triple a batteries with that dastardly child safety screw thats? Why they gave you a screwdriver so lets get into this man? The app for this guy ive already downloaded the app the app for this guy is the san air app guys? Okay, so lets go ahead and turn this guy on.

Look at the lights turn on the transmitter up down. So look. We got a green light in the back two blue lights on the side and white in the front nice on the leds nice on the leds. So this is the first fly, this guy straight out of the box, guys ive, already pre charged these batteries, so im trying to find im getting to my wi fi settings. Actually is what im doing and im trying to see the the wife the sand? Air is what it is: the wi fi im connecting to that guy. So yeah give me a minute guys its telling me theres no internet, of course, theres no internet from that little guy. So we want the little sand – air app thats, the app we want for this guy bio. I put this in a little phone mount bye, ow check that out connect hit connect. We should have wow fpv signal right away, im noticing a little latency right away, though thats cool, though, were going to go both joysticks down into the left calibrates it you heard it beat the lights flash and lets just take off guys. So what i want to do is start the recording recording started. I started that from the app automatic takeoff button and we are up so lets see how long we could last in this first rate, while the wind died down so its getting blown a little bit, but the altitude hold is working theres, our yaw Music first rate, Yeah yeah very slow, yall, im yawning right now, its very slow im, definitely gon na have to get in on the rates wheres.

My rates – where is my second rate? Okay, so we are in a second right here, keep in mind guys. This is a little quiet. Its windy surprises even flying theres, our second rate yall, there second rate yall pitching for a pitch. In the second rate, the thing is hanging all right: third race, son blind to me: heres our third rate, yall, okay, fourth flight. In the third rate, look at that. We can fight this this breeze. You guys seen them trees blowing a little bit. It did calm down a little bit, but its breezy so check this little thing out. Lets try some flips wow theres a flip right. There wow wow wow our directional flips, with the little mavic pro little baby. Mavic pro were flying so yeah check it out guys im not even looking down at the app because its so breezy right now im just kind of just trying to keep my eye on the quiet. So you guys tell me: is there a lot of lag going on im afraid to look down at the app? I see it still recording but uh you know. Typically, you get a lot of lag and latency with these apps, but i cant really tell right now. Wow theres another flip, because im just flying this guy so were going to just stay in the third rate. Checking it out lets try one of these little trick buttons. Look at that thats, the auto rotate or the you know.

Little funnel button im going to press it again and it gets out of that and lets try the other one and then thats like a look at that thats like a um, a funnel button. Let me get out of that before i lose it, so it has two like little stunt buttons where it does like a one thats like a funnel and then the other one does like an auto rotate. So thats pretty cool nice little flyer here, man im not noticing any like lag in the controls. You guys remember when i had that in the hemi drone. It flies great without the wi fi attached, but when you attach the wi fi you get like uh. Sometimes you get like lag in the controls at times. Look at the tree over there blowing this little thing is hanging. Look at that tree over there guys lets do this hanging, because weve got about three minutes of recording going there, and i could notice by looking at the app that that camera is angled down a lot. You cannot adjust that so you got to fly relatively high if you want to get any type of filming going on thats kind of hard to do, but its so windy right now. So i apologize guys if youre getting a lot of the ground, but you can see them. Trees are not playing theyre blowing its windy out here. It is windy. Im surprised this little thing is hanging.

This is like this drone could fit right into the palm of my hand. I am impressed. I am. I am very impressed. Look at that here we go here. We go wind test, high wind test buddy. Here we go its hanging. Look at that. I am impressed Music look at that look at that its hanging, whoa whoo fight it buddy yeah. Oh goodness, i am impressed guys. I think my box done blew away. My box done blew away Music, and this thing it survives look at look at all my boxing stuff. Over there i got ta go find all my stuff thats how windy it is, and this little thing survived four and a half minutes of recording going guys. This little thing is a champ thats, not a true test for it. I dont know what it is. Oh man, i am very impressed im gon na go ahead. We got five minutes of recording im gon na go ahead and stop that. If i can, i cant even see nothing. Oh, so i stopped recording lets, get a close look at this little thing. Man, this little thing is awesome, its a its a survivor, oh its a fighter. Look at that high wind test, so im just flying it now, with the camera off just kind of seeing how it flies. This thing flies. Awesome man shout out to sam rock for sending this over. This thing is a little banger budget banger.

I think it was like 49 bucks. They have a a clip, a clippable coupon. You could clip thatll make this guy 49 bucks its a little bit over 50 bucks, but theres a coupon. You could clip and itll make this guy right around like 49. So you see it gets you get it with two batteries. Two batteries and this thing flies great man. This is a great christmas gift. Man. This thing fly. Look at this no low here comes the wind. Again i hear it. You can hear it where the man is coming, because you hear the trees look at that. I am very shy. Dont lose me now guys, im gon na bring this guy in and try to land it because its getting very windy. This guy has has very well impressed me. I want to come back out on a calmer day and give it an actual, fair review, because its so windy right now i cant really test and take pictures im hitting auto land, auto landing and the motor shut off instantly when it touches the ground. This thing is awesome guys i am going to do a follow up with this guy, its just so windy, guys right now, its just you know its. It im surprised its even hanging but no low battery warning. Yet none of that we did test out some of the little uh trick functions we tested out the flips we tested out the camera and we tested out the high wind durability of this guy.

This guy can find some pretty good way. Look. All my stuff is blew over over there, so it shows you. This thing is a pretty good drone. There was no lag in the commands. None of that stuff. I am very impressed. Cant wait to get out to fly this guy again shout out to sam rock for sending this over. Thank you guys. I i like this, so you guys stay tuned click, like click that notification bell more follow up; reviews with this little guy to follow thanks for watching guys.