Hey ive got another drone for you today. I have the uh ruco u11 pro drone. Now, what kind of drone is this? This is what i would consider probably a good first drone. It is a folding drone with brushless motors gps hold drone so that you can fly it outside in a little bit of wind and its not going to fly away on you. It does have a 4k camera, however, that camera is fixed its not on a gimbal. So uh yeah lets quit messing around lets. Go get this guy out of the box and take a look at it. I think its a pretty good uh comes with a pretty good kit. Okay lets take a quick look at the box here: uh, you know nice retail box, uh u11 pro it says, 4k ultra high definition, camera brushless, motor gps, hold optical flow positioning optical flow means that it will hold its position so on the side of the box. Here this is important: qr codes for the app the ruco app that youre going to use to fly the drone thats. What youll put on your mobile device? Oh, and it does say age, 14 plus on the side, the usual warning labels on the back and then on the other side here its telling us that it is indeed a 4k uhd ultra high definition, camera brushless motors fpv live video. What that means is its shooting a picture back to your mobile device so that you can see what the drone sees while youre flying it and then, finally, at the bottom, there gps altitude hold lets, get the drone out of the box, so they always put a High quality uh plastic bag uh in many of these drones and uh, so thats out of the box flip it around here you can see it says ruko there right on the case, so heres the case right here.

I always appreciate a double pull zipper on the side were gon na, have to turn it upside down here, or at least the ruco is upside down to get it open and lets unzip. Oh, i should have pointed out. You got a nice uh carrying handle here as well and flip her open and theres what we got uh. I always i always appreciate a full size manual when youre, an older guy like me, being able to see a manual is a good thing and of course they again you have the qr codes to download the app on your mobile device for apple, ios or android. So weve got the the drone itself uh, but before we do that lets lets pull out the controller here and i always like when they include uh one of these little. I guess youd call it the directions page, it tells you what all the buttons on the controller do. Of course, i know what you guys want to see and thats. The drone itself here is the ruco u11 drone and it has a gimbal cover on there. Lets uh lets go ahead and flip it open here. So it looks like youre going to open the front arms. First, then, the rear arms and they just uh flip uh sideways open, as opposed to some other drones that you may have to turn them down, etc, and we do have plastic over the top. Well pull that off before we get it out in and fly it.

But uh but heres those brushless motors, its got folding props, uh that your that are screwed on there and im sure it includes a screwdriver and some spare props well look at that in a second uh. But what else can we see here here? Is the power button for the battery and the battery yeah is not fully inserted, so lets pull it out and yeah they put they what they typically do. Is they put a little foam rubber block so that the battery cant be engaged while its in transport but heres the battery and yeah? It needs to be charged its not charged at all, but it simply slides in right there and – and you can feel lock. You pinch these two buttons right here to pull it out and uh, while were looking at the battery its a 1900 uh milliamp uh, 7.6 volt battery, and it just says to turn it on and off. So a couple of interesting things that i see here on the bottom here right here is that optical flow cam camera, and what that does is it helps the drone know whether its moving or not or what direction its moving in and will also help keep its Distance above the ground, whats also encouraging to see, is you have an sd card slot there, because this is a 4k camera youre going to want to use a u10 or above micro sd card? So then, the cover on the camera here – but this is just a very lightweight plastic cover.

So then we do have some plastic over the lens. Well, pull that off before we fly and the the camera im sure is adjustable uh you want. I dont want to manually, try and push it up and down, because we could mess up the gears in there thats going to be adjustable on the controller while you fly, but what it is not it doesnt have a gimbal. So while this is rubber, mounted thatll help with vibration and keep the video jello free uh as you bank, the drone, the camera is going to move along with it and youll see that kind of movement but thats, okay for a drone in this price range. So this drone is heavier than 249 grams, so you will have to put an faa number on the side of it, but thats awful easy to do it just cost you five bucks, you go onto the faa website and sign up and theyll. Give you a number and what i do is i just use a little label making machine and put a number put. My faa number on the side of my drones lets see whats in the rest of the case here. So my suspicion is here were going to find uh some yeah. This is the second battery, so i misspoke uh, not there isnt a a charge block. What this is is this. You will plug this into uh the controller, and this is what will hold your mobile device, so well figure that out when we get to the controller, and then indeed here is the second battery.

So i noticed something here that i didnt see earlier when i was looking at the battery on the that i took off of the drone it is, it does have a usbc port and thats how youre going to charge this battery so just use. I would use a high output usb charge block and plug that usb c cable in there and youre going to get this thing charged right up. Let me pull the stuff thats out of the in the top compartment here: okay heres, the contents of the top part of the case there and im not going to pull them all out of the bag, because you guys have seen this stuff before. But you have two uh usb a to usbc charge cables in this bag. Uh you have the ubiquitous screwdriver that comes with these kind of drones and thats in case you need to replace a prop and there are prop screws in there. In case you lose one of those little screws and its important if you change a prop youre going to want to use these new screws, because typically, they have just a little bit of thread locker on there. That will keep the prop in place and then, of course, you have a bag full of spare props, hopefully thats, not anything youll need anytime soon, but im glad that they include them. Okay, here is the remote controller for the ruco u11 pro you got. The usual gimbal sticks right here.

This is to power, the remote controller on and off. This is a one button return to home, uh key, so you push that button and the drone will come back to you providing you have a gps lock and then this button down here is the gps switch, so thats for turning gps on and off on the Drone im telling you youre going to want to leave it on unless youre flying inside the house, and, quite frankly, i dont recommend flying inside the house. This drone says itll do it, but for the most part i would be outside in a field when flying this drone. This is gps. Follow me this button right here. This button right here will put the drone into circle mode, and this is a high and low speed mode button when youre first starting out. I definitely would start in low speed before you put it in high speed and then lets look at the at the top of the controller here so uh. This roller right here is the roller that is going to tip that camera on the drone up and down. So that you can look down and look up with the camera thats handy, because you want to be able to get that camera pointed at what you did. What it is that youre trying to look at this button will start recording this button will take a picture. So, of course, the other thing youre going to want to know is how you charge the controller up and keep the battery charge on the controller uh its good that this one has an internal battery, and you charge it right here via that usbc port, and you Could use one of those charge, cables that comes in the box, so the antenna on this drone? It looks to me like theyre here for looks only there is no wire.

I cant see any kind of wires going into these antenna, which tells me that theyre just there for looks so honestly, you could leave them folded up the whole time youre flying the drone and its not going to make any difference other than they may get in The way of our mobile device mount here lets take a look at that, so you remember this device that we pulled out with the box that had the battery in it. Well, its just simply going to clip into the back of the controller here so with the antenna pointed down. You just simply slide this in right here and you heard it snap there and then this little guy moves. You can adjust it back and forth and your mobile device is going to fit. This clamp just stretches up and down and clamps down on your mobile device, so thats about it for the controller lets. Take another look at the drone: hey, okay, so the ruco u11. Pro theres, only one thing left to do: lets get out in the field and lets get this bird in the air, as you can see by my attire, its pretty cold today, its the 15th of december im at heroes park in meridian and uh its about 34 Degrees outside, so i know, im going to get some cold fingers today. Lets quit messing around lets, get this bird in the air hey. So this is the first time ive fired this drone up and it has a little bit different procedure than ive seen on other drones.

So the first thing we need to do is turn on the drone itself, thats just a long press on the button, and then we need to turn on the controller and thats just sliding. This switch right here, its a little bit top heavy with my phone, but then you pull the left control, stick down to the six oclock position and that binds the controller to the drone, and so now the next thing we need to do is uh get a Wi fi connection, so i opened up the wi fi on my phone and the ruco u11 pro shows up there. So im going to connect to it, theres no password, it should connect automatically or or connect without a password and then once you do it one time it should connect automatically on your phone, so were connected there and then the next thing were going to do is Uh open up the app, although it doesnt tell you that exactly, but i believe that is the uh the next step and it uses the ruco gps app. So yeah were gon na click, okay and were going to click. Ok and its already saying uh go flying, but i know we need to do a compass calibration, so that is simply uh three rotations uh uh horizontally and then three rotations vertically and its supposed to give us beeps. But im not seeing any indication on here. So well see yeah so its giving us a little tutorial on the app and ill.

Let you guys uh ill. Let you guys look at that here and we already did that and calibrate the compass and gyroscope yep were gon na. Do that right now, uh so lets uh lets start with the three rotations horizontally and then vertically hey. That was really easy, so it gave me a beep in both situations and then next we need to do the gyro calibration, which is the right stick, uh down and to the right, and we got a beep, so i think were good to go there. I clicked. Okay on everything – and it looks like we have a a fpv picture – let me see if i can lift that camera up yeah. We sure do so. I use the scroll wheel to pick the camera up there and uh lets look at the uh at the app real, quick uh and we do not want it in beginner mode im, not sure if i need to set any of this default. 30 meters lets lets just go ahead and crank all that stuff up boy ill. Tell you what my fingers are freezing already uh lets see 20 meter return to home im, going to crank that up just a little we dont need it at 40.. Lets go boy. Its really sensitive so were at 29 meters. That should be plenty for where were at. We should be good to go here. Let me uh start recording now and im going to do that on the app and it is recording so yeah.

So thats good lets go ahead and arm the motors and to do that, youre going to do both sticks down and in and and they did, the motors took off lets see if we can do an auto takeoff on the app yeah and weve got a slider Here and look there, we go hey. This is all good stuff folks, this uh, this little drone uh is operating. Just like i say it is now you can see it kind of bouncing around there and and and let me im going to pick it up and, like i said its fairly windy today, you know weve got probably more wind right now than youd normally fly. This drone in uh, but im telling you im encouraged by what i see here we got. I have good control. The controls feel real good uh it. It responds well everything that we did just then through all the calibrations. They were very straightforward. Now one of the things im going to tell you is, if i look at the battery meter on the drone, its saying uh 50. Well, i had the thing on the charger for about uh well over 12 hours and there the last light was still beeping on it or were still blinking uh. When i pulled it off the charger this morning, which is odd, so thats thats kind of an odd thing, but uh anyway, im going to drop the gimbal down here just a little bit and i do have another uh a second battery.

But it was the same thing: it was still blinking, so its the drone is moving around a little bit but but uh not terrible. Lets lets go back and up and see what we can do. Yeah and im. You know i i i im not used to the control, so you know it kind of the moving around and stuff that you see is probably as much my fault as anything plus. My fingers are just really cold. Okay lets back it up a little bit now lets see. If we can go back – and i dont you know – i didnt see what they advertised for range, but im not expecting a lot of range out of this drone, and you can see there when i let off the sticks, uh that it that it kind of points Down there, i picked up the camera a little bit, thats better lets back it up a little bit more and maybe go a little bit higher. So i expected that that this, you know, wed see some movement on the camera, because this drone does not have a a gimbal on there. But what im encouraged by is im not seeing any uh jello, so im moving the drone to its left. Now, as you can see and were about how far away were about not quite 189 meters away lets see if we can get it out, uh a hundred meters and we can and thats probably as far as you know, i dont know how far this drone is Going to go, but were not going to do much of a range test here.

Let me uh move it around were right out in the middle of the uh of the uh park. So im going full stick forward here and lets see it is giving us a a speed of 3.3 meters per second and yeah im getting a beep there. I dont know why lets turn around the other way and were about 125 meters away, but ive got good control. Im. Not you know we havent lost fpv, we havent lost anything. Lets uh push the speed button on here. Theres, a high and low speed lets see what happens so. I think that might have put it in a higher speed im going to go full stick forward here, yeah and it did yeah its its a lot faster in this speed. So the drone is coming right. Back to us lets steer it over the top of us here, and here she comes its kind of fun to watch it. Its moving right along okay lets put on the brakes and boy. You saw it tip up there. Uh yeah youre gon na hear me complaining because boy my fingers are are freezing off here. Oh boy, is it bitter cold here today, so i kind of like the sport mode in this guy. It moves it moves out pretty good and youre, seeing the drone kind of get blown around in the wind there a little bit when im when im uh moving it so yeah. So you can see how we get.

We had a really stiff wind coming, oh wow. We got a big gust of wind, so im bringing the drone down a little bit were just going to leave it hover there for a second yeah. That was a big guess. Weve got a big snowstorm blowing in tonight. Yeah we may have to. We may have to end this test flight a little bit early because its really starting to get windy. I kind of thought that maybe we would avoid the worst of the wind, but i probably should have come out a little bit earlier today, but lets uh lets bring the drone to us here im trying to move it towards us. I can see it blowing around in the wind up there, its fighting the wind – this is probably windier than you would normally want to use this drone in so lets im going to bring it over the top of me and lets try an orbit mode. Okay, im gon na push the uh the orbit mode on here, and i dont see the drone doing anything. Okay lets try that uh lets try that on the app and uh you know it says its in gps follow so thats kind of interesting uh. I pushed the orbit button and it says its in gps follow so lets. I got out of that im gon na try it again so im gon na. Do it on the on the app here yeah, so its in joystick mode yeah.

Whatever that means lets do orbit it and yeah there its starting to spin around and what you can do: Music yeah there and – and so it says in the app that you can uh, you can change it around. Let me see if i can point the camera down yeah so im backing it up here, a little bit and im increasing the radius. So there you can see me down there and its doing an orbit just like it said it would and, and you can, control the height and the radius with the sticks, so thats pretty cool and its working perfect, and for it to do this in this kind Of uh uh when the environment is a good thing. Okay, so lets uh weve shown that that works lets get out of that. So i stopped it and the drone responded immediately. I am going to im going to try uh the the the gps, follow me and im going to use the button on the controller and lets see what that does yeah, so that didnt seem to do anything so im, im gon na suggest that you use the App for those modes, so weve got it in follow me mode here. Im just gon na walk around a little bit and ill. Tell you if its following me and it is, and you know what its doing a fairly decent job. Well now i just walked out of frame, but it seemed like yeah its doing a decent job of keeping me in frame somewhat thats.

The thing about gps. Follow me as opposed to optical doesnt, always keep you in frame, and it wants to use use cellular data. Yeah were going to let it do that, so i dont know what that was about, but uh yeah, so uh, so so far so good. So the only thing im questioning so far on this drone is uh. Oh now, i let me tell you, i just made a mistake uh earlier, so when i pushed the button that i thought was orbit, i was actually pushing the gps. Follow me on the controller here, its so cold. Trust me, my eyes were watery, so this button takes it in and out of gps mode. The next one is what puts it in follow mode, so i should be able to take it out right now, yeah and i did and uh boy. The little drone is really uh struggling here. Weve got down about 36 that percent battery im gon na fly it out and were gon na uh were gon na put it in return to home and see how close we get to and boy ill. Tell you what in high speed mode this drone moves right along lets, pick that camera back up a little bit as best i can and well well see if we can do a return to home here, im going to do it on the controller im going to Push this button on the controller, and you know what its beeping and im watching the drone rise to its return to home height and its coming back to us.

Wow nice job well ill. Tell you! I love it when things work the way theyre supposed to and its telling me drone low battery. So you know what it is not coming back so were gon na fly it back here i am, i have got no, it is not responding to controls, so thats, not a good thing, so lets take it out of that return to home. Yeah ill. Tell you. I cannot get the drone to respond to controls its i its right above me over there and its beeping like crazy, and i push return to home on the screen. Well, i was, i was bragging about how well this drone was doing and uh its telling me low battery. I cant fly, i cant. It wont respond to controls. I cant raise or lower in height i cant control the drone, whatever its just hovering up there. So were kind of helpless that i was. I was giving this drone a pretty good grade until this, so i dont know whats going to happen here its over the grass. I i suppose it may just fall out of the sky. Well were uh, you know, i dont know almost 13 minutes into the flight and uh its just up. There hovering i cant, get it to respond to any controls, im im tempted to uh turn off the remote and turn it back on, but that may cause more problems than than we already have.

So it is over the grass. So so, if it falls its going to fall over the grass out there yeah its just not responding to anything, let me see if i can hit land on the app yeah. Okay, that worked. I hit land, i hit land on the app and its landing out there. So uh well see its close to that tree. Well see what happens here. Okay, so i got the drone. It just landed in the grass. It was fine, so the only control i could get it to respond to was just the land button uh on the app it wouldnt respond to any other controls in any way so and boy. It went into that low battery uh just instantly so uh kind of interesting. I im not sure thats good, but in any case let me slap another battery in it. Ive got a second battery and uh weve got one thing left to try and thats way points. So well give that a try and then hopefully, once we do that we can try a successful return to home. Well see what happens. Okay, ive got the drone all calibrated its telling me that the battery is at a hundred percent again both batteries. When i tried to charge them uh, i got that weird. You know they were on the charger for like uh 12 hours and i they never did show fully charged. I still had one blinking light on both of them uh.

So, in any case, lets see if we can uh start recording video and im going to do that on the controller here, and it did that started. You know this. This drone is a little bit of a conundrum to me because it in one hand it works. Quite well and then then its disturbing when you had a situation like we had with that return to home, so lets uh, go both sticks down and in and that got our props going and lets go and do an automated take off again. If i can, my fingers are so cold there. It goes and it took off all right and i do want to give the drone the benefit of the doubt uh in that that we do have a a very very windy day today. The wind is really starting to uh, starting to come up here so uh in any case, im going to put it up in the air and were going to see if we can get a little uh. A a waypoint mission going so lets go straight up with the drone. We can go a little higher than that and im going to turn it around here and again, you know it. It is a. It is a windy day here today, so were gon na click. On the map and uh, i thought this was where i did waypoints, but i might be wrong. Lets uh lets go back here. Lets click on waypoint.

There we go so in that special menu, you got waypoints and then were gon na do uh the dots. So we click on the little pencil, with dots and uh im gon na make this map a little bit bigger and were gon na go were not gon na get too carried away. So im gon na do just a little square here and bring it kind of. Maybe down kind of next to us so lets uh lets go ahead and send that to the drone and thats that little up button and so thats sending that information to the drone? Oh and it go its its already taken off so its going to its first waypoint and im gon na just leave the screen recorder on the on the map here. So you can see it go to the waypoints and its its handling, the wind pretty good, and it should be turning its at its first waypoint. It should its turning should be turning to go to its second waypoint. Maybe there it goes it just it paused for a second and then its going to waypoint number two, its executing it perfectly. I saw it reduce a little bit in altitude its at two and by the way uh. This map appears to be very accurate because im looking at the drone and where its at on the field, it seems to be very accurate, so its going to three now or turning to go to three.

It pauses for a second well, its still sitting there at three thinking. Oh there it took off no, maybe not its just moving up and down. It seems to be kind of stuck there at two, so well give it a second and see what happens and if not well just take it out of that mode. I wonder if i give it a little nudge. I gave a little nudge with the sticks yeah, so so it it stopped at that. Second waypoint. I do not know why. Let me uh, let me bring it back to us here and it is responding to controls so im going to bring the drone back to us here, which is good. I, like that, its responding to controls and and maybe well try it one more time here. Im going to hit that send button again and see if the drone will yeah and its starting over so lets, try it one more time here its heading to that first waypoint again, so its at number one. What i noticed is when i got to that. Second, waypoint, the that little send button uh went uh got highlighted again, so it told me that it it for some reason lost uh the command so its heading to that number. Two, where it got stuck last time and well see what happens again. Its still. There number two: it turned around and yeah its still there at number two. So i think if i, if i think, if i, if i hit the the the uh control itll, take it out of waypoint mode and it did so thats what happened last time as well anyway.

So its just evidently not going to complete that waypoint mission. So uh ill tell you what were going to do. We have uh, it is getting colder and colder im going to hit return to home on the controller again and well see if we can get this thing to come back to us. You know our return to home last time: didnt work its rising to its return to home height and its coming back. Now, look at that thats. What we wanted to see so i dont know if our anomaly last time had to do with the fact that it was getting low on battery, but its uh its successfully coming back to us and im, not sure, if im going to have to command it to Land when it gets back here or if itll land by itself well see but its uh, its almost directly above us and its reorienting itself, it is coming down yep its its gon na. I think its gon na land now, some of them also theyll get down. So far, and then theyll ask for that final 10 feet or so, but its pretty darn close, look at this youre going to see it on the uh on the uh gopro. Let me uh drop the gopro down, so you can see it and it kind of bounced a little bit on the concrete there. But uh. You know thats not uh its deciding if it should land yeah and then it finally did and its shut off motors.

So uh yeah thats what you want it to do? Okay, well, that was successful. Then hey! Okay, let me get everything shut down. My fingers are freezing off and well do a quick conclusion: hey okay, we had a successful flight with the ruco r11 pro and, of course, now that were done flying the sun comes out a little bit, but im telling you its flipping cold and im glad i Got my gloves on now because my fingers were about frozen off there uh trying to get this test flight in, however uh. I was overall happy with the performance of the drone, with one big exception and one smaller exception, uh. The only thing that was concerning. Let me back up a little bit. What i was pleased with is when we fired up the drone everything worked as it should it calibrated easy everything that they all the instructions how they told you to get. The drone going were 100 percent accurate and it worked perfectly. The drone calibrated it uh, the the motors uh uh were able to activate your uh was able to take off and it worked as it should. The controls were good. Some of these little drones like this, the controls can be pretty vague and can have a lot of lag in them. I didnt feel that, with this guy i felt like when i moved the stick. The drone took the command and did quite well. However, the the flight went fine, i made one mistake when i was showing you how to do the orbit and i pushed the button on the controller and let me get out the controller here.

I uh i i thought i was pushing the orbit button. I pushed this the this button right here and that is the follow b. The gps follow me and i meant to push the one next to it and uh it was so cold. My eyes were watering, so bad uh that i that was, that was my fault, but once we got into the app we did those we did both the gps follow me and the orbit function on the app and it worked perfectly and then i tried it again On the controller – and it worked great too so so that all worked really well, so where did we get into trouble? Well, when we were done with all that, i took it back over the field and we knew i knew i were fairly low on battery. I hit return to home on the controller, the drone started to rise uh, and then it gave me a low battery warning and the drone just sat there and didnt move, and that would be one thing, but i couldnt even fly it back because it would not It would not respond to any controls uh with anything with the controller, any inputs with the controller and on the app i tried to cancel return to home, to see. If that would then allow me to get control of it again and fly at home that didnt work either, what i finally did was i hit the and it was just sitting there hovering.

I mean the drone wasnt going anywhere. It was hovering in place, but the way i finally got it back was to hit the land button and the drone simply landed in place, and it was down over the grass over there. So it was a safe place to land, but what, if it wasnt? You know what, if you were over the side of a hill – or you know, over a little pond or a lake or something you wouldnt, be able to do that so thats a little disconcerting, and could that have to do with this really cold today, its possible Ill give it the benefit of the doubt, but then we put the second battery into it and tried a waypoint mission, and you know what the waypoint it took. It was really easy to set up uh. I i hit the upload button and the drone immediately went to his first waypoint turned, went to its second waypoint and got stuck there for some reason, and i dont know why it wouldnt move past that second waypoint, but you can. What i did find, then, is you, can take it out of waypoint mode by just giving it a stick input and it takes it out of that mode. So at that point we just hit the return to home button on the controller and our second time with return to home worked perfectly. The drone came back, it landed within, i dont know a foot and a half of the of the landing pads.

So no complaints there, so you know overall, i think its okay and could that initial problem have had to do with it was really in low power mode. At that point i dont know, but even so that isnt a good thing and its also, like i said, very cold, so im going to give it the benefit of the doubt on that one. But i just want to make you aware of it. The waypoints im going to have to try that again, one of these days again, you know, like i said its a very cold day today. The other item of concern i had is, i never was sure that i had the batteries fully charged yeah when i put them in there. It said 100, but then almost immediately it just showed 50 percent charge. So so i dont know about that, and i was on a uh on a a 3 amp quick charger, so i dont know i cant cant answer that one either but thats something well have to try. Overall, i think a beginner would do okay with this drone. Just you know just be aware of some things uh i had i actually enjoyed flying it. I wish it had been a little bit warmer day, hey, so i do want to say uh that this uh drone is available on amazon and i think they got a coupon right now and its its like right around 180 dollars, which i think is a fairly Decent buy uh for a gps drone like this, so i will put my affiliate link in the description below, but i guess thats about it.

This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i do appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah.