Weve got a very special weekly roundup for you today. We recently surpassed a hundred thousand downloads of our funker 530 android and ios app, and we wanted to take a minute before we got into the videos on funko 530 to go through our favorite app store and play store. Reviews now grab a juice box, kick back and enjoy what the community has to say about the biggest freedom boner app on the planet lets jump right in bit of a disclaimer before you nerds start telling me again that i look like donut operator. I dont he and i look nothing alike. Okay, maybe a little. I stand corrected. However, there are some key differences. He knows how to skateboard, and i know how to do this cool thing with a rubber band anyway, this mustache is made for riding and these reviews are made for reading. Now. We honestly read these so leave us a good one and we might catch it. Fancy pants dropped a five star review on ios and says ive seen many doctors concerning my medical condition, a lot of pills, a lot of side effects. It was bringing me down on the verge of losing my relationship since downloading this app. My erections have never been bigger, got rid of the pills and my girl cant keep her hands off me thanks funker530. No thank you. Fancy pants were glad to help dennis wagoner dropped a five star and says the best better than sex kind of i dont know about all that both are pretty great, maybe try both at the same time and report back, tell us how that is el patron.

With a five star review says its better than stirring the burn barrel. Well, i hope so. George for five stars says i found funkers and my balls finally descended hey man were just here, helping you progress through that manhood levi with five stars says its basically like youtube, but it grew. I didnt say that levi did youtube now, just like always theres two sides to every story and lets examine a few negative ones. Zach with one star said: sketchy app, whats sketchy about it, dont be an idiot xxx with one star said too much ads. All right lets cover lets cover this one. Listen, i hear you about the ads, but dont be so closed off from them. Look at it. This way, moneys required for goods and services. Our team is comprised solely of veteran writers and admin staff who deserve to put food on the table for their families, their time in researching curating and developing a platform for all. This content is valuable, and so is yours for watching it. This is the only place on the internet, where you cannot only find a comprehensive collection of raw combat footage to accompany the amazing satire content thats out there, but youll also find a veterans perspective on it from those whove been following these conflicts for more than a Decade is that time that research, posting and tagging is that time not worth a salary? What about development costs for the app do you think it would be a good idea for us to stop paying for development resources for the app seems kind of stupid? Where do you think we get the money for paying our team and keeping a roof over their heads? What about website hosting website development app development, my mani pedi? Where do you think the money for that stuff comes from? In short, youve just watched the longest ad you ever will on funker 530, and this one didnt even have a five second skip like the rest of them watch an ad support.

Our partners keep the platform alive and quit being so soft about five seconds. For those of you that cant last five seconds, however, were working on an ad free version. Youre welcome both will and josh covered air and ground perspectives on the conflict in ukraine respectively. Now funker 530 team member will posted about ukraines. First, ever drone strike the means for which were acquired in a 2019 69 million dollar contract to turkish defense contractor by carr for the delivery of six tb2 combat uavs. Ukraine claimed that the strike was in retribution for an artillery strike that killed one soldier and wounded. Another but the lpr claimed that the drone strike was a violation of the 2014 minsk agreement which forbids the use of combat aircraft along the line of contact. Now, in both mine and wills opinion, this is likely to result in an escalation from the lpr side, which may, by extension, end up breaking the current trench warfare. Meta thats existed for some time in a separate perspective. Josh posted some thermal footage. Reportedly, though, unconfirmed out of ukraine showing close combat with a separatist forward observation post, the footage is labeled not safe for work on the site, because it does show close combat though it is available on the site, just like literally everything else that we discuss. The footage needs to be taken with a grain of salt, however, because we dont have a date and time group. Nor were we able to find any further corroborating information outside of the videos source head over there and watch.

It then come back, and let us know what you think about it quickly going around the funker 530 content is one the cringiest video youve ever seen. Two, the second cringiest video youve, ever seen a selfie video being interrupted by an attack helicopter and a hilarious video of an iraqi officer being defeated by a door in his defense. The door looks tough theres, all of that more over on the website and then the app go check it out. Thats going to be it from the funker news network this week again, im ronnie and if you enjoyed the video, make sure you drop to subscribe and tap the bell to be notified of when we post to youtube. Also dont forget to head over this evening where ill be live on my page, destroying young children in video games and discussing this weeks.