Despite the fact that today, practically nothing is known about the combat use of russian attack. Unmanned aerial vehicles. Information appeared that, in their reconnaissance and combat missions, domestic drones were able to outstrip the use of turkish director attack drones in syria. In just two years. Tb2 and american attack drones, mq 9 reaper and in all likelihood superiority goes even if the reconnaissance and combat missions of turkish and american drones are added together, Music in one of the plots you can see that the orion drones have 85 marks of completed missions. Not all of them are combat missions, however. At least 12 of them ended in accurate strikes against terrorists and local gangs. Although there are apparently much more combat missions, presumably up to 40 edition Music, it is not specified in which operations the russian orion unmanned aerial vehicles were involved. However, first of all, it is the fight against pro turkish jihadists and terrorists of the islamic state.