Now this is a rise tele drone that ive featured in the sense in my past, video of uh like four minute long, uh, footage, um and yeah. So im gon na get started with the review um. So first of all, it has a pixel camera um and you can see the footage on the app which is called telo uh. You can connect this via wi fi and then it will be connected and you can fly fly on the app um, then theres, the four three volts motors that work really well and turn freely and yeah, and this has a range of 100 meters and then a Height of 30 meters max now, ive colored, the propellers, because i just really want to, and it looks cool but um yeah. It doesnt really matter and then theres these two sensors at the bottom, that uh sense how high or how low it is to the ground, which i think is really cool um. I do not recommend flying this in high winds because i lost it in the winds. Yesterday and i had to go find it, i had to go and find it at my neighbors and i did which was really lucky but yeah. So then there is uh this snap on the cap, where you can just take it off and and or snapping on, and then um theres this uh battery right here that works really well lasts about 13 minutes, uh yeah, the drone with all uh the with the Battery and uh the propellers in there and all the electronics it weighs a maximum of 80 grams.

Now this is completely legal to fly any basically anywhere, so you dont need to worry about the 250 gram thing in some states and countries. If you know what im talking about but um yeah, so thats all for the drone and now im going to talk about the bluetooth controller that is optional now the app has like uh, two joysticks type of thing. That makes you control it, but um i prefer having the actual controller, which um is a little easier. So it turns on like that, okay um it flashes when its waiting to connect um theres these its basically like a normal like a gaming controller or whatever. This is bluetooth, so you connect it to the phone and um. It works. Fine. Now you can put your phone uh here uh it fits nice and snug in there see um. You can just like pop it in and yeah so uh this and why thats for takeoff and landing, and then here is when this drone can do backflips front flips, right, left, flips and right flips. So to do front flip uh, you press the back button and you press this top one and thats the front flip and then its like the same principle back flip is that uh left flip? Is that right flip? Is that and then uh the joysticks um ill? Tell you what they mean so uh. This means up. This means down. This means a 360 turn uh left and, and then this is a 360 turn right.

Then, here there is this. This is forward. This is backwards. This is uh left, and this is right. I dont really use these four buttons here, but um. I dont really know what they use used for, but yeah, i think thats for the normal gaming thing, but yeah so thats.