S9W Wifi camera drone. Review, test flight

S9W Foldable, Wifi, digital camera quad overview, check flight Get it right here : Gearbest:S9 Micro RC Quadcopter – RTF https://gearbest.app.hyperlink/IWA3eqZU1I Spare components right here: …


  1. is this still available in online shoping

  2. Do u know the Wi-Fi password for this drone?

  3. Can someone tell me how to switch the control the way your drone will go ? If I try to make it come forward it goes backwards and if I take it right it goes left I have another drone that the control does the same thing

  4. What kind of app you usually use to connect your phone with the drone? I mean not the remote app, just to connect the cameras. Tqia

  5. What app is this. I just got the same Drone but don’t have an app to link to drone or camera

  6. How to connect wifi with this
    Pls help

  7. Elvis this is Tater Wayne, wanted you to know I have an S9 drone like you but I put f36 quad props on it. It's a lot quieter stable and faster. I will put on video later today or if not tomorrow looks pretty cool

  8. U didn't use the voice command..my dude.if u can get a good signal with the app..it does work check it out

  9. Hey bro. I just buy this but unable to fly. Motor rotates and and it start rolling on ground can any body help

  10. I found some drones like that and it one dollar

  11. What app are you using to connect to it?

  12. Please help! I bought this drone and I have no idea how to get the app or use the wifi camera…

  13. Hey do you know the motor size?(6mm,7mm)

  14. I like one of your drone 😁

  15. Hi, how can I rebind the transmitter please?

  16. where do i find the application ?i ordered one

  17. Hey bro I have a question for the S9W what size props blades are they and where can I buy thank you for the info

  18. Hi,
    Can this be controlled with a Taranis Q X7?
    What protocol does the Transmitter use?

  19. Great review bro, cool lil quad.

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