In a recent development. This russian unmanned aerial vehicle has knocked out an ukrainian multi barrel rocket launcher system. Russia is late to join unmanned aerial vehicle revolution, but they are now catching up. The russian ministry of defense in a statement said one of its combat drones, demolished a ukrainian multiple rocket launcher from an altitude of more than three kilometers. This is significant, as russian special operation in ukraine has now entered in day 22.. The russian ministry of defenses statement did not specify which drone was used in the attack. However, the countrys military has confirmed deployment of the orion e drone in ukraine made by privately held company. Kronstadt was behind this long distance kill the pace at which russia developed. This drone was unprecedented. Kronstadt began the development of orion in 2011 as part of the russian mod funded in a codex program. In 2013 to 2015, the company revealed the first layout of the orion. By may 2016 novosti reported the test flights of the drone had begun in just five years. The drone was flying on august 24, 2021. It was reported that the russian mod and kronstadt signed a deal for the procurement of five combat groups of an upgraded version of orion. Certain reports suggest russian forces currently operate close to 30 such systems. The drone was used in syria in 2019, a large scale, russian belarusian exercise, zap had in september 2021 included orion drones and now taking out ukranian mbrl as an indication that drone is already combat.

Proven ukraine and turkey have been targeting isolated and separated dpr and lpr militia convoys using turkish drone tb2 tv2 byrichter was instrumental in armenia and azerbaijan conflict in nagorno karabakh. The turkish drone had a free run, taking out most of armenian armor after israeli harup drone took out most of armenian air defense systems. This drone, however, saw limited success in ukraine and russia conflict. However, desperate ukrainian and turkish analysts have been blowing one off successes of tv 2 out of proportion. Drones are part of asymmetric warfare. Where idea is to inflict maximum damage on enemy using low cost expendable systems. Tb2 may not be as effective in ukraine as they were in armenia because of on the move, air defense systems like tor, but they certainly can inflict enormous damage and absence of air defense. Russian orion e is altogether a different concept. They are pegging orion as an unmanned systems platform that will be capable of carrying out long range standoff strikes where system will stay away from reach of air defense systems. It will also be capable of air to air missions. The drone is equipped with electro optical and infrared cameras and is controlled by a pilot on the ground. It can also carry out reconnaissance while patrolling a specific area. The drone can be equipped with cobb 20 and cobb 50 aerial bombs, including up ob 50, guided gliding aerial bombs in a pure air to ground configuration. Four air to surface missiles can be loaded on this aircraft.

A it can operate at an altitude of 26 500 feet with an endurance of 24 hours. The drone can carry a combat payload of 250 kilograms, though the endurance with payload reduces further overall by the time russia and ukraine conflict ends. We will have better understanding of what will be the actual potential of these systems when comprehensive armies will go into war thats about it. For todays video. Thank you for watching.