This is wendy. This is scarlet. Today we get a special gadget here, which is on our table right now, the june yes, right today, we are gon na explore on this, so called unmanned aerial vehicle, so wendy. Why electronic fanatic are so crazy about the drones? What can they do? Very often people use the drones in filmmaking and photography, but it’s also used in other industries such as agricultural delivery and internet access, and so on, no pun intended, but the drone business is taking off. We know that our followers are also interested in them. So today we are going to learn about drones and review some amazing projects by our pcb wares. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe our youtube channel. We also prepare some gifts, so don’t miss out cs to receive them. Okay, let’s get started. We know that quadcopter is one of the most common jaws. What are the main components of the quadcopter? The components may vary, but the basics are rotor or motor frame esc, which stands for electronic speed controller flight controller propeller and battery let’s see. Can you explain more about esc and flight control because it seems that they are the most important components based on pcbs? Yes, sure esc is an electric circuit with the purpose to vary an electric motor speed, its direction and possibly also to act as a dynamic brick. It converts dc battery power into three phase.

Ac for driving. Brushless motors got it so it offers high frequency high power high resolution, three phase ac power to the motors. Yes, so you already got the gist of it. As for flight controller, it’s more like the brain of the drone, it interprets input from receiver battery miner and other on board sensors. It regulates motor speed through esc controller is the central component of the drone. Yes, with that explained, let’s look at some interesting diy. Quadcopter projects dd electric tech, made a racing drone using 2300 kv brushless motor with 1000 tvl fpv camera people who control the drone on the ground is able to see the view directly. It must be really nice to see that view i’m quite impressed by this project, because those motors can lift such a big battery. A lot of projects fail because of the weight they try very hard to reduce the weight of the components in order to make the drone fly. Yes, exactly most of the diy fpv drone, the camera is fixed, which means the view is at a set angle, but drone mesh had a really cool project with dual cameras. He designed a camera switch, so it is possible to switch between two cameras and adjust camera directions, so the drone can have a wider view. The pcb of this camera switch is very simple. Everything is set up and programmable through arduino isp sounds nice. I also highly recommend a project by dd electrochecta.

He made a drone under 15 bucks within 24 hours, which sounds like mission impossible to me, but he actually made it yet. I knew that project to reduce budget. He basically built all the electronic parts by himself Music. This project is a good demonstration that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a job. Renka writer also has a really cool project using minimum budget. He viewed a drone based on arduino in one pcb, and you can control this drone anywhere. As long as there is internet in this project, he used esp8266 twelve for the wi fi support, arduino pro mini mosfet short key diode, some capacitors and resistors Music. I see because this is a iot project. You also need to download an app your mobile and here’s. The blink scarlet, how do you like this project? I think this project is definitely more accessible to everyone to get a taste of building a drone and the maker shared everything on his channel, including schematics and gerber. Would you like to make one of these well i’m? Not sure, but it would be a good starting point. There are also some rc plane projects. Speaking of them, i cannot keep redmi rc. This guy is the real pro. Once i saw the rc plane he built in his workshop and it’s like visiting a celebrity’s private garage, but instead of cars, it’s pack of planes yeah. I know he had a great project of building the gulf street g650rc jet.

This plane is super strong and looks very nice in this making use the 3d printing and cnc machining to make the most of the components, and then i use the carbon fiber, wood and other super materials to make the parts. This is so cool for the hatch. In the landing gill, he adds extra thickness to it. So even a car runs over it. It can be still intact, what’s more the motor he used can produce several kilograms. The rust and he used two of them so it’s very powerful in a way to support a strong body. It was a great satisfaction to watch his video because he showed the whole viewing process and, of course, the first flight of the plane nice. I agree different from what ramy does with his jet electronic clinic built his arson plane using nr24l01 and arduino within this project. He explained the circle for both receiver and transmitter for receiver. A 1000 kb brushless dc motor is connected with a 30 ampere electronic speed controller. Several motors are also used. Rc tester flight had a great autonomous, rc plane. This giant plane named after pudding is fascinating. It contains autopilot or pixel 4 flight controller, a gps, a power module two rfd 900x ceramics radios. Four drone motors with 18 inch, props 40 amp speed controllers and, of course, the battery. He had the fly with the putin plane, tailed with multiplex killers and release a string before landing, which is super cool to watch.

Yet with autopilot it could fly according to the designated routes – Music, hey guys, that’s, all for today’s video hope you like this video and take inspiration from it for your own projects, comment below and tell us which your favorite drone project is and tell us what content You want to see in the future, we’ll choose three lucky audience to send 2000 pc viewer beans. In case you don’t know about those beans. You can use those amazing beans to exchange gifts at our gift shop, so don’t hesitate to comment below and interact with us. You might be the chosen one go for innovation. We will account for implementation. Music, bye, bye, hello, guys, welcome back to pcboa channel. This is scarlet.