Do you guys like doing science experiments like me? Well, let me show you some of my favorite science experiments roll the clip Music whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, Music wow. Those are some of my favorite science experiments to do too. So if you guys like to do, science, experiments were so excited because we have two new ryans world science experiment kit. First, its build and play gummy factory, then my next favorite is the rocket ship reaction chamber that you can do six experiments in all. I cant wait lets get started, let the fun ryans world science experiments begin. Okay, first were gon na. Do the build and play gummy factory have fun learning to build your very own gummy factory, adult supervision required. First, you got to make yourself some gummies using items. Not included in the kit combine ingredients and follow the instructions stir microwave fill the mold refrigerate then push each piece out of the mold, arrange them in a container or some sort of storage and let them sit out for three days according to the instruction. After waiting a few days, the gummies are ready. Okay, are you ready to put it into the gummy factories yeah? Okay, all right pick your favorites, okay, ill pick. This one okay, so were gon na, have a whole bunch and all were gon na do is put it into these little purple. Buckets now were gon na crank the handle more gummies yeah.

Now we can enjoy some gummies Music, all right, combo, sorry, but youre going into my mouth now were gon na. Do the ryans world rocket ship reaction chamber heres everything thats included for a fun six experiments, so some of the stuff you do have to get for yourself. For example, first were gon na do one of my favorite, the soda geysers. So that means you have to buy your own mentos and carbonated soda. Okay. First melt me well put the carbonated soda into the rocket. Thank you all right next were gon na screw in the geyser next put in the mentos uh. This might get a little bit messy. I think we should put it outside good idea now were outside. We can add in the mentos. Okay, add in add in okay, now lets pull the pin whoa. That was so cool. Next is the crazy gold experiment? First, you put the funnel on top, then you can add one and a half cup of hydrogen peroxide, which is not included. You have to buy it yourself, Applause, its filling up. Next, a big squirt liquid soap. There you go. Okay, optional: add some food coloring im doing green next. Add one tablespoon of dry yeast to three tablespoons of warm water and stir Music, then add it to the attached cup now for the foam mix it together. Applause Music, just keep coming yeah, oh its coming out! Next experiment is the co2 balloon were gon na blow up this balloon using the rocket ship first youre gon na need to get your own two and a half cup of vinegar put it into the rocket carefully next stretch the balloon over the blue detachment like this.

Next put in one tablespoon of baking soda then attach it to the top of your rocket plug it. In now, lets mix the baking soda and vinegar whoa. Look at the balloon yeah its filling. We blew up the balloon using co2 carbon dioxide, yeah yeah next were gon na make a tornado in a rocket thats right. So first you got ta, get your own two liter bottle and fill it up with water. Add water. Next, im gon na put red food, coloring optional, of course, next screw in their tornado, attachment to the top then using the rocket turn it upside down and then twist and turn wow. Look how tall it is. Are you guys ready to see a super tiny water? Nato in real life yeah take it away assistant, mommy, okay, now youre gon na flip it upside down. While its spinning. Do you see it yeah, then you can just do it again. Turn it upside down, then spin spin, look at the tornado. Next were doing space. Lava experiment: first youre gon na need one and a half cup of water. Next is my favorite part, im gon na add some ryans world characters like combo or gus, or even me, scientist, ryan, okay, ill put combo in first and guess ill go to me and scientist ryan thats me, oh, so ryan did you notice that they sink or Float they sink thats right ryan, they all sunk thats, because their density is higher than water step.

Two using vegetable oil fill it up all the way to the top. Whoa next add ten drops of food coloring one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten wow look its going down whoa now time to put in the seltzer tablets. You can split it in half and drop it in yep space. Lava yeah wait are the rhines or figures gon na go up. I dont know i think theyre in water whoa that looks so cool next were gon na make a snowstorm in a rocket just kidding were making a snowstorm in here. So first youre gon na do is fill up your rocket with three fours full of baby oil. Next add white toothpaste to water. Now we agitate or mix then youre gon na add the toothpaste and water mixture to the rocket tank whoa. Now time to put in the celsius and then make the snowstorm by putting it in oh its starting look, it started: yeah close the cap, okay, its a snow storm, see the bubbles, keep rising, yeah rise and then fall. Okay, guys so now were gon na show. You a really fun edutainment app, its called ryans lab lets launch it up here. You see ryan there with the whole crew yeah, so you can have multiple counts, so this is ryan. Obviously so ryans gon na click ryan. Then, when you click on the door to get into the lab yeah, so in ryans, lab theres, so many different videos to choose from and learn about just the phase while earth test it build it.

Animals grow it in the body im thinking today, im feeling it more like a wild earth day. What about you? Yeah, okay, so in water theres, so many different videos too im thinking water filter right. What would you do if your water is dirty with dirt? So pack is going to show us. Oh look at the dirty water, so pack is going to design a water filter lets see if we can filter out that dirty water. Okay and after you finish a video, you can test your knowledge with the quiz and its okay to get it wrong. You just try again so ryan. How is peck planning to clean the water? Is he going to a make a filter using dish, soap or warm? It up, obviously making a filter. If you warm up dirty stuff, i dont think its going to do anything lets see if ryan got it correct. Yeah. I got it correct and after you finish watching all of the videos, you can play the experiment. Okay, you can do your own virtual water filter experiment in the lab, okay, so whats. The first thing you need to do if you want to make it a water filter. Maybe you should put this the coffee filter, good idea, because it has filter in it. Thats right exactly what packed it, then, you should add some sand thats a lot of sand with some gravel. So it goes from something very, very fine like sand, something medium like a gravel.

What do you think we should use next on top to filter out the dirty water? I think crab. The rock circle is doing this. Oh okay, thats a lobster anyways, oh yeah, thats right, give you hints too. I think the lobster is a little bit too big, too big, yeah, okay and then you think were ready. Yeah. We need the dirty water. Okay lets see its gon na work. Yay, we filter out the water yeah. I still shouldnt drink it, though other things you can do after you finish watching the videos besides experiment is, you can do some puzzles, so what level do you want to choose? Im gon na do level. One okay, good start ill put this over here. This one looks like youre trying to and the last one where Music, i think you can also do matching memory match thats right, who is shark and oh another shark, already youre great uh, another shark, oh and another shark, another shark, another truck and another shark. Another shark in another shark, yeah, Music, nice – you did it oh and the egg is it ready? Is that a spy suit yeah its a ryan spy suit? Nice? Something you can change outfit then yeah there. It is Applause, save my channel, of course yeah yeah and then you can also take care of your own pet dragon. Yeah. We got a new badge. Oh it looks sleepy, oh no. Maybe you should feed a food to wake it up.

Yeah there you go, you want to eat. I know his belly is like look hes getting happier. Do you see it yeah the levels rising? Maybe he needs more food thats. The problem, yay hes, getting happier treasure chest: medicine, medicine and medicine. Music. Oh wait! Wait! Maybe oh yay yay! Oh, is he sick? Maybe what about this one? Oh wait! Its happy meter went up. Oh yeah, yay, so heres, some other fun things that you can do in ryans lab in the ryans lab app. You can perform many of the same experiments that ryan does on his popular youtube channel. You can also earn new badges after successfully completing a quiz woohoo. The more you play. You can unlock new characters to customize and other awesome rewards make science fun with ryans lab parents. The build and play gummy factory and the rocket ship reaction chamber are available exclusively at target each sold separately. Gummy ingredients not included. You can download a free, 7 day trial and learn how to subscribe to the ryans lab app on google play or through the apple app store after subscribing, you can cancel at any time to avoid paying future monthly subscription fees. I hope you have fun doing a science experiment. Video with me remember always stay happy and rise up bye, bye.