This yeah the drone, because i got it for christmas and i’m going to be unboxing it so let’s do this. Oh, oh you don’t! You don’t push it down! It’S, like um. Opening flat, so first we got like foam. I want to see what’s in this box. Ah guessing these are the batteries comes with two batteries, these a cord put extra propellers and this thing that’s the shape of an l. So this was easier than i thought, but this is my drone. It has a camera in the front. So now i could do like that in our videos, so there’s one last thing: the control pad. These are the directions, so yeah that’s what it comes with, come guys. It comes with a little uh mini screwdriver, so yeah that happens. It also came in such a little box, which is cool so i’m, just going to open it, because i want to see what this does so much plastic. Well, yes, this is to charge your batteries. As i said this, this um it’s not actually battery. I figured out that it’s um this is actually. This is actually a clip to go here. I don’t know why, but it does. The camera is right there, and this is where the battery goes. Okay, now let me get rid of here that’s, not that bad it’s not hard. So this is a cord. I don’t know what the cords for, but a cord it comes with.

A cord Applause comes with a screwdriver. A little screwdriver comes with a little screw. Okay. What comes with the screw? Okay, so it comes with a mini screw. Don’T know why does there are four propellers to replace for uh four extra propellers? I mean like this this, which i have no idea what this does so yeah. It comes with two batteries like i said in the beginning, but i feel like i know how to open it. I found an opening and yeah and also to record on it. You need an sd card so make sure you have that oh i’m, opening it um. Somehow Applause there, like just there’s a hole here, it doesn’t come with an sd card i’m, pretty sure so. Yeah Applause here’s the clip it’s, not what that is so on the back of the battery. It says model which i don’t really care about, that it’s made in china who cares anyways, hmm it’s a reach it’s a rechargeable battery. I know what the wire is for it: um plugs in the battery uh uh read and follow please before i use keep away from damp from so it says, keep away from damp and heat cool, uh or consuming the environment, disconnect the power and unplug the plug. After using after using do not charge the battery, when is blue surgery expands and proper use the batteries and make i don’t know if the thing expect, but the expands, but i don’t know what that means and in terms of the batteries it may lead to danger.

Never leave charging batteries intended to use ucr w charger. Only. I don’t know what half of those words mean, but okay came with the gift card: that’s cool, so there’s, four extra propellers and that’s a bad. How do you know there’s like a batch number? I know what this is. This is like that. What is that? What is that? And it shows like these little bumps at the bottom, because it says it has to be on flat surface to actually fly so yeah that’s, all that came in this box yeah.