This is the s123 beginners learn to fly drone. Okay, i just call it that, but it’s the s123. Now, why would i be interested in reviewing something like this? This is a very inexpensive drone. First off folks, uh runs about thirty 34. with free shipping from But again, why would i this is a beginner’s drone? Why would i be interested in reviewing again my channel was dedicated to helping beginner flyers enter the hobby, and i think that this drone is more than appropriate for beginner fire fliers to learn to fly the bit or learn to use the basics of flight. Okay. To learn the basics of flight with this particular drone again, the cost is good and it is a good drone to learn to fly because it has standard four channel controls on throttle. Uh throttle yaw pitch and roll. You can learn that with this particular drone. It also does have altitude hold control, which makes it very easy for beginners to learn to fly because you’re not messing around with the throttle too much other than making the drone go up or down to a steady altitude. It will maintain altitude on its own. Once you get it to a certain point now, uh other things that this drone has this. If you notice around each of these propellers, it has a duct, uh, duct, propeller guards to protect the propeller when you bounce into objects, especially if you’re flying indoors. These come in real handy, so this is a good learn to fly indoors drone, especially during the winter months like right now.

Okay, other thing about it, these ducks actually light up, so they look really cool at night. If you want to fly in the house at night, it really looks pretty. In fact, i’ll show it to you when we go down to my basement to try it out here so other things. This drone has headless mode control. You can turn on or off which you know with headless mode uh. There is no front and there is no back. You know you push forward on the pitch stick and it will go in one direction and no matter which way. It’S pointed i’ll demonstrate that when we go down in the basement, it also has one key return. Now, one key return, a lot of people think is a return to home mode. It is not i’ll. Try to explain that. Also, when we go down in the basement, it also has auto takeoff and auto landing capability. You press a button, it will automatically take off and then assume a certain altitude and then press the button and will automatically land itself too um other things about. It does have two stunt modes which includes flips, where you can flip. You know flip the drone around and do a 360 degree flip and i’ll demonstrate that, along with spin mode now, spin mode looks really cool, especially since this is a lighter drone, and i have to show you that too, when we get down in the basement, it Is controlled through a 3.

7 volt 500 milliamp per hour battery? This is a very common battery. Folks, with a white, low c connector, you can find replacement batteries for this easily on ebay, on amazon, on all the international rc vendors out there everybody has this battery is what i’m trying to say and they’re, usually dirt cheap uh this size, this particular battery. If you’re wondering for those who are going to be looking for one is a um, 62 wait a minute, make sure take my glasses off, so i can see better yeah, 6200. 920, no that’s not correct it’s, 85, 1740, so it’s, 8.5, millimeters or 85 millimeters in length 17 millimeters in width width and 4.0 millimeters in thickness, but again very common, okay, um other things about it. Uh this 3.7 volt 500 milliamp hour battery is supposed to give the drone up to 12 minutes of flight time. Now that i find very hard to believe we’ll find out what the actual flight time is when we go flat here. Okay, let’s go over the controller uh. The controller has quite a bit of buttons on it, so we’re gon na go over each of every one of these buttons. We have an on off switch right there, but this button here in this uh over lower left corner. This uh slew of buttons we got here this button on the top is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing, quick press and the drone will take off and a quick press again and the drone will land uh.

The button to the right of it is for headless mode, you press this and that activates the headless mode, where there is no particular front for the drone, and you push forward on the stick and it will go in the direction it was pointed when it took Off no matter which way the the drone is actually pointed, uh button on the left here is one key return. You press this button and we’ll fly the exact opposite direction that the drone was pointed when it took off. So if you point it in this direction, when it took off and you go fly around – you press that one key return it’s going to fly in the exact opposite direction from what it was pointed to take off. The button down here is for turning the lights on and off uh. If you want to save battery power while doing while in flight press that button – and you can probably get a little more battery power flight time out of it, we do have an emergency stop button. So if you end up in a bush or a tree and you don’t want to burn out those motors, because these are brushed motors, i forgot to mention the brush motors press that button and that will stop those motors so that they don’t burn up the buttons. In the upper right corner here are trim buttons, okay and i’ll. Explain what trim is when we go fly this uh, but this button here will move the well if the drone is let’s.

Explain it real quick if the drone is drifting backward when you take off and and you’re not giving it any backward input. If you repeatedly press this forward button, that should stop that backward drifting, the same way if it’s drifting to the right on take off. If you press this button here and there’s no wind, you got to do this when there’s, no wind, it should stop that drifting. Each one of these goes in the opposite direction. You want to press the button in the opposite direction that the drone is drifting at take off in a in without the presence of wind. You don’t want to trim up your drone when there’s wind, because the wind changes as you’re flying, so you do that on a windless day or down in your basement, like i’m, going to do now. If this doesn’t correct the drifting you put, the drone on a flat level surface turn it on connect it to the controller and press the center button, and that will do a full recalibration of the gyros and that’s for extreme cases. Mainly that will come in play. If you do a hard crash into something, sometimes you do need to recalibrate those gyros. Again, you put the drone on a flat level, surface press this button and that will fix those gyro, so the it flies more steadily other buttons on this. The button up here is for rates you press this button, it’ll either beep twice or three times, and that increases the maximum angle that you draw.

The drone will tilt and doing insects will increase the speed of the drone, so that’s your speed buttons. If you want to go faster press those buttons there, the buttons on the right, this is for flips for stunts quick press and they’ll put it into flip mode, and you tell which direction to flip by this the right button, the pitch roll, stick button and we’ll. Do such if you hold this down for about two to three seconds that puts the drone into spin mode where this drone will spin like a top and again that looks really cool at night, especially with the lights. Okay, the sun’s coming out right now. I just noticed it’s getting real bright let’s. Take this dot in the basement. Oh, let me i didn’t go over what you get in the box. You get the instruction manual, you get the drone, you get its controller. It takes three triple a batteries triple a as you can see there and you get the uh battery one battery with the drill so now let’s take it down in the basement and see how fly so hope you enjoy this fight flight folks good evening, quadcopter 101. Here with the s123 beginner’s drone, uh we’re gon na fly here inside by the quadcopter one flight test facility, uh to show you how this is a good beginner’s drone for indoor flying, especially for indoor flying okay. So let’s put this on the pad and turn on the drone at the same time, by pressing its on off button here, look at how it lights up folks.

It looks really cool and we’re going to turn on the controller, and i think it automatically connects okay. You don’t need to do the flip up down of the controls. Like you do with other quadcopters. You normally have to go up and down on the throttle, but this automatically binds now let’s. Try that automatic takeoff button and then we’re going to go, try the trims. We got to trim this quadcopter up to make sure it hovers nicely. So it’s automatic take off come down a little too high, okay, let’s see which direction it’s drifting drifting backward and to the left back one. So what we do is forward pressing the forward trim button until it stops and the drift to the left is still there. So left left left or i mean right right, i’m. Sorry, i’m, just pressing the right button, drifting to the right now let’s come up a bit higher and we got pretty good trim. Let’S, come up a bit more higher, pretty good trim on this thing going to the right a bit, because i moved it when my breath 2 is pushing it okay, while we got power on this thing, let’s come down a little bit lower and try the flip Button flip button and tell it the direction of left flip, okay and trim button right. Flip trim, butt or butt flip button back flip flip button forward flip, so that works fine, let’s test it out and bump it into things, namely the wall let’s bump into the wall, not too bad bump into the wall.

Again, we’re flying around we bump into the wall, so yeah great beginners quadcopter. You know you bump into things who cares? Okay, um other things that this can do. We did the flips. How about the spin button? It’S got a spin button here, pressing it holding down the trim button and if you hit the left right or the pitch roll stick, this spin stops. Can we go into headless mode, spin, let’s press the headless mode button, which is, i got ta, look on my controller here, it’s the button on the bottom. So come back here, let’s try a headless boat. Have this bozo on so pushing forward that’s going to be always forward. This is going to be always back, even if we turn the drone pushing. No, oh, i press the light button. This bottom button is for adjusting the lights. You get different light modes. Look at that folks off on back back and forth. Alternating cool come down. It wants to go to the ceiling. You know be careful folks with these drones. If you get close to the ceiling, it gets sucked up and it’s alternating light pattern, and that pattern there. So i’m, looking again, which let’s turn those lights back on again. Okay, i find the headless mode button. Now we were pointed that direction when we took off. So if i activate headless mode, which is activated now, that should be forward direction, no matter what pulling back pushing forward let’s turn to the left and pull back see i don’t care, so i can spin the drone.

Let me go a bit higher a little bit higher, giving it yaw pushing forward. So we can do one of these deals. How about if i hit that super spin at the same time, no it comes out. It goes right back in the headless mode. If you turn it off, let’s do that super spin, again, a fun little beginner for beginner’s quadcopter, reasonably priced too now, let’s turn off that and also turn off headless mode, and this mode is off let’s try the one key return. Okay, i want to turn it back here now. Remember we were pointing that direction. When we took off let’s go back over there and then press one key return. One key return now it’s flying backward now. What if we turn to the left and press one key return, still flies backward, but now what if we were over here by this? Is it going to return to me? No, so be careful folks let’s. Do that again demonstrate that one key return, no it’s, not flying back toward me. So all one key return does focus. Is it flies the exact opposite direction that the drone was pointed at when it took off and remember? We were pointed in that direction and i’m flying over in that direction. I press one key return and obviously it comes right back to me now. Um let’s talk about it as this as a beginner’s learn to fly quadcopter. It does have automatic altitude control up to control and, as such, you can’t practice.

Takeoffs and landings pretty easy to do actually and let’s see if we can start it by both sticks down and out, like other drones, no to get this into the air. How about up and down? No, you got ta hit that automatic takeoff button you get back into the air now again be careful going up too high give it. You know if it when it gets too close to the ceiling, bring down the throttle. Okay lower the throttle, but we can practice takeoffs and landings with this going from pad to pad again there’s good beginners practices. Just let’s see what happens. Let’S go up in the ceiling and try that see what happens when we hit the ceiling, so it’ll suck itself up into the ceiling. So when you get close so don’t get too close to the ceiling. But again, this thing is great because it don’t care it’s got those protective rings around it. Let’S bounce into the post see i don’t care now, if i go real fast, obviously, it’ll probably care, but if you’re flying as a beginner in beginner speed, no it’s fine, let’s practice another landing there, we go automatic takeoff. Whoa went right to the ceiling. Okay um. I want to go back and try the lights. What, if i put it in super spin, while the lights are like that no it’s super spin’s got its own light pattern on and off. I, like this thing, fun indoor toy beginner’s, quadcopter highly appropriate for learning to fly with learning the basics of the controls very appropriate and reasonably priced too.

At the same time, turning off the super spin now notice, its lights are blinking and rapidly blinking and that’s its battery power, so that’s his flight time. You get out of that battery again very common battery.