You guys, you already know superco here, super frigid, so we’re gon na make this quick first made in flight of the bugs 5 w bang. Mr sandrock 4k version bye the 5w, but you notice it has the s on there. Instead of you know, the original bugs five symbol has the s on there that stands for c rock bang, sandrock version man of the mj xbox, 5w 4k version man, we’re gon na – do a quick first flight of this guy. I haven’t flown it yet so without further ado, you are rocking with your boy, drones and dogs. It is super cold out here guys, so i ain’t gon na keep jabber drawing look how it is. So let me go ahead and get my gloves off real quickly. Get this guy set up, there is no on and off switch with this guy, so you have to just okay guys. So i have my gloves on. We have did the compass calibration as you notice. We are sitting inside the little handicap, guy that’s going to be our takeoff point. So when we do a return to home, i want to see how close we land to that takeoff point that’s in sitting inside the handicap. Guy right there, all right guys! Are you guys ready to take off let’s hit the unlock button that unlocks the motors and we’re gon na hit this tickle button kind of took off a little weird there didn’t it all right, so i just want to let it sit there and hover and see.

Let it do its thing, make sure we’re, not toilet bowling or nothing like that. It seems to be holding pretty fine, just lift it up just a little bit Music. There we go seems to be hovering there, pretty good mjx bugs 5 w guys. Bang 4k edition. Bang 4k edition yeah. You already know how we rocking man, camera looks good let’s go ahead and just all right, i have a 128 gigabyte sd card in there. It is wobbly in just a little bit but it’s cold out here, guys let’s go ahead and start the recording. I got the recording started. Look at that drone is wobbling. Just a tad bit Music go out there, so what’s going out there guys mjx bugs 5w. We are recorded in 4k, see i’m 21 meters up about 80 meters out 92 meters out 100 meters out 134 meters out we’re still going let’s lift it up. Let’S, go to about 30 meters high go about 30 meters up and i’m gon na go out until this fpv feed uh totally like breaks up it’s already starting to lag a little bit at 163 meters. But i got connection so i want to go until it completely gets choppy and then we’ll do a return to home test. You guys remember. I got out to about about 400 meters with that sim rex drone it’s already frozen guys at 253 meters now i’ve gained it back, have connection back all right.

Let’S, keep going about 300 meters up, go up a little bit higher it’s freezing it’s freezing out about 300 meters we’re at 311. I haven’t regained air, says we’re not connected not connected so about 310 meters. Guys is what it says: i’m gon na hit return to home. It should be returning to home, so at 310 meters guys this guy froze up with the wi fi feed. Now, of course, you can get way further without using the wi fi, but this guy froze up at about 310 meters and it should be making his way back, and i want to see how close it comes and lands inside the handicap. Guy here i haven’t regained my app feed yet, but it says we’re 140 meters. There i see it. I see it guys what’s up bugs let’s, see how close you come and land inside the handicap guy there she is there. She is coming on home to daddy there. She is now i’ve gained my connection back, so i got my app feedback, guys check it out. Let’S check it out. I can adjust the camera nice smooth little roll on the wheel. That’S me adjusting the camera now. Is it going to come down yeah it’s, coming down really slowly check that out, so that’s me adjusting the camera right there on this little scroll wheel here, that’s pretty nice i’m, not really sure. If this one has rates, there is another dial over here.

We’Ll check that out here in a minute, so let’s see how close it lands it’s, pretty close, it’s, pretty close to the handicap, guy, pretty close there’s a handicap guy right there, where it took off from look at it, where it’s landing guys it’s not too bad. That is not too bad. Look at that! Oh my goodness, oh my god, almost spot on. Look at that wow. That is pretty cool. Look you see how close that was. This is where she took off from inside the the circle. The handicap guy look where she landed that’s, a good return. I’Ll. Take that all day. Let me go ahead and stop that recording the recording, we’re gon na uh go ahead and unlock the motors and take off again wow. That was a nice that was a nice return to home right there pretty impressed. I want to see what this other dial is. Oh actually, it’s stuck, i can’t do anything, so i thought maybe it would be raked or something like that. It doesn’t this other dial is fixed. You can’t do anything with this one, all right so let’s lift it up a little bit. Let’S see uh. We still got three bars of battery life on our app let’s see if they can do a follow me let’s see. Actually let me take the drone out and face it towards me. Let’S face it towards me, so let’s see let’s, do a swipe right right.

So now it should be following me: let’s go ahead and start the recording recording started let’s see if this guy follows me check it out: oh buddy, but bugs 5w guys she’s following me: i’m just walking around here she’s in the follow me mode here. You walk on over here check it out guys she’s actually following me, come on over here bucks come on over here with your boy, drones and dogs, so that’s, pretty cool, oh that’s, pretty cool let’s see if we can do an orbit flight all right. Let me lift it up. While i do orbit flight come on back it up just a tad bit, they still been following me. Let me cancel that turn it off so we’re. We should be out of follow me mode. Let’S, try orbit flight back our own up. A little bit there we should be still recording it says swipe to orbit, so she should be doing the orbit now. Well, i guess i have to be in the circle for her to orbit me huh, but she is doing the orbit she’s just ordering a fixed point, so there she is. Maybe if i scroll the camera down a little bit, i can see myself huh trying to get the orbit. I don’t know what she’s orbiting but she’s orbiting something she’s orbiting like a certain position here. Let me stand here and see if she gets me now she but she’s doing her orbit.

Okay, let me get out of that Laughter wow. So she does the orbit. She does the follow me. I think she has waypoints, but we’ll get into that at a later date still got three bars of battery life, guys so let’s just do a little bit more flying. I like to explore with gps drones. You know with these gps birds i like to do a little bit of exploring so let’s go out and do some exploring she’s pretty quick too. She got some pep to her. Girl gets moving. Look at that about 150 meters. This way, turning around she’s starting to get a little choppy, where are you girl? I don’t lost you. I didn’t went too far and lost you there. You are coming back to daddy let’s hit let’s hit uh all right, i’ll, just try to see where you were. You got laggy on me there for a second all right, let’s start coming back this way so i’m. Coming back towards myself! Now, yeah, you guys see me there. I am there. I am should get about 20 minutes of flight out of this grill, but with it being so cold out here guys it’s, like 20 degrees, it’s frigid, pan the camera down son actually scroll it down. I got ta figure out how which way this wheel works. The camera looks nice, so i will give it that. Let me stop that recording. Look this way and take a photo.

So i took a photo took another photo scroll that camera up and let’s bring this girl on down for a close look guys before we bring it around and it’s, really not too much more besides. She does the way points which i don’t really get into all that waypoint crap. You know which way you going we’re going on this way, but she flies really good, really good checker on out there, the bugs 5 w girl guys check it out, bye, yeah! Oh, no, really steady, really steady, really steady i’m liking that i’m digging that i’m digging that you know three bars of battery life hope you guys enjoying this review of the bugs 5w 4k edition sam rick. Look at that she’s going into her first low battery warning, and that means when she does that she’s just going to stay in the vicinity of about, i think about 50 meters. They say not really sure yeah man yeah so guys, i’m, just gon na wrap this guy on up we’re gon na break it down for a nice smooth landing by just a manual, and i think it’s gon na manually land. It here, let’s see if she sets off by holding our way down, hold our way down motor shut off sand rock bugs 5w 4k edition, guys your boy drones and dogs. This is just a quick review.