So theyre big into glass and things like that, but they sent us this. The sandmark active car mount magnetic enabled wireless charger. Now this is basically a magsafe style charger for your iphone, so it has to be an iphone 12 series or, as weve talked about in previous videos, you can at least a lot for the iphone 11 series get mag safe cases. That kind of give you that feature uh on an iphone 11. So if you have one of those cases, this should work as well. So this is basically, i believe, like a vent mount, i believe a vent mount uh phone charger. Now it has a really nice. Look to it, which i like we actually have uh one in our car, but its white and its just it stands out. I kind of want it to blend in so im pretty happy that sandmark sent us this, because this will probably replace the other one um. So today, what were going to do is take a look at uh. What it says on sandmarks website were going to crack open the box and then were gon na hook it into my iphone 12 pro and just see how well it sticks. I guess all right. Coming up Music? Okay, so here it is sandmark uh, as you can see like i said you know, you can go to their shop and theres this. They have so much stuff, gopro gear, photography, lights, iphone cases, uh big on iphones, right and and just normal cameras.

Iphones kind of their bread and butter, it seems like, but all kinds of stuff, depending on what youre looking for, but today were looking at this, the active car mount so a little video. I may put some of their video just little little blurbs up here and there uh two in one. It says, but basically its a its a its a nice phone charger that sticks and, i believe, like i said i believe it sticks on your on your vent and, as it says here, compatible with the iphone 12 series or, like i said, uh. If you have one of the iphone 11 cases um that you can look on our website because or our channel, because we we actually have a video in regards to those and its very cool, my wife uses one okay. So this is it sandmark active car mount its its its got a little bit more weight in it than i thought it would actually uh magnetic enabled car mount with wireless charges which, which maybe wirelessly charges your iphone, designed with a strong magnet to survive bumps, while Driving the active car mount works with or without an iphone case, adding versatility to your travels cool tech specs, so its a 7.5 watt, as you can see, usbc weighs just shy of 200 grams at 193, compatible with iphone 12 models or newer. I love that they say newer because im guessing that they dont expect meg safe to go anywhere but just realize if you watch this nine years from now.

That may not be true included. One active car mount and one usb c, cable yeah, but nice, its a nice box. I like, oh, i like that. I, like the uh again, if you, if youve come to this channel before i like the black on black sand mark thats nice. I like that right, you guys, you guys see that okay right there sand mark yeah, thats, lovely, okay and flip it open there. We there we go thats it uh, so you get was not cute its just a little tiny ball. Clamp. You guys see that right. There i like that thats neat, so basically im guessing that opens up. You clamp it on one of your vents and then you just snug it tight, get it tight as it needs to be and thats thats a little stopper, so it cant go too far. Now the other thing is im guessing. How wide does that go? I dont think it was about that wide, but if you had something else that you required, you wanted to connect this to that was, you know id say thats. I dont know three quarters of an inch, maybe thats how wide it goes cool. You do get a nice, braided, cable, thats, nice, a nice length is which it should, because its got to plug into your adapter, so usb c to usb a purple purple in color. Thats different uh, you get a oh thats cool too usb c to usb a adapter inside.

I wonder why you get that, but you do maybe just so that you can use this cable elsewhere if you need to, because that snug is on there all right, not not sure why you get that, but you do and of course you get this now. One of the things i kind of wish this is just me. I wish this is lovely, because this this, of course, is what this is hooking into right there. You guys can see that right, uh. What i wish is that they made this this piece here, so it could come off and be flush because in my car theres a spot inside like that under the dash the glove box kind of area, this would be cool if it came with, like some adhesive And then i could just lay it down inside that area. So i could just leave my my phone on on it in there and it almost makes it into like a charging mat, because you know that your phones gon na, lay on it and not move or not shift around. But this piece is there: i might be able to figure out. Something maybe well see well see well see, but thats is that it is that all in the box thats nothing there, nothing there, no even like instruction manuals, its just figure it out im going to take that out, though, because i like having those okay thats it So basically, this is going there so youre going to loosen this up.

You guys can see this right loosen that right up just enough, so that goes in there right boom snug that up give her a tighten and, depending on how tight you need it. Thatll thatll be that now theres a little light there im guessing thats gon na turn a color when it gets power. Anything else on there, one on each side, theres your usbc port at the bottom here cool and maybe another little light on the front. Uh lets attempt lets attempt to maybe plug this into my laptop just to see if we can get some some power here, yeah yeah. That sounds like a lovely idea so well. Well, i guess thats venting hey some venting down there. Put that in there. Okay, i need an adapter to go from this, but thats just an extra adapter that i have going into my laptop here so yeah. So there you go. You get this nice little blue lights up there. I thought it was there but its there. I like that. You guys see that the blue thats slick this nothing as of yet my hope is that once you get a phone on it, because thats going to be covered, that these will light up, ready and – and i think i think what happens, is you get the uh Qi charger come up right like that, the mag safe that little animation everybody wants the animation ready boom. All right, i didnt get the animation lets, try it again hold on, because maybe it has to be locked, so maybe it needs to be off so its off.

No, so no animation, it shows the animation on theirs. I didnt get an animation right unlock it any animation. Take it off pop. No, i just get its charging all right. Well, lets charge it now: thats thats a and these lights go blue. You can see it here on the side. You get the little blue lights. Now. Is the animation important to me? No, it has the blue light thats all i really care about, and i see that its charging at the top so thats thats good yeah thats, a strong like like thats thats thats, not coming off right thats on there for sure yeah, thats, uh, thats, strong um. Do i need to take you out to the car to show this not really, i dont think so um. So this is the sand mark thats, an awesome, magnet and the other thing i like about it. It is, it is large. You guys can see right how big it is, but its not so large that it comes up and covers any of the cameras all right. So it comes out about 60 bucks u.s, so thats thats, decent im. Okay with that uh, probably a little more expensive than some of the amazon versions, but that magnet that magnets awesome and again i like the black color and you cant – go too wrong with the sandmark name. They seem to make a really good product, so i will put links down below if you guys are interested in picking this up.

Of course, i will see if i can find some amazon links as well if they even put their stuff on amazon im, not too sure, but if they do ill put, links down below and and thats it. My friends like comment share, subscribe hit that little notification bell do the cool stuff and we will have some more products coming up tomorrow.