This is the box, it came in, it is affordable and it came in this. So this is the drone itself Applause. This is the controller. Did this one hunt because they’ve got, do you want more than you’ve run down the phone? So this is a controller and you can put your phone in here, it’s quite clean um. Let me just take the journal actually and the charger and for propeller guards. This is a drone itself, does have a company um, give me one second on then i’ve just moved up from, so you can see it better, so there’s the controller again sorry about the shadow. I need john and then here’s all the split pieces that i came with. So this is the drone after is being opened, and this is the controller. So here we have it that focuses, but anyway that’s the record button. Let’S hold the button that’s the image you stop on there, you can’t see it, but it says stuff on it and that’s two arrows one going up and going down and that’s the liftoff and obviously land. These are the j6. These are the antennas. Let me just fix them the antennas. We have a free d, roll headless mode, retain and speed. Now you can’t really see them, but maybe the focus better get speed. So just stop. The two arrows record take photo headless 3d volt return and speed so annoying.