I will be sharing with you my experience with the mini drone tello by rice, tech, okay, so lets talk a little bit about what tello is. Sotelo is a mini drone, but you see, as you can see here, which is equipped with an hd camera out that its capable of capturing 720p and 5mp photos megapixels. It is also capable of flying between 10 to 13 minutes for battery charge, and it has a flying distance of 100 meters of an uninterrupted flight from where you stand as well as fly as high as 100 feet max. Whereas if you go higher, you will for sure lose connection. It is compatible with both android and apple phones through the drones own app and it can be used with a third party controller. T1D lets take a closer look at some flying time with the drone Music. Look at that Music, guys: Music, Music, come here: Music, oh yeah, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music; do Music, do Music, Music, okay. So in conclusion, heres my experience uh with uh flying the drone uh. The drone has awesome stability. It is very lightweight. It is very easy to fly and very easy to use a third party controller and its own app within the phone. This is a t1d controller. It has uh great simple features that allow the drone to actually do tricks. It is perfect for beginners, it has great responsiveness uh to control the commands.

It takes great photos from the drones lens and its very, very, very durable. Durable here are some of the cons about the drone itself. It does not contain any sound so when flying the drone, you will not be able to transmit sound to your videos, does not have any face tracking mechanism, so pretty much youll be controlling the drone via the app or the third party controller. Sometimes the wi fi connection to the drone is sometimes spotty. I also feel that the drone is its pricey, especially, is the drone its almost at the end of this cycle. Uh not capable of flying with winds higher than five miles per hour or more, and sometimes the video quality can be a little bit decent and when rotating or doing tricks, it is a bit choppy and sometimes pixelated. Nevertheless, overall uh, this mini drone by rice tech, also known as telo, is a very good toy drone for beginners ive. Had this drone for uh, almost six months or more and the battery life is still averaging about 10 to 13 minutes flying time. If im not using the record video, it is very durable and it works very well. Both of my kids enjoy flying the drone crashing the drone and definitely making some of their short videos. Thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe to check the link in the comment section for more details about this drone and give it a thumbs up. Thank you, and i appreciate you once again: it is the telo drone by rice, tech, and this is the t1d uh.

Third party controller: it does not come with this uh drone, so you have to buy that separately.