It has a 4k camera on it, thats. What makes it special okay. It came with this little case carrying case some extra parts in here you got some extra propellers. You got some bumpers. You also have a charger and a screwdriver. You got the drone itself. Its foldable comes out like this Music, its an s60 drone power buttons right here. It turns on lights, up the camera over the camera. Camera is right here, theres, a front camera and then a bottom camera. The top one is suitable camera yeah. This one can move, came with a nice little controller turn that one on there you go its all synced up now its easy, very good, easy control. What are those antennas this one? This is a phone holder, okay, thats cool Music, its an extra propeller there yeah. I already said that – and this is the battery, so lets turn it off. First power button off, so you pull. This lift battery comes out theres a little charging port there. It says it can run up to 12 minutes Music like this. The chargers in the bag with the extra stuff show it and then the the battery of the remote Music. We said we could redo it. Three double a batteries for the remote guys, Music, so Music, like for the landing or something well its to protect it. So you dont break your propellers all the time. Oh yeah theres uh. There we go extra propeller and this is the charger its a usb.

So this is the box Music. This is a 4k camera, 4k camera Music. So there you go how you put that on just um. These are just bumpers, its for protection, so you dont break your propellers off hitting stuff. So you just stick it in like that. Yep there you go easy, peasy, easy, peasy, lemonade them how it works very controlled flies perfect. The coil is very good. Music do Music. So this is the case guys it came with school because um its like um there. It is yeah its going like this. One see its good, i wonder if it folds with the fold with this one were gon na try on the camera someday and ill show you guys so thats for it for it. For now guys and dont forget to like and subscribe and hit.