There, the h818 – and i will tell you its very sharp its got hd camera 360 auto, take off headless mode, three speeds orbit and gesturing or gesturing yeah get out of here. With that i cant stand. I dont like that gesturing i just dont get into that peace sign stuff its a gimmick. I dont. I just dont, dig it man right there. You see that 14 plus anyway sandrock theyre a new player in the amazon marketplace. I noticed uh um. I had messed around with another one of these already. It was really good. Okay, really good. I dont know if i posted the video yet, but it was real. Nice, okay and this one looks like its gon na be uh a player. Also, okay, theres. Some warnings on there and you know all that good stuff, so lets get it out of the box. Oh yeah and the qr codes are on the side right there. So if you need to use the app or if you want to use the app right there, you dont have to if you dont want you dont have to use the camera, you can just fly it if you want all right guys so there it is out Of the box and its your typical stuff, you got your props. You got your prop removal tool right there well get that out of the way you got your spare props. Now these props remind me of the tello props to to the max okay, theyre, very thin, like them and very narrow.

So that reminds me of those you got your screwdriver. You got your prop guards, yeah lotted. Out of that, they give you two batteries, which is nice and one charger. The charger is just a micro usb and its got the red light green light situation going on there. You know red light on green light done. The batteries are one thousand milliamp hour thats. According to that, okay, so it shows it right on there one thousand milliamp hour, three point: seven: okay, all right: they give you two of those heres, the quadcopter itself and man ill. Tell you what it uh. It has a sharp look to it. You know i mean look at it: wow its very uh, very sharp theres, the camera right there, its boy, its the writing on there so small, it just says high definition on there. You might be able to read that right. There yeah its got the same kind of motors as the telo or the you know that other thing from parrot that small thing i dont even remember the mambo yeah. This reminds me of that a mambo or a tello, or something of that nature. The on and off switch is right there on the top right there so were going to turn it on real, quick, get the battery all the way locked in there were going to turn it on, bind it up and turn on the app theres the level calibration Down and to the right now lets turn the app on and the app is going to be called right here right there fydr right there lets see what the wi fi name is.

The wi fi name is going to be called drone right. There, drone z556434 so were going to click on that and thatll bind up to there. Okay, so there you go there, it is. The camera is working, so hey, yeah, thats, great great stuff. Well, look out that way: oh theres, some lag some legs creeping in already, but you know it is what it is, but there it is so lets, take it off and take a look at it. How about that so im really not too worried too much about the app. I just want to see how it flies right, thats, what i thats, what im, mostly interested in, seeing how it flies so lets. Do that lets turn the camera around here and take off in here and then well. Take it outside and fly it Music wow, its real quiet, wow Music keeps wanting to wander away on me so yeah, but its real quiet, wow ill get the trim worked out. I learned about it: wow very nice. If you ever cant get the trim worked out just set it back down on the level surface and do the calibration again thats. All you got to do thatll kind of reset everything so yeah lets uh. Take it out and fly it whats up guys im in the kitchen cooking dinner anyway, i just got back flying this uh sand rock and yeah flew fantastic. The only problem was uh. None of the video worked.

Even the screen recording the lag was so bad. It was not usable, okay, so flew great. The video was all corrupt, so thats just the way it goes. Okay, i wasnt uh. You know when i did the thing on the table. I could see the lag was like wow and im like right. Next to the phone and everything, so you know oh well, who cares the thing flew fantastic, so no video, i dont, give a crap. Okay, see you later all right, guys im out here with the sand. Rock yay lets get the uh wi fi hooked up all right, so there it is lets uh start some video up. Oh and now the app crashed okay, so lets try that again, okay, so thats going all right lets take off. Oh, let me do the level calibration okay. I think i did that once anyway lets take off Music, oh yeah, now in the house this thing flew great right: Music, okay, theres, the high rate right there im in the high speed Music, see if it was just me if i wasnt doing this test or Whatever you want to call it, i would just be flying this thing without the camera. I dont really care, but this thing looks like itd, be a fantastic little flying quadcopter here. Look at this thing! Absolutely it does it. This thing, dont even need a camera. Look at this thing: wow look at the pitch on it: Music, great stuff, man, great stuff, great stuff, Music, yeah, see this thing.

This thing is one of these things. Its like a mambo flies great, like the mambo, just like it just like the mambo, it doesnt need a camera and the gimmicks, and all that it just doesnt, need all that crap Music wow. That thing tight, very tight lets see what the see if the flips work im sure they will lets get over here and hit them. Okay, yay yay lets get down here low and in close, so we can get an up close picture of a flip up. Okay, i really dont, like this controller too much uh the way they have the the phone down on the bottom, like that, ive, never liked that, even when the the dji ones had it down there, i always got those adapter things and put them on there. I never liked that stuff Music. Oh this things got a great pitch to it. Man, great great pitch, wow, great stuff, great stuff, there its got a return to home, but we know what that is right. Its got a return to home button, but it just means it just means: lay uh come back, go backwards, thats. What return to home means with these toys? It just means go backwards. So if you have, it turned the wrong way. Its going to go back to you know if you have a face in the opposite way, its going to go back the opposite way, so i think the little trim got a little bit out of whack on this one too so Music.

Let me check the trim mod on this and ill put the flight time in, of course, but this thing wow man, this thing, okay, i think i got it now. The wind just died there for a second just crapped out, so i think im able to trim it up nice yeah there it goes up. I went a little bit too far on that one right: Music right there right. There is good enough. Okay! Oh this things. Fantastic flyer, man, Music – this thing turned Music turns on a dime man. I took my damn head off on that one guys hold on im, trying to recover im trying to recover get up here. Come on Applause. Oh all right, i didnt get killed, but it did it didnt crash, but it it didnt crash, but i i cut that turn a little bit too close and those hit me in the face, but i did dodge it, so it did not hit me actually. Music. No, i just actually actually hit that return home by by mistake. Now dont forget this thing. Had that thousand milliamp hour battery, i think i put the low speed back on by accident. When i was trying to bail yeah. I did i put the low speed back on when i was trying to bail out of that headhunter situation. Yeah. I was banking that turn in here at me, and i just got a little bit too close. I was actually almost was able to save that sucker because uh i had the joystick.

It came back and was gon na hit me in the head, but i dodged it, but i had to put my hand over my face because i didnt want to get hit in the face with it and then, when i did, that it knocked the gopro off And i was able to keep it from crashing. I just had it go down in the grass right there, but hey you know, worked out pretty good yeah. This thing is fantastic, sandra Music. Look how fast it is. I think there was one like this. A couple of years ago, it was, i think it was a hell away or something it was called hello, maybe h9, or something like that. I think i gave it to mike. It was a red thing kind of like this. Actually, this thing is wow man. This thing is great Music wow. Let me bring it back a little close right now. The winds kicking up Music. This thing has way more power than the sema had way better motors way stronger motors. It can withstand that kind of crap. Oh well so itll be okay, itll, itll rough, it out its actually barely coming back toward me compared to the way the sema was going Music. This thing is sneaky fast man, im telling you its fast wow im glad im, not one of those whoop dudes. I probably killed myself already because dont forget now i dont know anybody thats been watching any of my videos for a number of years.

I got hit in the face with a bebop uh, the regular, the original bebop i wasnt paying attention and i had it just hovering in the back bedroom. I was just i dont even know what i was doing to burning the batter. Oh, i would think i was lowering the battery down to 50 percent. Just for storage, you know just running them down and i put the controller down. I was just daydreaming and the thing you know the optical flow sensor just started going nuts and it just just went right back and clobbered me right in the face man. It tore my face up pretty good, because that bebop is powerful. You know so it uh. It really uh tore up the old. I mean it cut my lips, all the shreds. Okay, so we dont want any of that right. Okay, so lets bring that back real quick. Let me just land it right there, so i can shut this off. Come on. Okay, yeah, okay, let me stop that all right guys there you go ill put the flight time in there, because you know i cant stand that beep and it drives me crazy. So i am an anti beeper. All right guys have a nice day.