I am uh at the badlands national park. Well, just outside the boundary of it and check this out. I found a boondocking place right here. Look at this and look at the badlands come on. Lets check it out a second. You can actually boondock up here, thats highway 240.. Anyway, look at this theres videos coming about the national park. I just filmed it anyway, im heading to sturgis. This is kind of a mid summer. Check in first of august been a long journey. I just got some really cool information about my roku channel too, and i really want to share that with you, so lets jump on the computer, real, quick, okay. Here we are over on the website. This is rvrtv.tv matter of fact. I dont know if i ever said this uh my website. I had it rebuilt two years ago when i started roku matter of fact, the developers of my roku channel tv startup, these guys have been doing a really good job. For me. Look at this. They created this added video, its a widescreen website, but its kind of geared towards roku, too yay rokus, been about almost a two year: project of mine and im, expanding uh or tv into different audiences and basically thats. What this gives me. This actually goes into households and right now i just got uh the word from tv, startup, 30, 000 home installations. Now woohoo thats big for me, thats a im, a small channel im, just a tiny one check this out.

You can actually off my website watch. Roku. Look at this right there. This is streaming live on, roku, thats, a live feed going to it right there isnt that kind of cool and then also over here you can go watch on demand. This is what the roku channel looks like and its the same, like netflix style, uh layout, and this is all done by tv startup too, pretty cool, huh yeah them guys have really helped this old guy put this together and what basically, what they do, is they Host my videos see in youtube world uh youtube, hosts the videos and all that, but in uh real television internet television, you have to have a service similar to like tv, startup matter of fact. Lets find their website right there, these guys, noah and the crew over there theyve been helping me pretty good down here, heres, all the ones you can do. Apple tv roku i dont have apple, but guess what amazon fire tv just started up? You can get rv or tv over there now too, but rokus been my main one to go to and roku is actually the biggest internet tv provider right now they got them all where in fact lets go heres my account with tv, startup ill show you how I do this kind of behind the scenes of rv or tv theres, a channel manager right here. You click on that and itll. Take you right there heres whats, playing on roku.

This is what i look at when im in managing my channel get over here. Theres. The vod categories right there, then the playlist. This is whats being seen this current playlist look at this theres, almost four days of continuous streaming. Once again, you go back to the video on demand, theres almost 300 videos – i believe loaded on here right now. They declare back to 2019, but im so happy and thankful that 30 000 – that was a goal this year to hit that and ive already hit it in the summertime mid summer, pretty cool, so rokus growing, amazon fires, growing tv, startup, theyve theyre grown too. Along with me, i mean ive been with them. I started this december 2019.. They got great service, great support, cant cant, do it without them, but if you get a chance get over here and sign up on roku lets check. Something here lets watch the live stream. This is on my website the streams rvr tv dot tv look at that. You know where that is thats, a shoe fence on highway 62 out in the california desert rice, california, okay, now lets go over to here. This is the manager area for the channel. Well, go preview should be the same there. It is, but this is what i program. If theres ever a problem, i can restart it and all that but uh its kind of behind the scenes of what goes on with rv or tv on roku, pretty cool.

But let me show you the stats, real, quick look at this. They just send it to me all the time hang on. This is what they send me. Look at that thirty thousand three. Ninety! You always have uninstall so im averaging about seventy percent, keeping it so and thats huge for a small channel im very proud of this, and thanks to all you guys out there for watching too isnt that too cool for school over 30 000 home installations on roku Amazon fire stick is just getting going plus youtube, you know rv or tvs rocking. It were gon na just keep right on trucking. These wheels on this van are going to keep turning.