Drl stands for drone Racing League and they make Pro level drones that race against each other. Ah, so awesome lets see how drones are built and tested also keep an eye out for any super special drones lets go welcome to Ryans world Music hi Brian hi Sean Im Melanie all right now, Im gon na do an interview at this drone lab. Well, I feel it is so cool here because its this is a giant lab and look at all these drones. My name is Ryan Im from Ryans world. I live in Hawaii, my name is Luanne and I am Ryans mom, Im, Sean and Ryan staff. My name is Emma and I am his little sister. My name is Kate and Im also his little sister. I came to the jewelry because I really want to see how the drums were like built, and I wanted to try the simulation. I like this one and my kids, trying out the simulator lets, see it looks like a video game, wait which ones the second fastest. Oh, so this mode is how our Pilots flying the races, oh whoa. Oh the simulation feels like a video game so its like. A very easy transition to start learning how to fly drones, so this is a much harder mode to fly. Is it faster its the fastest move? You have? Oh, my gosh youre going to be pilot mode too right. I thought it was already faster yeah.

This is really fun its really fun yeah. Where are you I am um? Can you go in between buildings? I run stuck at the balcony thats. What happens if you fly into the building yeah, it was really exciting to see the behind the scenes and see how technology and the training skill come together, and I might be compliment what you guys use the simulation of the practice. You just press this button and you get another drone. You ready to try it out, yeah all right for the drones you dont have to risk it and its still, exciting and and thrilling. So I think its a good good balance. Thank you. Thank you, any guesses. What this is right here – um, oh wow, oh yeah! This is the worlds fastest drone Racer X. This is Racer X, its very different. It doesnt have as many lights, because we dont really care about lights or speed. We just want to go super fast. This drone is special if this propellers cuts the ground. Oh Im, just gon na right here, the propellers can still turn oh wow, so it means that we can have these motors still turn on and the Drone can flip itself over um thats right good job. These are the guys who make all the drones work, all the they build, the drones. They fly the drones and acid drones. Everything we do supposedly because of all these people here, and they all fly better than me, so you guys practiced on the scene.

Do you feel ready to fly a real drone, um Music? There we go so we have a very special drum. This drone has a leash. Oh, so it cant go very far: Music, oh Music! You ready! Why do you think drones are so fun? I think theyre really fun, because when you use like the goggles, it makes it really feel like that youre actually like on the Drone and that youre flying around the next part. How do you think our Pilots see from the Drone the camera theres a camera Music? Okay turn: oh, he turns again. He went through the two thing. Hes always said the audience thing again. What do you think youre gon na do today build a red, Titan drone? How are you guys doing? Have you ever built a drone before? No? No no change that today. So this is the flight controller, also known as the brain of the drum, and this thing also goes in very easily just like that. So what youre gon na do is youre gon na put this tool right here lets just listen to the other teams. I want to be a drone racer. They can learn how to build. They can learn how to like do activities with the Drone and fly them in front of you right, like a camera, Ill show you what the throne see the video about. This will show you everything that the Drone shows and see. Whoa you see yourself.

Can I see it whos that hi Mommy? Can I try? I think we need a helper. It Sparks Her Imagination, so it can help them, learn science, technology, engineer and math. In order to code the Drone right, they have to learn to work together at the collaborative effort, so I think thats, a very important skill set for them in the future. Yeah, oh yeah, but its smaller its much smaller. Oh, you see me, do you see Ryans mouth Music make it you actually built your first drone, the Titan and guess what Ryan this is. This is all yours, buddy, this goggles, your battery charger, so Ill pack, this all up for you hold on to this real, quick and theres an arm switch. This is the arm sense. So do you think Ryan, Emma or Kate could become a future. Dear all pilot. Oh definitely, especially when theyre playing with the the simulation its just like a video game, I heard that you guys thats how you guys recruit the uh the talents. I I think they can have a potential. Oh, what I thought of the Drone Racing League was. It was really cool and I liked building the Ryans World drone. Now I kind of want to do drone racing because its really fun, you can get the red Titan, Dr Al hoodie here and all proceeds will go to the global stem organization. First, I had so much fun at the Drone Racing League drone lab and I cant wait to see the real thing bye.

Thank you for watching.