I was working on the TMR modified engine and I had noticed that one of the Eclipse had come off and I was having issues with the clutch itself so I'm, actually going to replace the clutch right now, not a big deal at first. I want to loosen off this bolt and then I'm going to use two screws, both this length right here and thread them in and to pull this clutch right off of the motor shaft, which makes me wonder how many people are telling me right now: it's, not A motor shaft it's, an engine shaft, which is true what I'm doing here, is just holding the clutch in place. So I could take that out. I wasn't using too much pressure, though just enough there, no Allen uses just a bit of blue loctite on there. So on the inside, underneath what we're, gon na you're gon na have to note that there's two screws on either side here underneath you can see the casting like you can see that line right there when I don't have my shadow in the way. Well, if I actually move that hole over that casting point, is it that one there? Let me see, so I have to line it up on both right there's, the proper point, so I've got a bit of the casting here and in the back. This is where I'm gon na start threading those screws in, of course, equal on either side I'm, just gon na hand thread them until I can actually feel them touchdown against that against that casting okay, both screws are set against the mould and we'll just start to Slowly thread it in maybe that clutch is out yeah everything looks really decent here, no cause for concern.

You can see the two marks on the casting from from the screws right there and right there I'll just blow that out with the compressor and get that clean anyway, then my second clutch I'm gon na just drop it on and then tighten it up, not too Tight, I don't want to over torque it nice make sure it doesn't slip when it's in there and then since I'm, going to be replacing the pipe I'm going to take this opportunity to take the old manifold off here, just giving it a visual inspection. I don't see any scoring or anything that's good he's, basically asking for it just lined up I'm gon na take this throttle table, make sure it's seated properly. If you guys can see here, it has to basically loop like this to this very short distance to go. Underneath and pop up through that I'm surprised, there's, not a more direct way but it's just how the engine is positioned, I'll open the throttle. So I can get that cable into position and like that, okay and in the last video I showed you that Alan from TMR actually sent me this prototype pipe. Now this isn't even the newest product they have. This was just one of their ones that they new improved the speed. Now this expansion chamber is huge and yes, a lot of you may laugh at the welds, but I'll tell you what it's a damn law better than I would have done in a heartbeat.

Now I know I'm happy to have something like this in here, but I have to figure out how to get this monstrosity hooked up in there now. Thankfully Alan did send me a photo, but the first thing I'm gon na have to do course is to remove the driver out of the body. This whole bottom shield needs to be removed just so we have room for the for the pipe. So now I get to figure out how to get this puzzle into the receptacle right there. So it's gon na have to wiggle and shake its way in there huh. I knew wouldn't take too long, so I just moved this cross brace moved it up out of the way I was able to thread it down up to where they will be coupling together. It comes up and around, and the inside tab actually fits on to a hole that stock right there and the exhaust comes down like that. Hence why I need to take out the driver that makes more sense, so I'll put a gasket in there put some Loctite through there and start zipping this all together and about 25 minutes later of fiddling and putting a whole bunch of screws back into place. Also, these two braces one here, one on the front: everything cinched up on either side. All the panels on of the frame are all together. Look at that. You guys know the size of a full size, 18 volt drill, that's.

How big this truck is. I actually like this pipe quite a bit. I know it's not like the most amazing thing, but to think that it's, a prototype of something that you know hundreds if not thousands of people are going to enjoy all around the world that has some character to it. Man so I'm glad to have that in there. Next thing I have to do is install the gas tank ball, okay, so radio on got lots of voltage and then to prime the end. What I want to do is pull on this cable three to five times. Then I'll plug it in on it's got a kill, switch on this giant machine. You can see it's beeping red, saying it's not good to go until I touch that I'm ready on the radio and I've reset it see. If I can get this thing to fire up, switch is on in the front I mean choke it on yeah that sounds aggressive already just turning off the choke. That is exactly that's a ton of power. That is exactly why I have a radio on standby yeah. I had a little bit of a run away there, so I'll have to check my throttle settings that was exciting. That was exciting, nice little burnout, almost whoo. She sounds great, oh man, okay, I need to go change.