Hopefully you can hear me you got ta. Excuse me, my neighbors over there cutting this grass right quick. So i apologize for that, but hopefully you guys can hear me ill, try to speak loud and clearly, but i recently reviewed this guy. I think yesterday um 720p camera and it was really windy guys. The camera is actually pretty decent on. This guy were going to go for just a quick flight of this, its actually sun setting evening time. We will do another follow up while ill come back out with the camera, but i just want to see how this guy flies without the camera, its a little foldable drone im doing this. Guy with one hand, let me get my hat out mounted actually its a little portable drone fold out the rear legs first. Here you want to fold out the front arms here there you go. You have a little mavic like nano looking drone here. The on and off switch here on top were going to turn that guy on look at them leds, thats. What i wanted to come out here and check out so were going to do up down, binds it were going to do a level calibration both joysticks down to the left corners. Look at the leds, so we got blue leds on the side. We got a green in the rear, we got a white up front and thats, pretty cool, so were going to just take off taking off.

We are in our first rate here, like i said i apologize for my neighbor. We are in our first race Music checking on out. There lets walk over here ill, try to get away from the noise a little bit. Firstly, flying poor flight Music, a poor flight in the first place, flying pretty good check out the yaw theres, our yacht very slow yall on it im very impressed how this thing flies, even when it was windy. The other day fly pretty good lets, go to the second right here: theres our yacht rate, second rate for a flight here, hey pam, how you doing uh third rate theres our yall in the third right there. Four flights, like i said guys, i will pop out another day, Music and show you guys the camera again, because i know it was really windy that first flight. So i really want to show it on a calmer day. I would have did it today, but its its kind of, like i say, a low light setting. The sun is setting its more golden hour. What did i just put on that was the photo video, but it worked golden hour so ill, wait to it more like earlier in the morning to do a actual camera test again on a calmer day, plus theres, a lot of noise and everything going on right. Now i really wanted to see the leds on this thing. This thing is: awesome were in the third race, still checking out the playability Music wow little tiny little thing bring it on in for a close look closely for you close with you guys, Music, hey how you doing Music.

This is pretty good and its zippy in his heart rate. Actually its pretty zippy go. Look at it, no sandrock h859hw guys not a problem with this one, my second flight with it and it flies awesome, look at it. Music: two batteries came two batteries: Music, Music, wow, Music. So Music, look at that thing. Go man! You guys want a close look. I know you want to all up in your fitness. I know you want to all up in your grizzy or the little mavic nano Music, dramatic, nano thing, flys great man. I might have a favorite new little mini. I guess its just a bonus that has a camera even when i was flying it with the camera. The other day, i just noticed anything like wi fi lag, which is another awesome thing about this little thing. Typically, these little cheap little quads get that little wi fi lag because theyre operating both the remote and the drone is operating up 2.4 gigahertz. So when you confuse that with the wi fi, sometimes they get that latency, but i wasnt noticing that that at all, when i first played this thing with the camera on it, excuse me Music, look at it. Altitude hole was good. I could fly this thing with one hand, look at that pretty much fly with one hand, thats altitude, for you guys trying to fight his battery out. They give you two hmm Music, Music quiet because its like not feeling the same guys.

This thing is awesome: Music, im, loving the leds on this thing too, very nice for orientation and just cool. This looks cool blue lights. You rarely get lights on the side of a drone. Look at the blue lights on the side. You got the green in the rear and you got white up front, so this is very well lit. Music. All right! Look at that transmitted, even beef, but you know its time to bring it on in lets, bring it on in im. Gon na hit this automatic land and im gon na direct it down to the ground wow snap snaptaneh859, you shut that off h859hw.