My most popular video on this channel is one on ohms law, its a pretty monday thing. There are probably a million videos on ohms law out there, but that video has had 1.7 million views, 1.7 million views since it was uploaded and that has earned me six thousand dollars six thousand dollars. I earned from that one video, considering that video was a whiteboard video with a little bit of bench. Stuff probably took me a day to make its not a bad return on investment thats, a pretty good return, um on an hourly rate, thered be not many. People could earn that much money, um so great, and also that video is quite interesting because i get a lot of inquiries from educational institutions and even companies who request the right to use a copy of that video in their training material and i say, go for It sure i mean six thousand dollars its already paid for itself. I dont need more money from that video id, rather that the information was out there and just an attribution. You know the little. I see model reviews up in the corner thats all. I need to feel happy about that, so i freely let people use that under license to to do what you know: train other people, its fantastic and its kind of a its kind of a reward that people think its good enough to actually use in professional training. Material, i love it its great now.

I want to compare that with the average review and im going to look at one of my more successful reviews was the runcam eagle camera. It was done some time ago and um. It has received a total of 74 000 views, nearly 75 000 views that run cam, eagle, camera review um, but whereas the ohms law, video earned me six thousand dollars, the runcam eagle review has earned me 177.27, so its nowhere near as much not as many views And nowhere near as much but the big difference comes when we look at the the figures for last month, when i look at the last 28 days on those two videos, both have earned a reasonable amount of money, one of them certainly a lot, the other one. You know not too bad um when you look at that in the last 28 days, theres a huge difference now, in the last 28 days, my ohms law video has received 4 000 views and it has earned me 25, its nothing to sneeze at, but the eagle Camera review in the last 28 days has had just 28 views one per day and it has earned me five cents and thats the difference between making videos that have what we call residual individual videos that have no residual. Now the ohms law has massive residual, because ohms law, doesnt change, ohms law was the same 10 years ago, as it will be in 10 years time as it is today, so that material will always be relevant.

Therell always be people wanting to learn about ohms law. Theyll find that video theyll watch it. The ads will earn me a few cents here and there and itll just keep earning me money over years to come. Thats a good thing. The run cam eagle video, its not going to owe me any more money, five cents in a month is you know its, not really a thing and thats the problem with reviews they dont produce residuals. Now recently, i reviewed this. The gep rc mark 5, fantastic quad. If i was buying a quad tomorrow, this is what i would buy, because it just ticks all the boxes and that review has had already. I think three and a half thousand views three and a half thousand views um, and it has earned something i think like about four dollars: four dollars: three hundred thousand views, but its probably not going to get many more views than that. If im lucky, it might get four and a half thousand views by the time its basically dropped to zero and thats, probably gon na be five dollars, something like that five dollars ill event. From that review. Now i spent over three days i spent probably 20 hours on that review. First of all, i had to get the products sit it down on the bench. Have a close look over it see if theres anything. I didnt like what i like look at the way. Its built and check all the bolts and and then set it up, you know activate things and then you know bind it all that sort of stuff then take it out.

Do some test flights make sure its okay re tune it because it was way too touchy for my shaky old hands. Then i had to chase a jet with it. Then i had to go to the park the next day and do some other flying to to get a feel for it and proximity. Then, when the following day after i made some more tuning changes, i went to another park and did some more flying. Then i had to bring all the footage back and decide what to use what not to use. I had to do some talking head to camera video. Then i had to edit it all up and color grade it and make it look. Half sensible that was probably yeah 20 over 20 hours of work, and i will earn 4.50 from that video and, once after the first month, ill probably earn nothing else, not like the ohms law, ohms law, video, so that video – those are the videos i do because I love it. I love doing that. I enjoy reviewing products like this. I really enjoy it. Im, certainly not doing these for the money i dont have affiliate links. I dont have sponsorships. I just want people to know, for example, in this case this is a really good quad and if it had been a really crap quad youd have known that too. So you would know not to buy it or take it off your shopping list.

So thats, where i provide the service to the community and, as my patreon supporters give me the luxury to make reviews that take a lot of time and earn virtually no money. Its fantastic because now remember the the eagle review was done back in a time when youtube was actually paying reasonable money per view. Now its way way less way way. Less i get after tax. I get about a dollar per thousand views on a review. Video, a dollar per thousand views its nothing its really nothing. Even if i had a hundred thousand views, which is an awful lot for review, make 100 bucks and 100 bucks is half a days work in the hands of any professional. You know i mean thats only 25 an hour isnt it most people get paid way more than 25 an hour, so its not an economically viable concept to to review products with a view to making a living out of them, which is why i make the other Videos, the informational videos that youve watched and they are actually the most popular videos on my channel owems law – weve got antenna theory weve got um all sorts of stuff like that. They are the videos that that are very, very popular. They still watch to this day and i often get requests for people to use them in their own course materials. I like that, so i will continue to make the informational videos that enable you to understand how the technology were using works and why why it works and how to better use it, because you understand the principles behind it.

Thats been one of my goals for a long time, and i will continue to make the review videos because i like making them theyre fun and – and i get i get theres something gipassi sent me this and i will be flying the snot out of this and Thats interesting because, like runcam, has sent me a lot of cameras over the years and, unlike other reviewers who say, oh yeah run cam camera. Here it is heres the video fantastic buy it link in the affiliate link in the description i use them. I have two channels, you know. I have two channels. I have rc model reviews where i take a a critical look at these things. Then i have xg and if youve been watching my x j channel youll have noticed that virtually all the aerial footage is from a run, cam camera quite often its the runcam hybrid 4k. I love that camera when im flying analog and get the 4k recording and the analog live feed fantastic camera. I usually put in the corner of the screen the camera im using runcam 4k, so people know so when runcam or other manufacturers send me stuff – and i use it on my extra channel – then theyre getting extra promotion theyre getting extra value out of that, because if Its a product that i choose to use myself, you know its going to be good, other reviewers everythings fantastic, but you never see them using it.

You never see them using it afterwards. So i like to think that, as far as reviews are concerned, i offer two levels of review. One of them is the the look the way most reviewers work. You look at it and you do your best to find the best points and the worst points, and you present that, but you cant spend six months on a review because for 4.50, its not worth it. So what i do is once ive reviewed the product. I might use it ill use it and ill fly it. So you look at extra. You see me flying models, quads fixed wings that ive bought, and i really really like. Now. I bought the fms super easy and i bought with my own money. I reviewed it. I said its a fantastic model and ive been flying it ever since, because, true to my word, it is one of the best models. Ive got so fantastic. You go on to on to extra youll, see super easys very frequently popping up on that channel. The same goes with the little esky sparrow little sky, sparrow plane. I bought that. Oh i didnt buy it. They sent it to me. Sorry, i must confess they sent it to me and ive been flying the the back side of that thing and now ive, given it to bill. He wants to fly it at home, so ive got him to fly around at home. These are the models that we fly.

We fly ourselves out of choice, not because i have to fly out to do a review because theyre just so damn good, so manufacturers that are looking at getting products reviewed when they send them to me. Not only do they get the critical objective review on this channel without commercial imperative, but then, if the products really good itll be seen on next year, time and time and time again because its what i use when i want to enjoy myself thats something to think About which is why im kind of a little bit disappointed in runcam to be totally honest to be totally honest, i havent found runcam produced many dud products. Most of their products are pretty good. Now, theyre, not the best theyre, not the best. I mean, if you want the best cube, shaped camera, find yourself a second hand, gopro session, that is the best thats still way better than than run cams offering, but thats so expensive, compared to run cab. These things, like the runcam 5. I used in this review its a really good camera for the money for the money and ive ive used this. I used run cam cameras extensively, mainly because i think theyre good value, but also because theyve sent them to me, but other camera companies ive got cadx cameras. Ive got quite a number of different cameras from different manufacturers that ive reviewed, but i use the runcam ones because i think they represent a really good value point a value point, so i was kind of disappointed recently.

I have to say when i saw that all the other reviewers were getting the little eight or nine grand 1080p camera the little one that would fit on a quad. Like i dont know, i cant find one now you know the little oval shaped cameras. Everyone else has got one they didnt send me one and others seem to be getting a new version of the like the run, cam cube camera with with the gyro stabilization. I havent got one. What have i done wrong? Run: cam whats, whats im promoting this not out of your product by actually using it on next year and letting people know thats what im using yet im, not ive fallen out of favor. I dont know i i cant complain. I have had a good run from runcam um. I shall continue to use their products because i think theyre good but um. I guess now like everybody else. I will have to buy them. If i want them which okay, maybe um, i will do so. Maybe i just stick with what ive got, because they work perfectly well: um yeah, thats ups and downs of the review business, and while ive got you here, i mentioned it takes a long time to make a video, certainly review videos take you know an awfully long Time because of all the prep and the the analysis youve got to do, but a lot of the time is spent here sitting in front of this computer.

Editing editing is, is a very time consuming business now, certainly on my exjet channel its a very time consuming business, because i i like to produce what i hope are the best quality videos of model flying on youtube. A lot of people seem to agree and im happy about that. A lot of people pay me very nice comments. They say nice things about my videos, because i spend hours and hours and hours making them look the best way. I can and im doing a series of videos on that ive already covered. The camera that i use, which is an important part of the equation coming up pretty soon, will be the how to use that camera, because the tool is only as good as the use. You put it to and then ill be doing how to use your editing software to get the best results. So, if youre interested in those sort of things, if you yourself want to make really good videos about models or any other kind of action event, then whip over to xgit and subscribe, because those videos will be coming up fairly shortly now, as i say, spend a Lot of time front of this computer and a lot of the time is, if im doing things like re timing and im slowing stuff down or or some complex, color grading, it can grind. The wheels can grind a bit slow to be totally honest, because davinci resolve relies heavily on the graphics card that youre using the more powerful a graphics card, the better it works and thats.

Certainly the studio version, the the free version, doesnt use as much of the graphics card, but ive paid my money bought my studio version. I am a great believer: if youre using a tool to earn money, you should pay for it, and so i do ive got the sony. 300 bucks, its really good value, but i use davinci resolve studio version and it relies heavily on the graphics card. Now, when i bought this computer three years ago, the graphics card was all i could afford its a gtx 1060, which is a good graphics card, its the most popular card out there, according to i think, its steam or whatever. When you look at the graphics, it is the single most popular graphics card in the world even today, but its reaching its capacity. Its only got six gigabytes of ram video ram and sometimes when im doing complicated stuff like noise reduction and rescaling and color grading, it runs out of ram, so it says gpu, full and youve got to do it in multiple passes. Slows you down again. So i got a new video card so that i can do it all more easily without the hassles and streamline that process. So i took them on my patreon money. Thank you, patreon supporters. You make it all possible because obviously those 4.50 reviews dont do much. I took that um some of that money and i bought the best nvidia graphics card. I could afford fantastic look at this.

Look at no thats, not it no thats, a g thats, a 1030 no thats old. I got 30 60 rtx 3060, which is twice as powerful as the 1060 thats in there and has twice as much video ram. So it means i can streamline my process a little bit more. I can get more out of every hour, which is really important, because i want to keep the level of content up and the quality of content as well, both from a informational perspective and from just the production value end of things. Everything should look nice, so hopefully that will do now. So just again, letting you know you, people are instrumental in making sure i can keep this flow of content, information and entertainment coming to you. I thank you so much for that now. Another thing ive been doing on next year is news news things happening in the in the hobby that we need to know about or in the industry. We need to know about and im wondering if i should shift that over here, because this has always been the information channel and xgit has always been the fun and entertainment promotional channel news is kind of more information than fun. So i may tell me what you think go down to the comments but down there, but be careful, please um and just tell me: should the drone or the model flying news be on rc model reviews or on x jit, which, which is the best fit? No, but to give you an idea, the kind of stuff that ill be covering.

I notice that in seattle, usa, the state of seattle, no its, not a state its seattles in the state of washington, excuse me in the state of washington ill cut that out youll. Never see that in the state of washington in the usa, the state government has decided that they want drone operators to register not only with the faa but with them with the state government, at least, if youre going to do commercial stuff. If youve got a part 107, the the washington state government want you to register with them, as well as the faa uh. What so, youre gon na have to pay two lots of registration fees twice the bureaucracy twice, the overhead, its interesting isnt it i saw that. Come up in the news feed yesterday i havent heard anyone else mention this, but its a really important thing. If youre, even if youve just got a youtube channel with monetized videos, you may have to register and you live in washington, you must have registered with your state government as well as the faa yeah, something to think about, and so i, as again theres a kind Of newsy stuff that i want to bring across, but its its kind of important that it goes in the right place, because some of the newsy stuff is about regulations and im very im. A great advocate for less regulation is better and thats, not the place. For me to get all ranty and sit on a high chair and tell you what i think thats exjet, but then again just general news and information isnt entertaining or we cant say its kind of mid ground isnt it.

I dont know what to do about that. You tell me: go there, tell me tell me: where should it be? Where should the news be, and in other news apparently hd0 will be releasing their own video goggles, sometime, well, theyre going to do testing in march or no may or june in may or june, theyll be doing the field testing of their first set of actual video Goggles hd0 itll be interesting to see and if you want more information on hd0, dji, digital or anything in the dji world go to mads rc. The channel ive mentioned before on rc model reviews fantastic place to get that information. Ian mads rc does a really good job of giving you that information. So if youre, not if youre a dji user and youre not subscribe, you need to subscribe if youre, an hd0 user and youre not subscribed, you need to go and subscribe ill, provide you with information but hes the expert hes, the man he. These are the fields that he focuses on and he does some really good work. So do that go there now you know click write it down, therell, be a link in the description down there by the comments you know where to go right and finally, i have a video coming up pretty shortly in which its a very important video, because this Changes everything yeah thats, a cliched clickbait headline, but in this case you will see a video on this channel soon saying this changes, everything and im not kidding this isnt, a poor attempt to try and lure you into something thats, absolutely boring.

This actually really is a game changer which absolutely changes: everything in the hobby, its already started to change things and its going to continue to change things in a very positive way, so its important youre aware of this, and that you lobby manufacturers to get on board Because this is something that really is going to make huge changes to everything in the hobby and uh yeah ive got a bag here from beta fpv stuff im reviewing this is part of it. This is part of the change that is making such a difference to our hobby and making things cheaper, making things better so stick around for that im not going to give any more clues. That would be terrible and you wouldnt watch the video, but you will watch the video because you you have to its its so important. It really is so important, so thats it for my little chat today hope youve enjoyed. Maybe youve learned something i dont know and i think my patreon supporters, because its because of you that i can afford to indulge myself and do reviews within four dollars and, as i say, im always open to suggestion. Go down there rattle around and tell me everything. I should know – and i will be doing some live streams ive threatened before, but with the new video card. It makes it easier for me to do live stream so ill be doing some live stream. Stuff well get.

Maybe a regular stream and well start talking about stuff and getting a bit of to and fro more interaction with the community id really like that. Itll be great. I go on so many other peoples live streams, maybe its time.