What is it, what could it be? Well, if he gets to Camry you're, probably pretty close, because it's mainly what run chem makes if we have a look at the end of the box, it says that this is the run chem to 4k, the 4k version run Kim. It says it's 49 grams. We will check that yeah let's, look in the box, we don't unbox things, but we do what's inside and there it is orange, and I love orange cameras because they just show up when you lose them when they bounce off your model or whatever. When something goes wrong, an orange camera is so much easier to find then a black one or a silver one. They just stand it. You can tell it's a 4k cuz, it says so on the camera and if you've already had a run came you'll know how you know how to use them, what they do, but let's take a closer look at this one and for those of you, who've never Seen a run came before this is the HD version. This is that I've used this a lot. I used this camera a lot because it has some benefits over your more traditional GoPro and you and your cube size cameras like this, and so much is. If you've got it on a plane, there's, a very small frontal area enter the run. Cam for is the same mode they're using the same moldings everything looks the same from the outside it's, the same height it's got the same holes.

Actually. This has got two holes here and this doesn't have to hold. I don't know why. Oh maybe I've got it upside down this, but yes, there you go so it's exactly the same mouldings as you can see. It seems to be pretty much the same lens setup. The same little door on the back where you can get your SD card in your battery and the battery is removable that's. One of the other benefits of these things of how many people have got HD cams, where they have basically become useless because the battery's gone flat, his Mobius I'm lucky my bedroom on Mobius has lasted a Norfolk long time, but not a lot of people, even in The club hear of head Mobius and the battery goes flat and they can't be asked pulling them apart and replacing the battery. But with these it's simple the batteries in here little pull tab. There pull battery up, put a new one in woohoo and you can buy spare batteries. So even if you, if you want to do a lot of filming, you can take spare batteries to the field and change them as necessary to keep recording it's great stuff. Good thinkin Rudkin, yes, I, like the run, came to format a lot. Unlike the run, came 5 and run came for another ones. I'Ve been looking at recently. The run came, has Wi Fi boots back on here, so I don't lose things because I'm terrible at this.

I lose stuff and it takes an SD card. Of course you want to use a high bit radius D card, a class 10 at least preferably a V 30, because the bit rate is higher on these than on an HD camera, but see it's the same year. Orange as the ronk m5s ordered versus the run game 5 year, the run game 5. I like the run game 5 and there's a lot of similarities between those two cameras. You could be tempted into thinking it's, just the same guts in a different boss, but it's not gon na show you why it's not surely, but again, if you've got this on the front of the world, look at the difference in frontal area. If you've got a fast model, this is gon na slow you down much less, then that and so let's do some comparisons. First, let's see how it performs in the white steps. Remember I said 49 grams let's put that to the test. Here we have the scales that do not show the blood let's have a look that uh. Oh look at it are they lied it's 50 game over it's 50. They understated the weight. Of course the scales could be slightly wrong. There. You go 50 grams. Now, I wonder, have the run came it's got velcro on this monster should be a little heavier yes, one. Oh yeah, it's about the same so there's no extra weight associated with going to 4k has computer run cam 5 years.

It'S lighter than were the run. Came 5 lighter than the cube camera, and what about the mobis? The mobius is really light. Yeah it's it's 10 grams heavier than the mobius. Although this one's got a lot of velcro and some orange or some yellow vinyl, because, as I said, you can't find a black camera when it falls off from the grass, so yeah weight, wise it's, not too much of a penalty and if you're flying one of These cine quads, where you haven't, got a lot of carrying capability. Then using a camera like this can make a big difference in performance. If you compare it to using a heavier camera like a GoPro, so in 4k remember it is true: 4k it's, not just the between 4k, like the tarsier, 2 and so forth, which I think are about to k7 upscaled. I think they're just interpolated up to 4k cuz. They never look as crisp and sharp as a true 4k camera right. So let's let's have a look at what you get in the box. Just because I know you want to see and what a beautiful box it is lovely, white box and you've got the little place where the camera goes with. Some finally can always use to put over your microphone on your on your video recorder. Here we go it's a black box and I think we're probably have some cables. It haven't even been open. We have some cables in here.

I would think and probably a mount because you can put these on a tripod. Yes, I was right full points to me. What do we got? We'Ve got a USB connector for charging and connecting to your computer. If you want to we've, got cable here so can use this as an fpv camera. Give me your video out and allow power in, and I think I've read on the Box. Quite a voltage range this one it will do up to 4 is so you can run it up the forest directly without the need for a bit which is kind of good. Then we've got the little tripod that a tripod one it's got a tripod thing in there. Yes see the little tripod screw there, so you can put this on one little tiny, tripods and use it as a field camera for giving shots of things other than flying. On the model so that's all good, I like it, no worries I'm happy with that and put the bits back in the box, because otherwise I will definitely lose them. I always lose the best there you go so let's have a look at how you set this thing up, which is also very important, as I say that uses Wi Fi. It doesn't use the little QR code thing that the these cameras do uses Wi Fi, so let's fire up the Ron came up and see what we get and, of course I think there's, I oh s an Android app.

This is my super good smartphone. This is the new Galaxy 52 and you see it's huge, look at it compared to my hand, it's a good test of an app with it'll run on an old, slow crappy phone. Like this cuz, I don't use that people know I don't use a smartphone for my daily calls. I use a fine that you can talk into it's amazing what they can do with phones these days. Imagine that our phone, you can talk into and talks back to you and it's like having a tin can with string, but this is a bit slow jump cut. So here we have the run camp. Let me just turn on the phone I've got it set to auto record, so I'll turn it on and you notice it'll immediately start recording. Oh no, I don't have an SD card in it. Nevermind, so I'll just don't worry about that that's. Fine! I forgot to put the SD card in don't worry about the blinking light you can't set it to water, our record, which is really really handy, but let's connect now, first of all, if to turn on the Wi Fi with this other little button here and that Little light should come on there. We go now it's the flesh until it gets a Wi Fi condition, it's connect to your camera and through the magic of wireless and Wi Fi. In a moment, in a moment, it's a long way takes a long time for the radio waves to get across the it's a very long distance.

Sometimes it takes two times, but no, I think we've got it here. We go it Bing Bing. There you go so there is the the connection. This light's gone solid, so we are now Wi Fi connected. You can see. If I move there's a lot of lag there, you wouldn't use fpv through the Wi Fi. Would you know, but there you go. We'Ve got attention attention: oh yeah, no microSD, that's! Fine. I knew that so don't bother me anymore. There we go, there is the there. Is the older it's going to do the the infinite tunnel thing? Where is it? No? I can't do it too lazy right. So here we go let's, take a look at what you've got muddly most people want to know what about resolutions? What can we do in my resolutions? So I'll just with my crappy phone, I shall call up the resolutions, and here we go. There is 4k, which is 38 40 by 2160, and if you go to there, you can only get 30 frames per second it's, not a 40 frame per second camera and which is a 50 sorry. 60 frames per second camera. This. What makes a difference! This is one of the things you'll notice. If you want GoPro like performance, you've got it by a GoPro, because these things will a new 30 frames per second in forecast, not uncommon the tarsier cat ectasia. Let me do 30 frames a second, a lot of the cheaper cameras.

The cheaper options to gopro are limited in terms of the number of frames per second, they can do that high 30 frames. A second is enough: I would use an ND filter if I was going to be using at 30 frames. A second though, because otherwise 30 frames per second can look quite staccato, quite jerky. If you've got lots of light and therefore the shutter speed is very low. You can set the shutter speed on here, but it's, not a good idea to set it to low, because everything becomes washed out there's, not enough exposure control to compensate for the slower shutter speed without an ND filter right. So anyway, we've got to k7, which is to 740 by 1 5 to 4 that's, the next one, and you can have that at 60 frames per second or 50 frames per second there. You go that's the only choices you get this. So if you live in a pal country where you, your television standards, are 50 frames per second or 25, this is really good, because it's so nice to have your camera putting out a frame rate that's compatible with any other, like you know, camcorder or mirrorless camera Footage that you might be doing as well trying to integrate it. Otherwise, again you get all sorts of jerkiness and then it does HD well know. What are we doing? Oh No stay connected, get it here we go. Oh, I hit the rock.

This phone is too small, let's do small, I tell you, hopefully it'll reconnect otherwise, I'm gon na be good a thing that's put out here we go back to the here. We go think it and it'll tell me: I've got no SD card, but I know that so let's go let's. Go back to the resolution sitting come on come on. Anyone who's got a really nice phone. They won't have seen me do it. Why you? Why aren't you working what's going on here come on come on come on come on, oh man, nothing's working, probably cuz. I interrupted the initial condition, jump cut. Welcome back. I had to disconnect and reconnect these apps and especially on a crappy phone. They live a very reliable anyway let's go we got 10 ad. Can I pull it up? Yes, tenodesis HD you've got up to a hundred twenty frames per second in there, and you can also should have put it slick, the bit rates, which is good because far too many times we get high resolutions high frame rates with insufficient, but right you get horrible. Blocky pixelation of the footage – in this case it you can choose a bit right, that's, far more amenable to fast operations like mini quads or flying close to the ground. Here we go, we get HD, so you've really only got three resolutions: there's, no 1440p there's, no 43 aspect ratio. So if you're gon na put this on the quad you're not going to be able to suit make it into super view and make it look really really faster, this is really more of a fixed wing type of a camera eye.

You can use it on your sandy quads, of course, because you don't want super view in a city code. You want nice, linear, cinematic footage so on a cine, quad what's going on here, I don't want any updates go away. I hate these hips go away! No! Get out of here, it's, terrible um and now it's lost the link. Oh, I don't know I like the QR code system better, actually to be totally honest because the general the crap going on here anyway, so yeah it's it doesn't it doesn't, particularly well suit. Quad racing, but it does suits any cause, does suit fix the wing because of those various things I mention about the low frontal area, and so I guess all that remains is to have a look at what the picture looks like that's the bottom line isn't it That'S, the the thing you want to see is the can I get out of here, no have to go back disconnect and this little watch is stuff flashing. Yes, it doesn't contain the whole. Damn thing off. Bingo there we go it's all finished right. Yes, so let's put this back on here, so yes at least have a look at what the footage looks like and have taken some footage in sunlight, bright sunlight. No, so I took some footage: that's a real, a really dull overcast day, and, to be honest, this, oh no, my phone's making noises this thing is great.

I like it, the hot the wide dynamic range is not as good as a GoPro. I got to admit. I mean, but this is a much cheaper camera. This is not a GoPro. People probably want to compare it to a GoPro it's, not a GoPro, so much cheaper camera, but it is full 4k and it's going to be really good value for fixed wing. Flying on sunny days because I'm really dull days than the worst conditions, as you can see here in this video, it really shows the lack of dynamic range in some areas. You get their bright sheet of cloud backlit by the Sun, but it's really dull and the ground goes a bit black on you, hey that's it. I noticed a degree of that with the other run Kem's as well. I think it's, just a limitation of the chipset they're using and the senses can't be held, but it's a budgetary consideration. If you're gon na you're gon na pay this dollars, you don't expect the same performance in sunny conditions. It looks brilliant now, there's footage here. I shot at the park with lots of Sun, but unfortunately I had the camera mounted on too much of an angle. It was on the cine Queen 4k, which is a tiny Cindy quad sub 250. So it shows that it doesn't affect the performance of a quad too much at all, it's, so light that you can actually stick it on a sub 250 and you stood you don't cripple the quad.

It still flies okay, unfortunately it's pointing at the sky. So it's, not the best footage I've ever taken but take affordable, is now. I will put some separate footage up in 4k because you want to see what it looks like I'm for Kai. This is 1080p. This is just my normal video I'm going to put up a 4k reel, which will be in 60 frames. A second and I'll include 4k footage and 2k7 footage in it. So you can see even though YouTube will mangle it a bit. Hopefully it will be unmingled enough for you to get a pretty good idea, and I think this is a pretty sharp camera. This camera is much sharper, for instance, then, the as I said, the tarsier, the cat, ectasia and it's actually sharper than the panasonic 4k camcorder. The 3000 new zealand dollar panasonic 4k camcorder i've, got it coming in a week or two so it's, pretty damn good for sharpness and that's great because it means you can reframe and edit and do all sorts of cool things. But there you go my opinion on this. Well, I will be still using my run. Cam 2 HD, but this is a fantastic enhancement of the product. It'S really good. I will be using this as much my name FX twinks, mainly arm of x times and, of course, I'll be using this on quads and things home run came another pretty good product, quite happy with it nice product and if you got questions coming to put them In the usual place, I'll put a link to the run game website.

We can get more information if there's, not an affiliate link. I don't make any money. I don't care. If you buy these or not, doesn't worry me: if you buy them you're the only one who benefits not me, so there you go in the meantime. Thank you for watching. If you got any questions, comments put them in the question. You comment he bit that YouTube, though so thoughtfully provides and I'll do my best man. So in the meantime, thank you to my patreon supporters.