So, as you can see just to give you a brief uh information about the topic that were going or the product item that were going to unbox, okay again, this is the 2021 run. Five. Okay, basically hindi sikat. But if you are a drone, racer, okay, if you are a drone, racer, okay, you know this brand okay uh. Basically these uh alabama! So now we will uh were going to do some crazy stuff thats. What my helmet into is, after the unboxing, well try to do some our usual bike ride yeah this element and lets see the quality um stabilization, but i know quality the pixels in the video or the picture produced okay without further ado lets. Unbox now five orange okay. So this is the second action camera that were doing some quick, unboxing and review and sharing to you, okay, okay, the box itself is belly rubbish and, as you can see, beethoven run cant find 4k color orange. So this is a 4k. So male 1 run come one two, three and four. I think i think 1080 pixels made up on youtube but again uh theres, some issues before we run country and four in a stabilization. Okay, again: random five around camera action camera so well take a closer picture. Video later, okay le man calling card calling card and then the rest are hollanderen, the usual small box, small pouch and lemon eye power, cable or data, cable, leather, strap, leather, strap.

I dont know how to use it together, racing my separate mounting and run five youre going to install the drone racing drone – racer Applause – oh its another – ah probably its for the helmet, but im not going to use this uh leather because i bought. Where is it and there you go your runcam 5 action camera as you can see? Okay, so i dont know my drop protection: okay, uh, splash proof. Okay again, this is a splash proof not designed for uh waterproof but may not be putna water or underwater no case net or panama and again guys. This is 4k resolution. Applause, okay led indicator so and then the number five you will slide it so guys. Okay and then youll see that the micro sd card guy, okay and then after that, just slide it up. Then its closed already and as you can see, you know you power on both on your ato, okay, built in battery and then right, micro, usb nathan and then merchant five beats on the marbuutas except exos. Also and then uh speaker as well, then marina, hindisha, dome type smooth but inside inside totally front line, but on the side as well, so thats. Why the the road racer like this one but were going to use this and try this? How good it is in terms of video quality in a 4k than random 5, but we need to install or add on not helmet, so this camera is same size like uh gopro, hero station four and five: okay, the gopro hero session, four and five okay.

So lets see how good it is. The 4k resolution lets go out now and lets ride ill show you now. I know im quality there. You go guys Music, nothing! New action. Camera now run five orange Music. Okay guys enjoy the rest of the video, while tracking and riding the buddha ride going to anti follow cathedral church.