It is sunday night again um good evening, everyone or good afternoon, depending on where you are in the world. I hope you are all safe and well, i hope youve had an interesting week. It has been a flat out one for me. Um, oh ive left the autofocus on on the sony and its messing around good evening. Robert lets lets make sure we we weve spoke to the people who work hello. Everyone who is here watching tonight so good evening, bruce good evening, grumpy good evening, ghosts good evening. Brandon beans good evening david owens floor. How are you floor? Yes, the guys, an ill just leave that there um uh gumpy ass good evening, um gm. I, how are you hope? You are safe? My friend free range chicken rc howdy, um uh, who else we got there bb junkie good evening, quads with mods, hello, hello, hello, hello. So how is everyone um, depending on on on what you go stuff you good evening? How are you my friend, i hope everyone is well its been a really busy week for me: ive been trying to get everything tied up because im on holiday im actually leaving to go away for a few days tomorrow, uh good evening, guy um gary, i was Going to call you gary good evening, mark um lets call the bad autofocus denim and foreground vocal yeah. Im gon na have to turn that off, and i one second ill sort that now its only a button press now, some might argue.

I left the autofocus on so i could get up and leave the cheering shot Laughter. Some might argue i do that on purpose, but i dont honestly, honestly honestly so um. I forgot to turn the sony off audio focus its being confused by that so tonights livestream. Okay, um theres some things to talk about im, going to give you some thoughts on this. I have a mambo. I bought a mambo. I have spent so much money in the last week, its ridiculous. It is insane because allegedly youtubers get everything for free. No, no! No, no, no, not in my world lets just put it that way. I get a little bit now and again, but the reality is um Music. Most of the time you end up paying for it and thats a good thing, because at the end of the day, you then know one slave, and you can say what you want, not that i dont say what i want anyway. However, yes uh this week, we ordered the new fat shark goggles, which will be here um, probably wednesday, while im away what ive actually done with them is diverted them to where i am theyre gon na go into a drop off point, where im actually staying local To me, because therell be no one at home, so i will actually have them in hands midweek, but i wont be flying them until i come back anyway. Oh visa is a good point, bruce actually adviser um the mambo arrived and ill talk a bit about this.

The speedy b frames in i havent assembled it yet im gon na be im, not gon. Na talk a lot about this im gon na talk about the custom antennas as well. Now they did send me these for free, so i will put that out there um. Yes, we ended up going crossfire as well, so why go tracer when you can go across fire and tracer um and im just gon na, and i will be doing um a proper review on this, because ive got a lot to say about this radio. An awful lot to say: um, Music, oh theres, an empty box going on the floor um and its interesting. It really is interesting and im. Gon na tell you guys tonight some of my thoughts on that up front because you amazing people you dont, want to have to watch my actual content because you come here for the live stream. So for those of you who come to the live stream, you amazing fantastic people. You get to hear it first before it actually goes out on the channel. Um Music, so um its gon na be interesting to um play with it a bit more over time. But i have got some really interesting thoughts up front on it. Now i bruce have you had the mambo? I i dont know. If you have or not i cant remember, um, just getting down bad auto focus. Call it analog. Um cheer shot face tracking mambo yeah.

I think it was, i think it was tracking from what you can see there, the little face on the front of the remote nice cheer, though david owens, there is an affiliate link to that cheer. In the description of your video rob muller hi mart. Is there an nfc sack for the dj, an nfc hack for the dj fpv and it works together with fcc hack? There is ah okay, so yeah there has been um some stuff this week and well talk a little bit about that too. Um uh get down the things. Oh, its been gmi visuals, i feel loved. You are a good guy, good, good, good, rf868 modular. How it fits them. Does the rfd868 module fits the mambo it will fit? I havent actually tried it. Theres no reason it wont work though so the um rf868 module should work. I havent tested it um, but i will do that. I have a mambo uh yeah this. This is a really interesting product and its okay, its interested in the sense of its actually quite cheap and im gon na im. Gon na give you my thoughts, you know before we go into it now because well get that out the way first and i have really fallen in love with this remote, its not in the box by the way thats empty, its its actually its actually here, um And i really have fallen in love with it. However, theres a lot that could be better um now, as you can see, ive got it.

I have a nice uh, tpu 3d mounted uh thing on the front. Um ive got the crossfire in the back. Okay, the basics. Are, i love the form factor in size of this radio. I app it is for me perfect. So if youre someone whos used to flying with the dji fpv radio, so mine is with me, you just grab it. Okay lets grab some radios here. Okay, so if we just grab a couple, im gon na put them over there and lets go lets go clean for this a minute. So if we just line these up okay, so if youre someone who has flown with this, i think you will like the mambo. Okay, i really do yes, its a little bit bigger, but i have always ive always liked the dji radio size. I personally find this too big. I personally find it a little bit large for my average use. For me. I find this great and i really like the size on the mambo, its really for me just right that that thats, what ill say about it: um, Music, um, i dont peel plastic off screens. I leave it on to stop them getting scratched um, yes, bruce everythings. On the board, the mambo, its just perfect on size, it really is now what ill do is. Let me just pull off the tpu cover, because i printed this to help keep it clean sticks feel good. They are hall effect.

Everything is what you would expect me. No problem at all switches, ill, be honest, feel cheap. To me, im of the opinion, the switches do feel a little bit cheap, um, knobs, okay, fine, potentiometers, good. Everything else feels okay, we, my my issues with this radio lies, is its actual fit and finish. Okay, so the build quality i dont think is very good, so im going to tell you about two or three areas right: the casing on this has molding marks all over it now im, not talking about the molding mark, the for the antenna um. I im just talking when you look at the plastics. The nothing looks even the sort of sheens and finishes to it that are off the molding process, its not physically on the surface. But when you look at it, things do look a little bit off at places at times like i dont know, if you can see it right there, can you see that there is a a dark hoop on the bottom there i can just you can you can Just see it there um theres theres, some like strange, just discolorations on the plastic in places on it, nothing terrible, but you just look at it and think um, okay, um it it its not together that tight like i can actually push it and the plastics move And seal up that button feels all right, not great happy with the um that one im – okay with that one just feels a bit thin.

It feels like a cheap radio, okay and just to show you something else right. Im gon na take that out. Right. Put the put the module back in look at the look at the wobble right on that. Bearing in mind this is a tbs to tbs product here, you know this isnt another manufacturer, so when im holding this it rattles because of the module, so its little things like that that let this radio down from a functionality point of view, it does what you Expect, okay, i havent flown it extensively yet so what ive just done now is put a bit of foam in and stop the radio uh rattle um functionality, its basically open tx. I know its um freedom tx or whatever they call it um, but its basically open tx screens, nice, no problems with the screen gimbals. My complaint with this radio is the quality. It feels to me like a cheap radio, and it is a cheap radio. It isnt that expensive um it really isnt that expensive. You know if you compared to this. This thing from dji is like 300, i think or 220 um. So i really like the form factor. I really like its functionality. I just think the the quality lacks, but the price does reflect that as well. So i i think the probably the right team to use was: i was expecting more from tbs the brand. What theyve delivered is a product which i think probably meets the price bracket.

Its in, but my expectation was more um and thats really what im gon na say on it: um really um im looking forward to putting it to a lot more flight time this week. I im not disappointed in it and it will become my main radio ive. Already decided that there will have to be Music, something fundamentally wrong with it um for me to to move away the only thing. Actually, i really dont like theres, like only one thing i dont like and thats the power button, its shocking. It should never its a horrible power button, a horrible design, horrible design, its the only thing i dont like is the power button other than that it feels nice in the hand. I do know the um someone just said about the other version. Just now um. I forgot what its called um Music. I put a glass screen protector on yours. If youve got a link to it, robin put it in the description i wouldnt mind getting one please. If did you find one the right size to fit it? That would be really interesting. Um id be worried. The internals are not much better um yeah ive seen some tear downs and ive not seen any issues i havent taken mine apart. I might do it for the main review just to have a look at how my one is: um, Music. I give it the old mad tech, i think its a cracking base.

I just wish it felt its little things. Dude i mean i said that raid that module rattle – let me drop the piece of foam out. You know, okay, you can solve it like with a piece of foam, but you know what were talking here is a crossfire module from tbs to a tbs radio. This should all be snug shouldnt, be getting that thats just shocking. That just really is shocking. Is it me being picky a little bit um, but you know its fine once you do that um, the only concern, obviously, if the switches break theyre mounted to the pcb directly theyre not going to be easy to fix what would be really nice? If t and i dont know they havent done this, but it would be really nice if they made the switches available for users to order im guessing youll be able to get them from them. But it would be nice if they make it to order um. That also concerns me a little bit. It feels okay on the button, but the rotary a bit. You just think um. I suppose i suppose loose is better than not fitting at all five zero. I see yeah. I guess it is, but no so look my thoughts on the mambo um theres a lot more to come on this on the video, but the basic thoughts on the mambo is its a really nice radio from a size point of view for me, especially if you Like the dji one, i think you will really feel at home with this its got all the functionality you would expect.

I just think the build quality leaves a lot to desired to be desired, and i would have expected more from the tbs brand. However, the price of this radio should be taken into account. Oh and i wish they made it with crossfire and not uh tracer. I just wish you could have it as crossfire instead of tracer um, but yeah, but im gon na be testing it a lot more. This week, but um yeah, and when you order it doesnt come with batteries, you need to get yourself some 18650s. So if you do order, one make sure you order yourself, some 18650s um so thats that. So let me just pop that back on there and ive. Just got this little cover, which is a 3d printed tpu one. Someone did a trust, find channel mod. That would be cool to be honest, id be tempted on that tracer of crossfire yeah and im gon na run both systems. To give you an idea, im going to be running tracer on the new sharkbite build, which is at a stop at the moment, because i need a cable and a camera, so this is tracer, as you can see, ive got the antennas mount in there, but on My dji stuff ive currently got it now as crossfire and my plan is to retire. This, i will be honest um. I will be retiring. This now, im gon na be using the um, the mambo for everything.

Look at the quality inside yeah. Okay! Well, do that. We will do that as part of the main review. Absolutely we will do it as part of the main review. Um mambo feels pretty tight to me. Yeah, look its just little bits that makes me think i wish it was more and ill openly say this. This feels in many ways a bit higher quality in some aspects, not all some aspects um, but i just think this is a little bit. I dont need radios this big anymore, um, yeah simple, as that, but im really interested in that glass screens cover. If you do find it is it you robin um, if you do, can you either email me or send me id love to see? I need to go and have a look for one okay, two minutes here down here and im not tearing it down, live on the stream. I will break it if i tear it down, live on the stream and im going away tomorrow and i need it. So no behave okay, so catching up on the chat a second before we get into the uh of the bit, and someone mentioned what were gon na get into no. We havent spoke about ortel, yet thats, something else. We will speak about um. I would have stuck with the x60 myself: mambo fits my hands, it does me as well ghost it is like for me, the perfect size, radio and the dji one was as well for me, i loved the size of the dji radio.

Absolutely no issues at all. Just its not ideal for mixed systems, um Music, the other tracer, more money for more money, um and i dont know im not saying its a bad radio im, not im just saying i think the quality of it reflects in the price um. So, okay, what about runcam and dji so wind jumpy fpv, now before we get into it guys? I just want to say if you are new here, welcome to the live stream. I do appreciate it. Dont forget to hit the like button. Give us a like give us a like: weve only had 12 of them um so lets talk about this dji thing. Okay, so oscar put out this new thing now. This is interesting and let me be clear: im not saying hes lying im, not saying hes got it wrong. All im saying is: he is the only place to post this. I have seen no official posts from any of the companies around this and i am a hundred percent believing this is happening, however, its just interesting, uh oscar got it and its not ive, not seen it anywhere else, um and theres an also an interesting development. After this of how active runcam have got in all of the dji groups overnight, literally they are everywhere as well. So this all ties into the same thing, but the the the information is. This runcam will become an official partner for the dji fpv system after cadets.

Exciting news now lets just re. Read this because you can interpret this two ways run. Camera would be be an official punt dj after codex. So that means one of two things: they are either replacing codex or they mean, alongside its just a strange wording and i think its a long side. However, you just couldnt read that a couple of ways you really can, but anyway theyre going to be producing products. Yes, runcam will also be selling vistas and nebula pro 2. um im, not sure about the nebula pro this sort of eludes that dji design the nebula pro, because nebula is a codex naming. So i think theres some things, not quite writing that article. In that i dont im not expecting to see um, it be quite labeled the same that doesnt really make sense. It reads almost though, like codex is getting axed but well have to see well have to see but theyre under different names, most likely, which is correct. You know im not expecting them being the same um. The wrong camera mimi will be controlled to work estimate in terms of release background, and it goes into this. So, okay, so weve got this statement dj, going to be working with run cam. Now the real interesting thing for this for me, having been at the center of this entire mess – yes bruce yeah, i know where youre going, having been sort of at the center of this whole mess.

I dont believe for one second, this was on the cards before we as a community blew everything up, thats my belief on this. I dont think for one second, this was around the corner now the interesting thing on this is this: when we did cause that bit of trouble and we got the upset a few people to say the least, is i had a statement sent to me from dji That used the words misleading information, okay, and that statement was saying that you may have seen misleading information online regarding dji the ggi cameras, not working with ear units. Now i i was sent that statement and i asked the question and ive discussed this on my other. Live streams at the time um. Are you saying im being misleading, because when i read the statement that was sent to me um and let me just find the statement just just so yeah itll be on my – i put it on my blog. I think on the channel uh community tab. Sorry, let me just find it. Let me put it up uh here, so i had a statement from dj. So here it is so here was the the statement of this from dji um. The dji 3d system will remain open to all users. Weve encountered some misleading information online. That claims the system will be encrypted for certain cameras, and we would like to state publicly for our users that these claims are untrue.

Users can upgrade the firmware for an optimized experience of the system, so that was the statement i had from dgi and then we had the statement from codex, which was a bit different codex basically said they will no longer be locking the system down. Maybe we come up with flow. Another camera is considering the scenes of many users, we must be responsible. We will no longer push the encryption upgrade, so they were doing it. You know ive got a few people say: oh, they werent going to do it, that that is, they were doing it. So dj, come out and said, miss needing information. Now i did say to them hold on a minute. Are you saying, im misleading and the words where i had were not you? What you read was how you its interpreted online, you read it as it was put out were not saying you were misleading. Now they didnt say who they thought was misleading, but jb actually put a very funny post on his group on it, which was well hold on if theyre not who was its not exactly misleading when its in the marketing material. So this all gets really interesting. When you read this, because i i could be wrong here, but i think we pushed them into this and im not gon na im, im not gon na take credit im, not gon na. I honestly think whatever the size of the impact was, i think we sort of did this as a community.

Now i know gary, you said not wii. U, okay. I had my part to play in it which i did and and ill. Let everyone else say what they think is: is right and and ill ill use the rude word we because at the end of the day, whilst i was the mouthpiece it still took, you guys the community behind me to make a change happen, but i dont think This was on the cards before. I fundamentally think we pushed them into this, so its its cool, its brilliant, its fantastic, were gon na get more cameras from runcam, brilliant news. Now someone posted something really interesting just now. They said that theyve changed lets go on runcams website. Have they updated their website now to say its an official supported camera because theyve been like really active compatible with just left, so theyve cancelled that out. So if they added someone said something about them, adding it for um official dj support of they. I cant see anything here, but they might so have they added anything on this. They say not for shark bite. Obviously, but have they changed it? You know theyve got us, theyve got a store as well. They got a store, so they might have changed it on their store compatible with dji fps theyve. Added that you see now interesting, indeed, isnt it its a very interesting situation, but its big news so run camera come in. You know, oscar got this first, its interesting that its gone to him.

I dont know how um, where the runcam have reached out to him, because dj ive not seen a statement from dji at all on this, unless ive missed it. If anyone has seen it from dji, please let me know um unless ive missed it but yeah. Look. We welcome more people involved were going to see more cameras, which is good. You know theres, nothing not to like in this theres, nothing not to like in this. Were you suggesting bruce that theyre all the same company earlier by the way im just going to catch up on the chat, perhaps getting that codex bb junkie? That was the hint i had im not going to say it was oh theyre going to tell me anything. No, no look, i am when you pull the stunts that i pulled. Um Music working with vendors becomes less easy is what i will say. Okay and bruce will know what i mean by that and im, not saying all vendors. I have some really um fantastic companies. I got to work with. I still do like q pilot philip, who, who appreciate the honesty, the feedback and the you know often ill work with them to improve the system that thats how it works. You know and ive been lucky to have a hand in a few things here and there um and ive been massively supported by bennett 3dxr. You know to that side. Massive support from them, so ive been lucky um, but when you do pull a stunt like, i did three times and lets not forget, it was three times um.

I i doubt im on djis or cadexs christmas card list to say the least um. Now i did put my review out this week of the um, the nebula or the polar starlight for those who have seen it um, Music and its interesting. It seems to go down really well because i its interesting, i did it a bit later than everyone else, and it does seem to have gone down that ive managed to pick up uh. Oh bobby bags do not crash, you are a superstar and you will have this today. You will, you will smash it um, but yeah. Look the reality is it can make life a little bit difficult, but it is what it is. So its good news on the run cam thing were gon na, have to see how it goes were. Gon na have to see how it goes. Um, the the talk of september october time before we see anything coming on it. What i will say is this: when theres a a supply of stuff, i would buy it up. Ill, be honest! So if the cameras become available, sort yourself out get plenty, you dont want to be in this position again: oh yeah, the gopro adds a bit on top. I dont really fly with the gopro much these days. To be honest, i need to buy myself a new gopro. I need to get myself a new gopro im gon na have to buy a hero8, i think um.

I want proper rocksteady on one now, um, okay, guys so uh be into the character. At the same time, i wouldnt be shocked if theres a tie in robin with dji and kadex somewhere, but cadets also do a lot of other stuff too um. What i do think is this is, if dji had, i think dji had originally parked the system. So my thoughts on this whole thing, having been at the center of some of the controversy, is this just before the fpv drone supply of cameras ran out, dji basically went were not going to make them anymore, were basically going to move this into the sort of Mid phase of djis product cycle and they threw it at codex – remember the statement they put out. That said, they wont be making parts, but third party will be taking that up. I think dji, for all intents purposes at that point wrote the system off. They were still making division two goggles because they got to make the goggles for the drone but from an ear unit point of view and from a camera point of view, they just threw it at cadex and went you carry on with that for a bit and As far as i think happened, i think they, basically the system was moved into end of life. Unofficially, in the background, i then think cadets sort of got involved and was trying to you know new cameras. Weve got the other cameras and stuff like that and theyre trying to develop as they would, but i think dji were basically out of the game and thats why we ended up having all of the issues we had.

The v2s launched a shocking launch on the v2s. If you look at that launch on the v2 goggles, it was a disaster. Okay, the second, the goggles, the second the standard goggles disappeared. They put out a statement to dealers to say the whole system was end of life. They then released the v2 goggles early without telling anyone. They literally told the media six hours before they didnt even tell the likes of jb. They were doing it until like six hours. Before the only reason i had the first video up on the v2 goggle launch. I was the first and the reason i was the first because they did it in a time zone outside of the us and didnt. Tell anyone – and i was like oh, this has gone, live lets talk about it and they did that. Then they released the drone and screwed everything up with the fpv system, and then we ended up having people buying the goggles they couldnt activate because they were in drone mode no way of switching back. Then we found the bug with people being stuck in drone mode when the goggles reset, then we had the bug of them blacking out in flight, and then we had this. It was shocking that launch. So i think the whole thing was coming to an end, but i think we woke them up and i honestly think, as a community, we, we sort of went hello, were still here and were going to make a lot of noise.

If you dont look after us and i honestly think thats what we ended up doing and i honestly do think thats what we ended up doing – and i had on top of that – this was right when they were pushing their fpv drone product, so they couldnt ignore It either, and i will be brutally honest when i did a few of those things i did. I knew what i was doing in the sense of the point in time. I was doing it and you had to strike whilst the iron was hot. So, for instance, if theyd have just released a new mavic, our noise would not have got seen it. Wouldnt have mattered, theyd have just drowned out, but because they were sitting there, um Music, trying to push the fpv drone, and you had this fpv community shouting its impacting that theyre directly related products, its the same system, its the same goggles. So they couldnt ignore it because, on the one hand, youve got this new system which theyre trying to market and push out and then youve got a slot kicking off holy hell in the background going well. What about this? However, if a mavic had been released, not the fpv drone, i honestly dont think we got anyway, so i will be under no illusion when i did say some of the things i said it was with a mindset of im, hoping it will get seen this way In this impact – and it did – and i think we were able to achieve that – but itll be interesting to see and plus the fpv drone was exploding left right and center.

It was my you know, so we managed to cheat so then i think weve now put the system very much back in their spotlight and i think thats what weve done and thats good news. So well done. You know to you guys its a massive. Thank you. Um and i you know and thats what i think were at with it: okay to catch up on the chat now guys if youve got any questions as were rolling through, please do put them in the chat. It is a q a as well. So if you do have any um, let me catch up christmas cards. They send me a box of ticking noise, ghost fpv, so whats ghost fpv oops late again, no ghost theyre all home by the chinese government, um, yes, um! Okay, i fly with obvious hobbies. Most of the time extra v2 hybrid, i mean cadx, potentially doing ggi series development now, okay, so they are working on this osd thing. So what ill tell you is this? And i havent quite said this yet: okay in the talks i ha – and i i havent fully explained this outside of a small few people in the talks i had with cadex when that was all kicking off. So dji approached me and cadets approached me separately, um. They reached out to me and – and they were very nice – they were very friendly, fantastic guy who reached out no issues there at all, really appreciate some chats with them.

Its really good talks and everything as well im not going to go into that because it was private. But what i will say is this: we had some talks around this um canvas mode thing and i just said look: this is important to people. We need to get this done now. I did try to sort of find out or understand what development was being done by cadets and what development was being done to dji, and they had no interest in discussing that at all. They wouldnt even go there. However, what they did say to me was this, which was look were interested in doing more. Do you have any information on canvas mode? Can you share it with us? We want to give it to our engineering team. We want to pass it on to the people, so i put them in touch with yapoo. Is the autopilot dev who was fundamental for implementing canvas mode and msp osd in audra pilot alex was the person i sent my fpv goggles to when he was looking to test it, and i also put alex in touch with carl divi math, some time back as Well, i cant remember if i put alex in touch with carla called carpenter with alex, i need to check my messages. I definitely linked those two together a little bit and they all talked so alex has also been talking to cadex about msp displayport, which is canvas mode. So the interesting thing in all of this is for me: ive, been able to play a very small part in linking this with dji, with sharkbite and and another pilot and round in a circle.

But alex is an absolute legend yapoo. He wrote the msp support for audra pilot and hes been really pushing this and, i hope theyre paying him. I hope dji codex and divi math whoevers hes worked with all of these guys. I hope alex is getting looked after in this because he is an absolute superstar of a bloke and absolutely fantastic. So i sent them over a load of info on on display um Music uh msp displayport, which is canvas mode, and then i put them directly in touch with alex. I i reached out to alex and said: do you mind talking to these guys and he went no and then they shared some emails and i havent caught up with it from there ill message alex later and find out what the score is alex knows what score Is you know me and alex talk and um yeah, so they are definitely looking at it now a hundred percent, but whether it will happen or not? I dont know i really dont know so. I hope that answers the whole displayport thing as well, so ive been able to play a very, very small part in that alex, who is an absolute legend, is the guy whos behind it and giving as much info out on it as possible, because there is different Implementations of it as well, its not quite as straightforward as just implementing it, um, okay, guys so thats that on that, if youve got any questions, please give us a like.

If you are watching there are 70 of you good evening to the live stream. I hope you are safe and well, if youre new here, please do consider hitting the subscribe button if youd like to support the channel there are links in the description. Consider um super chats are always welcome as well im going to do the shilling and get that out the way. If anyone would like to support us super chats are always welcome. I have spent a thousand quid this week on equipment. Every little helps um, hey jake. How are you nice to see you in the stream? For those who dont know jake is a proper youtuber hes not like me and the rest of these nonsense. Guys, right jake, is what i would call a proper creator, someone who actually does this properly and produces some amazing company, where he lits a bit cold, though jake, where you are um, you know some of jakes stuff is fantastic. Please, if you havent seen his channel check him out it. Is it yeah hes a proper creator? Not this nonsense that i do um. He really is. He makes drone related content im gon na put it up because hes just too good not to put up such a good heres jakes channel. If you havent seen it hes got fantastic channel, always lots of snow. It looks very cold where he is look at it see the uh, but he does stuff on dgi, but this is this is what a proper creator does see? Look, look.

He makes proper content. Look none of this nonsense that i make just look at that. Just look: how that looks. Look at this man. Look. Oh, were gon na have to watch his advent now as well. We need to make sure he gets his. We have to make sure he gets his money there we go. This is a7, its got a lovely studio as well his home, not his studio, but his home see proper creator. Look see this this. This is a man who knows what hes doing so, if youre into camera gear and drones do check out jakes channel um hes a good guy. He really really is um Music. Just checking down the chat right. Okay, its pro tuber lighted, yeah, yeah jake, has it nailed Laughter, um, jake theres, a few channels which have nailed how their channel looks and its something that i notice being a bit of a camera guy as well. Um jake ken dobo kens doing some lovely stuff. Now as well, they these boys, its its a, i can guarantee like jake. Are you using a sigma lens? What are you on these days? Did you move to the s5 you still on the sonys and if youre on the sonys youre, probably on a sigma and youre, probably on the 16 mil if im right come on? Have i got it lets see if ive got it um Music ill, be adding like ill, be, adding fireside lighting to my setup this one, it looks really nice, you know the jakes and ill be honest.

Jakes channel is up there with the channels like um, Music, iphonedo and how those channels look as well um Music. He has a really nice look and the contents great like the contents. Amazing anyway, its you know, but the the channel always looks classy. It really does so um, yes, its a thats, a man that knows how to do it properly. Um id only shoot with the tamron. Ah, yes, its a sony again see its always sonys theres, a lock on the sonys. This is this is a sony mount. This is an ace um 6400 on here with the sony, with the worst value lens i ever bought, which is the 18 to 105, not a good lens, um Music, but um cool right. The next thing we need to talk about. We need to talk about the new fat shark goggles, because theyre out theyve tuned up to people. Okay lets get on get fpv. Where are they? They are the scout hds. So these have this week turned up into some peoples. Hands mine are on route theyll, be here midweek. A lot of the reviews will be up before them. Um uh this. This is the new hd. Only okay. These are going to be controversial in how people talk now something i just want to mention. First, these are still in stock if you want to order a set theyre. Still there now im not sure if um, if that says, good things or bad things, im just going to put that out there in the sense of how many were available, we dont know, but jb orders orders his own set today.

Jb will probably get his set before mine arrive in the uk, and i ordered on day one but anyway, theyre out you can order them and the first reviews have gone live now. There was a few reviews that have gone up this gentleman here: rtrc hes, a british guy, really good video, and he, if youve seen his video, he was quite disappointed in them. He really really was quite disappointed in them. Um. He had three main issues now ill. Come back to this section in a sec, his main issues with this number one um that um he was getting reflections on the lens. So he could see the menus reflecting inside, because its a single screen with a lens number two that he couldnt update the firmware because they didnt include the cable in the box and they havent with anyone. And that is a problem. Um and three. I cant remember what his third issue was. It was fairly minor. I cant remember what it was this dude issue, but the big one was the reflections on the lens okay called jake. Thank you for the super chat, my friend, that is massively appreciate. It really really. Thank you mate. I do appreciate that massively, especially from you as well um, so he he had three main issues on this um. Is he gon na say reflections of someone staring back at him? No bruce. So what hes talking about on the reflections is this and i think he tries to show it um its a good video as well.

So its worth a look, and i dont disagree with anything he said now. He he felt a bit disappointed. Does he show it right? I cant remember: does he so what he said is this? He could see the menus reflected in the glass now i have seen this before on the original dji fpv goggles, because they used a similar setup with a second piece of glass that reflects the top screen, because the original dji goggles had two screens. You had one at the back for one eye and one at the top for the other eye, and then they used a lens to a mirror glass to reflect um them through now. It seems to be that these reflections only happen on the black screen with the bright menus in flight. It doesnt appear to happen. It only seems to be when youre looking at the black screen with the menus and other people have confirmed that as well. So i dont think thats going to be a big issue, but i can understand the comments on it. Um. The other issue is having issues. He couldnt update the firmware on his module because to update shark bytes firmware theres no sd card on board, so you have to attach your ear units to your goggles and they didnt include the cable um. So there are a few little teething issues here and he did feel that he was quite disappointed. You know when i watched his video.

He wasnt particularly happy um. He just felt it wasnt really what he expected and it wasnt up there with dj, especially so its some valid comments. However, there has been a few more reviews come out today and these guys arent as much reviews theyre just overviews actually theres, some really nice ones. Here and theyve sort of confirmed already, so if we look at the lens these, the lens set up in the goggles there, which is removable um there isnt a built in battery on these as well. By the way you do have to add your own lipo. I thought there was a built in battery which there isnt and youve got the control buttons and everyone else seems a little bit. Oh okay with them, not shocking, not terrible, but not perfect, um. So im waiting to see what i think mine are on their way. They should be here, probably tuesday, whilst im away um – i am ex it is. I think these are a very interesting proposition. I i said this last week on the stream. I do think theyve made some mistake. I think it should have had analog. I think it should have had a bay. There is an ear of negativity against the system. Gmi a hundred percent. Now its funny, i get accused a lot of being a dji shill ive always have been people yet im. The guy arguing for this system. Ive been talking about it on on jbs group, ive been talking about it on rc groups, but there are no free passes here.

You know there is some issues and you have to be open and honest about them, and the issue with shark by up until now is that it just didnt make enough sense beyond analog. And what i mean by that is this: when you put the dji system on for the first time it blew you away, image, quality and range was fantastic. Those two were enough to convince you to go into it. Then you had to deal with the latency issue and you would have to decide if the latency was a problem for you. The problem with sharkbite up until now has been this. The cost of it did not bring much benefits. The words i used on this on rc groups was dramatically better. It was not dramatically better than very good analog im, not saying it wasnt better, but it wasnt enough. If you think the cost you were paying. So you had to buy the module at 250, the vtx at 100, the camera 50, so you were in for 400 plus and what you got was better than analog in many ways, but only just so. My argument is from a price to performance improvement. It the benefit was minuscule now for those who wanted digital and had latency as their main important factor. Absolutely shockbyte made total sense and still does it trumps dji in that respect, no question, but what you have to weigh up is how much better than analog is it for 400 and thats if you had a fully compatible set of goggles already and that is and Thats my argument, you know im not saying the systems bad, but what i was saying is this: yes, dji was seven eight hundred dollars, but everyone accepted that it was worth it.

You know: dji, really didnt market, the digital fpv system at all. Right, if you look at this system, it really wasnt marketed at all. The whole user base on the dji system is from users, people trying it and going. I like that there was barely any marketing for the dji system out and out. They just put it on the market. All the later marketing came with rotor riot now thats later that wasnt there in the early days thats only now um, whereas you know for me the problem with sharpie. Was it just wasnt enough and its not that the system was the issue? The camera was shocking. You know that camera the original camera, the nano uh hd if the camera is fine, the lens is absolutely shocking. Ive got the um hd0 lens coming for that, so that thats going to be a big improvement. So im not saying for some people, it wasnt a massive benefit, but the racing community. Yes, racing community loved it brilliant, but i think for general fpv. It just didnt bring enough to the table to warrant for 450 dollars over analog. Some may agree with that. In some amount i was just watching gmi yeah, they fixed the latency, but i mean its been very important, its 10 times better than analog. I would argue on 10 times i im not convinced on that yeah i dont care about the power switch power switch is irrelevant. I dont care about a power switch.

I just pull the battery out as long as the goggles reset back into the same mode. Um and that was and thats always been my argument with the system, its not that its bad. I just dont, i didnt think back. Then it made enough of a an impact, however, and i have written this today on rc groups and i will say it now. I fundamentally think this is the start. Theres a fly attacking me um. This is the start of this system really beginning to take off. So lets now look at the cost today, because now you dont have to have a set of hd02s. Now you can get these goggles for 250 dollars. You can get a vtx for 50 and a camera for 50., so youre in for dollars. That is much better than where we were at before, and that is a much better proposition with the new hd0 camera coming from carl, which is coming very very soon um. There has been some issues on that, but that is coming as well um that is going to push things along. I do have one of those cameras coming the hd0. However, i will not be reviewing it because i have out – and out said to carl at his request that no one reviews it so i will not be reviewing that camera, the one i am being sent. I need it for a build. I massively appreciate them. Actually uh sending me one um, but i wont be reviewing the model that i have been sent on their request because it is free and it has a known issue if youve been following it.

So i have to be fair on that. What i do want to, hopefully be able to say on it is that the image quality is so much better than the other camera thats. What im hoping um im not reviewing it? I want to be able to say you guys are going to love this camera when it comes and thats what im hoping to be able to say, but ive also ordered the hd0 lens for the nano hd, which also is meant to be really good too. Really. Good too um Music in open spaces. No, and and look we can argue – you know as uh james – is in the wonderland. Very often sharkbite system handles the environment better than dj higher power. Interesting, are you running the big vtx gma? Is it the 700? What is it 600 in it yeah you know now these goggles are not perfect, theyre not going to be for everyone look lets look at this. The scout hds, okay, youve got both. I havent fired up my im waiting on the longer cable. I need the longer cable, its 500. yeah im going to be trying the 250 um. Once i get the cable for the camera because uh i i need a cable for the build um. I think this really puts digital in a new path. It puts go away. Um, this puts digital in in the price market of around 350 and i think its really really interesting.

I really do think its interesting um, my only complaint with the sharkbite community is they the guys need to get away from this, for them to win. Dji must fail attitude now. This actually is really interesting. I take that comment from steve jobs. Okay – and this was apples problem for a very long time before steve went back to apple apple. Had this attitude of for apple to win dj had to fail shark bite. Just needs to carve its market now up till now, its one trump card had been latency. However, if we get the new camera that may bring in image quality on par and then were just talking range and maybe with a milliwatt or one watt and other stuff like that, then you really begin to see competition. So there is some interesting stuff. You know another thing on sharkbite this week was carl has said: theyre going to work on bringing audio from the um. From that end, someone has asked about adding in audio and carl said, yeah technically theres. No reason they cant do it. There is no need for shark by dji to lose for sharkbite to win. All sharkbite has to do is deliver a system that makes more sense than analog it. Doesnt have to make more sense than dji. It just has to make more sense than analog, and i will be blunt – i dont feel it massively did apart from a small subset of users up until now so thats.

Where were at on that at the moment, um were just waiting now to see where this all goes. Uh because they dont have adapted bitrate, bruce, says: theyll, never deliver the same performance, no youre, never gon na get the same range. I dont think as it is um i think. If we can get close to it, though itll be interesting, um im i i will be doing a full review on the goggles. I will be telling you exactly what i think. However, i will not be comparing them directly to the dji system, because i just dont think its fair to do so. I will be looking at these goggles from for 250 for hd. What do i think compared to what i had before um so yeah interesting times? Interesting times, couple of the other comments um on the goggles as well. These one uh, these one of the comments was it. It does feel a little bit tunneled. The display is quite far back still its its its not as bad as the original hdls, but its not as good as the hdos two, and they do say that it just seems a little set back its not as immersive as the dji feel. Because you know the dji feel is like the. It does feel a little bit set that back, um, okay, ill, be honest on dji. I reckon this could even be the last system they make on this ive said it ive said it two times.

I said it. Three times be under no illusion one day: dji will abandon this system, so if youre into fpv – and it bothers you that one day the manufacturer will just say sorry were not making that anymore dont buy the dji system. They have done that with every product. They have ever made, there has not been a single product, they have offered support for forever. Every dji is renowned for making systems that are completely incompatible with previous ones. Whilst the fpv community is quite new to dji those whove been flying. Dji drones have seen this stuff time and time again or, as bruce says, buy everything you need – and i have said that before as well all by everything you need, but dont be under any illusion. Dji will end this system at some point. So when we do have this new flourish of cameras and ear units, i will be stocking up like jbl. Jbs got five sets the sword. You know um, you know jakes been around a lot of the ggi stuff for a while, as bruce not so much on the ready to fly stuff. You know. Look i own an inspire 2 ive owned the phantom 2, the phantom 3, the phantom 3. Both models of the phantom 3, the phantom 4, the phantom 4 pro ive owned, the mavic pro the mavic 2, the mavic um inspire one um, a few others in between which i wont talk about.

I have had many many dj aircraft, history will repeat and at some point they will abandon it. The inspire 1 remote was not compatible with the inspire 2.. The mavic 1 remote was not compatible with the mavic 2 properly. You could get video, but nothing else. The phantoms did have a period of um on the gl 300 series of remotes, the gl 300, a b c and d, so originally the phantom 3 see this is outside and how much ive been involved in this, the phantom 3 pro and the phantom 3 advanced. Originally shipped with the gl 300a, then they moved to the gl 300b production and the difference was that they took out the um uh, the fpgas and putting custom asics. Then we had the the gl 300c, which was the first remote with the phantom 4, which was compatible then the gl300d, which was another mixed one. Then you had the gl622 whats inspired one six, two five, six, two three six three two dji are renowned for making nothing compatible, thats, just what their game is, so it will happen on the fpv system.