So that brings this drone down to under 50, and it has multiple batteries and a really nice remote and if it looks really familiar well, it should because it is a clone of whats, been considered by many to be the best beginner mini drone of all time And thats the res tele with dji technology, but this one is this price on amazon right now, so its twice as much as this one, but this one only comes with one battery and no remote best buy right now: theyre 159! If you want multiple batteries, but it still doesnt come with remote. So if you want multiple batteries, its 160, you cant even buy a remote, for you have to go to a different vendor and, like this game star, i think this was 49, so youre over 200 dollars into the wrist hello for a beginner drone and which puts It way too close to the price point of the dgi sc, which is 299, and this is a drone in a whole nother world. So if you watch my other videos, i always say that the holy stone, hs 210 is the best spirit mini drone in the world, and it is a really good drone, but with the shortage of chips and chinas, this ones up to ‘ dollars. So only 10. More dollars you get this drone and its got a really nice camera on it and its lots of fun to fly. Another drone sitting close to the same price point is the holy stone.

Hs 340.. Does it fly as good as a 340? Well have to go find out here in a minute and also sandrock ill, be reviewing this drone next, the uh, the sandrock u61, which is a really good drone and the same price point so sandrock really went over and above trying to make this look just like The telo, but does it fly just as good as the tello lets, go put it up in the air its a little bit too windy outside to fly but ill fly around indoors today and well, compare it to the telo and then ill show you the features Of the drone and how to get the app working and then after that and then ill have my final review so lets go put this little drone up in the air. Here you go Music, so it seems to be drifting a little bit to the right. So we want to push no now its holding altitude really good. So this is speed. One speed ones, pretty quick, Music Applause, Music. Take that call the speed was really pretty fast Music. I wish i could wish it wasnt so windy Music outside. If i had a bump into the wall like that with the pillow as soon as you touch it as soon as you touch it like this, with the pillow ill show, you itll just fall out of the sky. You cant do this with the teller. Oh wow, Music, so lets go to speed two im gon na press down on the speed button, two buttons: Music Applause, Music Applause – all right lets.

Try flip push that button there. It goes. Try it again, Music, all right! So are we ready for speed three here? We go here. Those three beats now were in speed three and i almost wouldnt fly it in speed three indoors Music thats. Why Music try flying it without the uh without the guard, if it makes a difference? Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, speed, 3 inside its too fast Music, so heres a picture taken with the sand rock and heres a picture taken with the telo. So the pictures are really close, but heres. A video taken with the sand rock and its a little jittery. Even though the picture is good and then heres a video taken with the telo its a lot better, so the cameras, video quality on the tell is way better. So lets go over the app and the features of the drone and how to get it up. In the air, all right guys lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 75 grams and the tello weighs in at 86 grams. So it tells a little bit heavier. So how much is 75 grams 75 grams is about the weight of a small huggie, all right guys, so it comes with a drone. Two batteries extra props, a prop removal tool, a handy dandy, screwdriver, a charging cable, nice remote, which one goes down here and on these props they are labeled a and b, so make sure that you get them on the right ones.

If you damage one of the props and also use the prop removal tool to pry it off, dont, pull it off with your hands or youll end up just pulling the wires out of the motor. So on the drone, you power it on by pushing this button. Here i really like the lights on it when its flying. I dont know how much that really runs the battery down, though it does not have an optical flow sensor like the telo does, but it seems to hold altitude really well, even though its a little bit lighter than the tele, you can tell that the body is Just a little bit larger, but they look really almost identical. It will even fit in the case that i got for the tello, so its kind of confusing, because the battery will go in either direction. But just remember that the charging port goes on the top and then it slides right in so to bind the remote to the drone. You turn the drone on turn the remote on and then you go up and down on the left side and that binds it make sure its on a flat level surface and then pull down into the right on both joysticks and itll beep. Again and now, if you push the button itll take off, so it does come with a nice instruction manual, you want to open it up to page 16 to get to the app. So you see the ios im going to use my ipad, but im going to fly it with my phone, so you put the qr code and it will take you to the website.

Then you go to the app store and its the fydrc and you download it once its downloaded. You can open it up, and this will be full size on your phone. What you want to do first, is you want to turn the drone on go back out of the app go into your settings? Go to your wi fi, so its this wi fi z34be. You think it would say something about it being snaptane, but it doesnt. So once you get hooked that up you go back, you open up the app and then you can see that the camera is on Music, really good camera, wish it wasnt so windy outside. I could fly it outdoors, but look at that color saturation. So when you go from light to dark it takes a minute, but it focuses really good. So thanks so much for watching my review of the sandrock h 818d. Do i think, its better than the tail? No, but its really close, but i think its a much better deal. I really do it flies really. Well. Is it good for indoors man? I wish speed. One was just a little bit slower because speed ones still really fast, which makes it difficult to fly indoors. So i still think, if youre wanting to fly indoors to learn how to fly a drone, i still say go with like the hs210 or another type of mini drone um. If you want a drone with the camera to have a lot of fun with for a christmas present, this is a great drone um.

How does it compare to san rocks? Other drone thats close to the same price point the u61? Well, you have to watch and find out and ill do the review on this one. This is the same drone as the lululemon u61 that i did a while back – and this is a really nice drone and pretty easy to fly indoors and also its got. The continuous covered prop as these prop guards can fall off when youre flying it. I still like the hs340 a little bit better and its close, its close to the same price point, but this is still a really good buy.