I always want to say roku the ruko u11 pro brushless gps drone im going to take it up now for his test flight. I already did an unboxing and overview table review, so i went over all the stuff this drone comes with and the features in a previous video ill try to remember to put a card up here. To that i happen to forget, because i dont often use cards and just search back a couple. Videos and youll see that video. If youre interested all comes with it now we can just get it up in the air. I already have it connected to controller. I connect: is it a wi fi from the drone and then open the app, and once you get the app open it wants you to calibrate the compass. So you just need to do a couple spins. It shows you on the the app shows you a couple. Spins horizontal it beeps a couple: spins vertical the nose up, and then it beeps and youre good to go so now we can get it up in the air. I have a 16 gig sd card in the bottom of the drone. So you want to make sure you use a micro sd card that way uh. You can record video, of course, and you always want to record the sd card. I dont know if it records it to the app it might record your phone as well, but you want the sd card footage im not going to mess with the screen recording today.

So i want to get up and really focus on the onboard video that comes thats going to be saved to the card, so lets go ahead and get it up in the air. First thing were going to do is start recording that video so lets press the video button here, which is this inside top bumper, and i got a recording, so were good to go. Then you just do both stitch down and in and then you can go ahead and i think theres an auto takeoff, but if not well just give us some throttle here. Lets see what this does here on the app yeah and then you just slide it over and itll. Do an auto take off lets see if its stable lets get it up in case it would move around it. Doesnt bang into my fence, so yeah theres, you have a return to home and your high and low rate circling mode lets, move it back some here and our follow me and then gps on and off. But i dont actually see a auto takeoff on the controller. So you got to do it from the app or you can just give. It throttle its its, not very windy today, but it sure is kind of bouncing around. But sometimes these drones need to sort of get their feeling when they get up in the air and then they sort of calm down, and there is some wind dont get me wrong about 10 mile per hour.

So thats, probably why? Because this drone is um relatively small, unfortunately it is over 250 grams, so you would have to register this drone or put your faa number on here in the united states, but it seems to fly really good. Now again, this camera is not stabilized, so keep that in mind lets tilt it down. It does have tilt its going to tilt it down here guys. I dont know if you guys can see me here or the side im in the shade lets walk out here. Just kind of wave over the camera here lets try to face it. Uh lets face it towards me a little bit more there. I am got some grass planted back here, starting to come in, but its i dont know how well its going to grow its so hard to grow grass thats why it looks so brown back here yeah. This seems to fly pretty good now. Another thing that i did im going to stand back in the shade again so that i dont have to worry about the glare. Now i can see my fpv feed. It is bouncing around a little bit as you expect with the drone like this. I just like to keep them close at first to see how it flies that way. I can feel confident take it out further. This is being wi fi based. I think it was 5g. I should have paid more close attention. Most of these are now um either way.

I would expect a ton of range out of these drones when theyre just based off wi fi yeah. This flies really good. This should be the lowest rate. Lets put it to a thats thats three beeps left to see. I cant remember this my thats thats much more aggressive lets see is i have three rates yeah, it was in the middle rate thing guys. I would suggest the lowest rate when youre going to film unless its super windy, because youre not going to get as much pitch. So the drone is not going to be tilted to the ground as much and you can keep the horizon a little more. So i wouldnt even give it full pitch and see thats a little better, but heres the yall on lowest rate, still pretty quick and theres. The middle rate increases, i believe, and then highest rate, its even more the highest rate you might need, if youre, really flying in some wind or youre, getting a bucket back home. It does fly really good. This reminds me of the holy stone hs175d and the way it flies just a really nice flyer, but just like that drone, it doesnt have any kind of stabilization, so you are stuck with the wobbles, which makes this drone ideal for taking photos uh like, of course, I had video recording now so im not going to take a photo, but this this drone will take good photos. I have no doubt about that.

If we stop the video later on, i might be able to try to maybe take a few photos. If i remember theres so much to cover with one of these drone reviews, what i wanted to mention was in the app when you click up in the three buttons here ill. Try to show you since im not doing a screen recording you do a beginners mode turn that off, if youre, not a beginner, then put your distance and altitude all the way up and then set your return to home altitude. That way, youre not going to be hitting a geo fence, so weve got 63 battery. Thats dropped a little more than youd like to see lets. Take it out here aways and lets do a return to home and take it out over the old cemetery. There lets get it up high enough here. You see it out there over the cemetery. I could take it out of ways im not too far out here. I could see what the distance is. It says im out about 138 meters. I still got good fpv feed. Better than some of the other drones that i reviewed in this class im only over the uh cemetery now lets turn this way, its a nice little nook back in there that i didnt realize that the farmer farms back in here behind the cemetery. It is some beep, i dont know if thats a if thats a signal beep or what, because i got a good fpv signal, lets, go ahead and do that return to home.

So lets press this button. Oh thats neat it. Actually, the uh phone actually says return home. I have never seen that before even on a uh, you know high end, drones will talk, but on a one of those class ive not seen that before thats, pretty cool so now were getting some beep and i dont know if thats some i dont know well See whats going on with that heres the drone coming back. I got it set to 20 meters return to home height, but that beeping is annoying. It didnt do it. Initially. My battery showed 63 percent still so it shouldnt be a low battery warning at 63 percent. It may just be as slow to kick into that vpn to let you know. Some of these drones will beep on return to home, now its turning itself to face the same direction. It did it take off lets see if that beeping stops once every once it lands. I dont know why it didnt do that um right at white, when i, when i did it and i told to come home its talked, and then it started flying back and it didnt actually start doing the beefing until its about halfway back lets. Make sure this is not going to hit the fence im going to have to back it up guys, so its sort of thinking it over and that may have canceled it lets see. Sometimes these drones will hover and then theyll proceed to go ahead and land.

Now its going to yeah now the grass is pretty tall here now the return it looks at me, like its gon na its gon na, be a little bit closer to the fence thats. Why i corrected it so this isnt the most ideal place to do it, but the turn to home was still going to be well with an acceptable range for a drone thats just using gps. So, im totally fine with that, but it was going to be a little bit further off than what it actually showed there uh, because i obviously corrected it. Lets go ahead and take it back in air. Again we still have plenty of battery. As you can see, the beeping stops that tells us that its a return to home beep – i just dont, know why it takes so long to start doing it lets go ahead and unlock the props and we should still be recording. We are lets just manually. Take off just give it throttle and theres the rear guys you can see in the shade. You got those green rear lights there and thats, really nice and stable. Now that the winds calm down, we get the two red lights in the front to help with orientation, but thats also going to be helpful when the drone is really really close. Lets see what rate were we in again lets go back to that middle rate, so thats, not as aggressive lets, do now is lets uh.

Try that uh circle mode lets see what that would do. If we can get to work. Follow me is gon na, be tough im gon na need to walk in the back. I cant do a follow me right here in this confined area im trying to stay in the shade and back there, its very very bright. So if i get a chance here in a moment, we have enough battery ill, might walk out back here and try to do that and lets just press that in circling mode and see what it does if it just circles that spot lets see what that does. Its going to spin around – and it probably will fly back and now lets see if it may need me to set it and there its starting to go, and it is filming, interestingly enough, with the camera facing away so were filming outwards inside the app. I dont see any parameters for setting uh the circle mode, so there may have been some stuff. I could do with the stick and that can be a bit confusing at times, but this is, it seems, to work fine in terms of the circle, its a pretty nice circle. The wobbles are seen as a typical wobbles you get with an unstabilized camera lets, go ahead and press that again that should cancel it. That seemed to work pretty good, though i dont know why it didnt face the camera in because usually in circling mode or circling mode, youre going to some called a point of interest.

Youre going to circle around an object, lets say a steeple or a church or whatever youre filling, and you want to go around it and that was doing just the opposite, but again im just trying to get the stuff tested. While we have battery – and that was maybe just a matter of me needing to uh – you know – do some manual setting of it lets turn it around here towards me and drop it down. Lets try it again and see if we can, because it kind of spins itself and it faces away, lets see. If i can do anything, i cant im not really having any stick inputs so lets see if it at least faces inside this time, uh. No, its still fixing the way so im, not sure whats up with that its doing a nice circle i mean when i use the sticks, move the sticks. I can speak correctly im not getting any ability to like set the um radius of that at all, but yeah. It works, but be be mindful that it seems like it wants to film away um and not into the middle, which is very odd. We still got 48 percent battery and im doing some gentle flying now. So what im going to do now is im going gon na walk into the back and well try that follow me mode. So ill probably stop the video here until i get back here, but im just gon na leave the drone hovering all right guys.

So i have it back here and i just uh. You know i have the camera still tilted down slightly at me here and lets. Try that follow me mode and see how that works. Lots of times these drones, they work okay, but when theyre, no, when theres no stabilization on the camera, it gets rocky, especially if the drone tends. Some of them tend to kind of rock like a boat. Is what im getting at so lets see? This should be following the gps in my phone lets. Get it up some because some have requirements on height. You know what oh yeah, i turned the gps off oops lets make sure we got that on thats. We have to hold it down because i press that it doesnt say its still gps mode lets press that now follow me is ready. Lets just walk this way. You can see um, it is turning thats nice. My rear yard back here needs to be mowed and were gon na have a lot of glare from the sun here. So i might want to try to go this way, so i can look off away from the sun, but it is following me by yawling and thats what you want. First of all that the drone actually knows the turn itself now. Let me just back up and see: does the drone i lost my sandal see? Does a drone actually want to follow me? I think its going to move yeah.

It is its keeping it the preset distance and its actually not rocking a whole bunch and thats good. Some will move a little rock stop and it causes a rocking action lets see if i can move the drone lets see if i can move the drone over here and have it follow me a little bit farther over, but this seems to be working really well That may have canceled that lets yeah. Now we have to start it again and it should start and try to keep that distance that i started it at. Is it moving yeah, just a gentle movement, of course, im walking backwards, guys so im moving very slow. The drone doesnt have to move much thats working perfect, so i think it may have hit low battery here and i think thats why it may have backed up. Possibly though i think we begin were at 40, so thats not why that worked good. In fact, that works better than some of the uh, my intimsic dreamer pro when it first came out. The following was way worse than that now theyve since fixed it, but just let you know that sometimes a more expensive drone like that. The follow me didnt always work as well as this. This worked really well. Yeah circle me is backwards for some reason: it films hours, but otherwise it does film uh and make a good circle, and if this thing seems to fly great lets, just get enough battery lets just try to show you guys here.

Weve got four or 14 minutes now, a video, a few seconds of that, of course, was on the ground, as i landed on return to home, but yeah. This flies really good, again, im just in the middle rate, so its not real aggressive flying there. Okay lets um lets, stop recording the video and see why we got it up in the air here were gon na get that low battery here in a second stop recording lets just try to take a photo or two and see if we can include that im Hitting the photo button lets see, did it do anything huh i didnt hear any shutter or any sound it could be recording. Usually it gives you an indication. Well, i took a couple photos with the controller and the app if they are included on the sd card or in the phone gallery. Ill include them. If not ill, obviously include a note with you guys here, some text youll see by now telling you that it didnt record the photos, and that would be unfortunate. In fact, that would be very bad because thats going to be the main uh my opinion. The main reason use for the strong, because the video is going to be wobbly because theres, no gimbal and no electronic image stabilization that i can see, but a photo still should turn out really well. The camera looks good to me. The only wobble im seeing is just your general movement of the drone because of that lack of stabilization, but im not seeing any um jello or anything.

Now there could be some small jello that im not able to see in the fpv feed, but its certainly nothing bad and theres theres. My daughter, shes, probably looking for me, shes out front running around all right guys that should wrap up the review here. I think, even though ive got the uh helipad there inside my fence, im just going to go ahead and land him here on the edge of my property here and in this video. So overall im pretty happy with this drone. But again we got to see. Do those photos save, i didnt get a test flight in on this drone, so i wasnt able to test that, even if i did, i probably would not have thought to try to testify for the photos. So i mouse a little dry from talking. Lets go ahead and land them here, just going to hold the throttle down and its chopped into the some of the weeds here, all right guys that wraps up the review of the ruco u11 pro gps drone overall flies, fantastic um return to home was really accurate. Um off by a few feet, circle me works fine, except for the drone tends to, and it could be something im doing wrong, but i couldnt tell any way of adjusting the radius. It would turn itself away and then fly around, which is odd, because youre typically filming a point of interest and it wasnt doing that so im going to let them know about that and see what they say and follow me was great.

It didnt do a bunch of rocking its kept its distance and it yawled to follow me when it didnt need to move and thats exactly what you wanted to do so overall, really happy with this. So unless the photos dont show up – which i think would be a big problem – and that is possible, then i would recommend this. So if the photos didnt show up, then its gon na depend on price. If this drones photos did show up in the video, then i would recommend this as long as its not you know too high. I dont remember the exact price, because aruco was kind enough to send this out at no cost for me to review, and i would recommend this – i mean this. This meets my requirements as long as it is an acceptable price because you know you want that stabilization. In the video and in 2021, getting close to 2022 now and you just so many of them have it in eis, and this doesnt seem to have that at all so its going to come down to price on this. Assuming that it did take the photos all right, guys that wraps up the review of the ruco u11 pro if youre new to the channel be be sure to uh click. The subscribe button also click the bell, so youre notified every time.