Get up in the sky, see how it goes. Lets go Music Applause, Music, Applause, okay, so the drone we have today is another one from rooko and i just did a review on aruco drone and it really worked dandy. So if you didnt get a chance to see that one, i will go ahead and put that up here, so you can check out that link because he did a really nice job now. This is the little brother uh to that one and it does have a lot of cool features: gps sd card things like that brushless motors, but it doesnt have a stabilized gimbal uh. So if that is something thats going to be a deal breaker for you and that it doesnt have stabilized video well, this probably wont be the drone for you now its going to take really good pictures, because it is a 4k camera. So, even though the video wont be stabilized if youve got a day, thats not like today and you dont have so much wind itll still be pretty good to fly with video, but the picture should still be really sharp for you. So, of course, were gon na go up and see what that does now. This does tout that its got a 26 minute battery life and it is really small, so that makes sense that it would. It says it has a range of about sixteen hundred feet, which usually we dont get that, but of course well fly it out a little bit and make sure we get a decent range for sure.

And, of course it does have some smart functions like orbit and follow me things like that, so well give that a try as well all right so first were going to go ahead, turn the drone on. Then we want to turn the transmitter on and pair them. So lets go ahead and start this up its got a little button here on the bottom and now to pair the remote left. Stick down there we go so now. Weve got a beep, so now were good. There so well go ahead and turn this on and get the drone connected to the wi fi here so theres, a wi fi drone all right and its telling us to go ahead and do the gps so were going to go ahead and do this horizontal and We got a beep, so lets go ahead to our vertical all right, perfect last step we want to do is a gyro calibration that says the right stick down and to the right all right. Hopefully that did it well see we had some beeps there lets go ahead and give this a try now to arm. The motors is like a lot of the other ones that weve had. We should go down and in to armed motors and slide to take off all righty. Now you can see this thing is really pitching. It is probably a little bit windy for it. I have to say i mean im, giving it a little run for its money.

Here, of course, if you can see the video here that i have on my screen uh it does, it is a little shaky. Of course again, there is no stabilized gimbal, but it is a pretty good shape. Actually i mean its sitting up above me. Actually, quite nice ill spin it around here its doing a nice job. Really now we are coming back at me should see me in the picture here. Take a couple of pictures here so lets see what it looks like lets: go ahead right away and see if we can do a function here, lets bring it down a little closer to us. You can see its really stable and nice sitting here, so lets go ahead and do a gps follow here, see if that works there. I am okay lets see if it takes see. If it follows me, this direction yep there comes, it is trying to follow there. We go that is actually is coming along here again, its too bad, its, not stabilized, but certainly if the wind was decent, it wouldnt be too bad. Lets just see if it rotates over here on the way back here, oh yeah, its going away from me, i got to be careful itll back up into some trees here, but yeah its definitely uh. Definitely following me all right doing its thing good deal all right. All right good deal all right, so that being said, lets go ahead and do an orbit uh see how that works here.

Usually we got to go above so lets go ahead and go above me and set that orbit up. Okay, so here it is here orbiting. Above me, its not too bad its really struggling with the wind, and without that uh stabilized gimbal, of course, uh. The footage is shaky. But again, if you had uh some nice uh calm day, uh probably do a lot better job so but its doing a pretty good job. I mean, as far as orbiting around its uh, its doing a fair job here. All right so lets go ahead and hit our return home, and you probably cant see this, but it did uh. It went straight up, even though i was low. It went straight up. Uh to its uh return to home altitude, which is great, and it is coming down here all right, hey it wasnt too bad for a first return to home here, wasnt, a low battery or anything, but you can see, were about three feet or so off of The pad pretty nice job. I dont like that. Little bounce that it did. I dont know what that was. It came down and decided to kiss the ground and run back up but uh overall, it did do a pretty good job, pretty close here. So that was the maiden flight of the ruco f11 pro lets, go into the studio and show you what comes in the box and then well finish this out.

All right so were back in the studio after taking the rooko f11 pro out for a flight. Did a really nice job, but first im going to do is tell you a little bit about what came in the box here first and then ill. Give you my final thoughts on the flights and function. So first things. First, it does come in a really nice case. Of course, i really like that when they do have the hard cases like this now in the box of course, does come the remote that we use during our flight. It is laid out really well its a little. Lighter than normal, but at least it is a chargeable with a usbc theres, no extra batteries required. Also, in this particular case, it did come with two batteries and of course it did come with the drone body uh with the foldable arms, and it does come with. An extra set of props comes with a screwdriver and screws for those props and then comes with two different charging cables uh for the two batteries, so you can charge both at the same time. So lets just talk about some of the features uh. First, it does have gps and i had no problems with the gps. It did a really nice job, now ive flown a different ruco before and ill put that link up here as well. That was the pro gym 2. and that did a really nice job as well.

I think theyve got the gps figured out. I didnt have any toilet bowling or anything like that, and when we did do the automatic return to homes, they did them pretty darn close. So gps works good, so it does say that the battery life was about 26 minutes. I did not get that, even though this is a small drone but ill make sure that i put the time that i did get up here now. It did say that the range was about 1600 feet, or so now i did take it out nearly to the edge of line of sight, even though it was really windy and it did hold up pretty well, i didnt have a drop off or anything like that. It didnt hit a wall and stop uh. So in the transmission distance that i was using it again, it seemed to do a pretty fair job now, just for reference. The weight does come in at about 0.61 pounds with the battery, so it will not make it below that guideline for the faa for registration at 0.55 pounds. So just so you know the functions did work pretty well with regard to the orbit and the follow me that we did. I thought they did a pretty nice job. Of course, if it was really calm, i think the video might be pretty nice and it might do a pretty good job, but in the wind that we had, it was, of course, because of the gimbal.

It was a little bit shaky which we expect. So if you really do need that stable video, this probably wont be the drone for you, it did fly really well. I had no problems with the app it all worked. Everything i did what it was supposed to do so with that being said, i think, for the price point its a pretty fair value, and it is indeed a fun flyer. So if youre looking for a low cast drone to maybe have the kids start on or yourself start on uh, i think this is a pretty darn good, starter, drone and, of course, ill put links in the description. So you can go ahead and check it out. If youre looking for more information – so i do appreciate you guys being here today and of course, if you learned anything new or something you didnt know before appreciate, you click that, like button lets, just creators know were doing something thats of value.