Today we are hailing from my fathers house, which is located on the northern part of aegean sea. This is the aegean sea. We are on the european continent. This time – and this is a big bay called cerro spay and today we have a rice, teller, iron man edition. This is a camera drone and the technology for this drone comes from the dji and intel, i believe the chip says is intel and it has some electronic stabilization technologies, as well as other technologies, enhancing the video and pictures that are taken by this. I purchased this teller from ebay through ebay about a year ago. I just didnt have chance to review it, and this is, i think, the perfect opportunity the wind outside died down, so i may be able to take some videos outdoors using this. I got this on an auction for 76 dollars and the shipping was five dollars with the tax i paid 85.75. Now it wasnt brand new, but it it was listed as open box. I think it was only used for uh just demonstrating by the by the seller and lets open it up and see what is inside. But before doing that, lets take a look at the box and nowhere on the box. It says the rise, except here in small print. It says tello is a trademark of rice technologies and this is from 2018 about three years. Old model is tlw004 and its claiming a lot of things.

I already downloaded the app so theres a tello marvel app and you can just go there by scanning this qr code and it will take you to the google play, store, app store and it has again the telo hero, app, multiple flight modes, precise hovering it claims. I think it has a camera looking down electronic image, stabilization 13 minutes of flight time, its still hard to believe but again its a dji technology. So it may very well be that long. It doesnt have high definition, hd video, but it has 720p. It is a claim to be hd, but usually hd is 1080, but this should be still good 5 megapixel pictures and some programmable telo app so lets open it up and see. I may have to switch cameras so lets see. If i can do this, with my one hand, while im holding my camera heres kind of like a clam shell made not out of plastic but some compressed paper – and here you see this little tiny little camera optical floor positioning sensor and it has two little lenses. Im not sure if these are like infrared uh detector, to keep it on one spot, because this doesnt have gps. And here we have the on off switch on the side over here. And then this is the battery bay on the back and it comes with the prop guards, propeller guards. I believe this i should be able to remove them. When i fly inside these drones, i always keep the these protectors on but outside you know, if you end up landing on a tree, these help hanging from the drone from the tree, so its not good and its also in the wind.

These act like sails and makes it less less stable and it gives extra weight to the drone so im going to take these off and im playing outside, and there is some slight breeze, not too bad right now. Here is the battery. It should be sliding in like this, and here is the package. The rest of the package lets open it up and see what is inside a small little manual. It doesnt even say the same manual here are the qr codes for telemanual and telehero app. That was also outside of the box. What is in the in the box? We have two sets of spare propellers, so lets see one two, three four im not going to even open this, its brand new and then little prop remover tool is inside as well. The cable for charging the battery and the way i see from the battery it needs to be installed inside and the charging port is on the side, so this is too bad. I wish the battery had its own charging port. So if you have multiple batteries, you can charge them separately from the drone. Here you have to install it to the drone and start charging like that and i think thats it product information proper remote tool. Yes, everything thats it very basic and i have already downloaded the app on my phone here is the app over here. If i start this hello iron man, okay, now i have to charge the battery and connect it.

Oh, by the way i am friday, tony starks, ai assistant, congratulations on your induction into the pilot program and being entrusted with one of stark industrys latest mini drones. We have detected some hostile forces in your area and iron man needs your help. As a rookie pilot. You will learn to master the technological capabilities of your drone. I guess and teach me how to fly im going to put the battery in charge it up and then be back and learn how to fly. This lets go back to telo. App comes back here. Okay, lets back out to speed. You will be tasked with completing four training missions. Lets get started all right. I guess it is selection here, maybe for your first mission. Well cover basic flight controls. I hope you can see this im just going to put it away from me facing away to complete this mission. You will need to fly the drone to the waypoint designated by the green dot on your map. I hope i have enough space here, return to and land back at your starting position: okay, tap the take off button and swipe right on your phone to launch the drone Music lets see its down over there Music. Well, it is very stable, so i explore it where i was supposed to go. Lets bring it back. Oh land button. Here we go Music land, maybe its once Music, okay, im going to land it manually. Here we go Music.

Congratulations! Youve! Just completed your first mission. All right, thats good lets, go to the next mission. Applause. Music. Oh, whatever lets quit this nonsense, we want to quit missions. Yes, i want to quit missions. Okay, now lets fly it. The way i want does this take off manually so lets see? No, i guess i have to do the swiping takeoff lets, bring it down a little bit and lets rotate it, of course, im used to flying now three channel helicopters. So there we go lets go back a little bit. This is not headless mode, so im controlling its very stable. I mean look at that, its very stable, so im going to take uh, which is the picture. I think this is the video yeah. It is taking a video right now lets go up a little bit. Music, all right and then lets stop the video, and how do i take a picture? Is that the picture camera yeah so its taking a picture look over there kaya Music lets take a picture of my son playing on his phone Music, not his phone. Oh its. Your phone all right, Music, laura, take a look. Oh thank you for not smiling. Okay and now lets do a manual landing just going to bring it down slowly and it doesnt come very nice yeah. All right folks lets take another picture and i think it is time to recharge the battery and take it outside and do some of the other options.