Todays video is not my usual content. If youre new around here then im jason and the channel is normally about me doing this self build ivico daily 6.7 tonne prison truck ex prison truck, but todays video aint about that. So if you are here for that, then i apologize, but what i would urge you to do is to go and check out some of the previous videos and if you like them – and you find that the videos or this channel may be of any interest to You then, please consider subscribing um and of course, if youve watched the videos and you like them, then give them a thumbs up if you dont, like them, give them a thumbs down today, im going to be testing and reviewing the ruko u11 pro drone. Now this drone is aimed at total beginners, so were going to jump in the back were going to do a little bit of an unboxing not going to spend too much time at all on the unboxing, because they do bore me and then were going to look At how to connect this up to the phone and lets uh get into flying so um without further ado lets crack on so right lets, take a look and see whats inside the packaging on what comes as standard with the ruco u11. Pro drone um lets dive. In first of all, youve got the retail packaging, which, i have to say, is quite snazzy its very attractive its as good as any other sort of high street branded drone or product.

That ive seen to be fair, so whether it needs that sort of level of packaging if its not going to be a high street product. I dont know because im assuming that most of the sales of this, if not all of them, are gon na be online. So um, but nevertheless its its very good quality packaging, but inside that youve got a hard case, a very good protective hard case with a zip, either side and inside this case contains all of the components for the drone, including some accessories spares and accessories. First of all, weve got the uh quick start guide and the instructions. The quick start guide on this is actually very, very useful. A protective bit of phone and accessories youve got two usb c leads. Each one of them is about 300, mil 12 inches long. So you get supplied, two usbc leads ive ripped this packet open, because i wanted to see what was inside it and inside this package was some spare screws and a little phillips screwdriver and of course, you get a full set of spare rotors blades. Then weve got the control unit itself two antennas and then the phone mount holder simply clips to the bottom of the controller. Now the foam mount phone, mount holder, doesnt, fill me or didnt fill me with much confidence at all its a little bit wobbly. However, my phone is a samsung galaxy s20 getting on now, but its still a very good phone.

It does its job but its in a protective case, a rubber sort of plastic hard shell protective case that does not go into the phone mount holder. It just wont go in there at all, but if i take my phone out of the case it clips in and holds very firmly, i mean i have every bit of confidence that that will hold my phone securely and im not worried about it at all. But the drone itself has mentioned is brushless motors and it comes with one battery already supplied in the drone. Now there was a piece of foam that slides in between the battery and the drone to stop the points making contact so its a safe place to store the drone, and then just if you can see just here, it accepts a micro sd card. It doesnt come with a micro sd card. However, ive got some spare 16 gig so for this testing review thats what ill be using and last of all you get supplied a spare battery, so it comes with two batteries all in all, so each battery is supposed to give you up to 26 minutes flight Time all thats left now is to get this connected to the phone and right first thing. We have to do get this thing. Flying lets get the battery in. So the battery goes on the underside of the drone and on the battery there is a little button press that button and youll hear a beep.

So you hold the button for about a second Music, so thats the drone switched on. We then need to turn the controller on and pull the left joystick down to the six oclock position for about a second till it beeps so thats the drone and the controller all paired up. Finally, the phone. So we need some sort of visual aid and we need to get this connected to a wi fi. So so in the wi fi settings youll see a ruco, u11 or u11 pro just connect that its connecting at the moment. Okay, so thats now connected so thats. The wi fi dealt with im now going to open the rooko app and just follow the on screen demands for the ruco app its so self explanatory, and pretty much goes through everything that ive just been through here and then one final thing we do have to Do is we have to calibrate the compass, its very, very easy, just pick the drone up and rotate horizontally until it beeps that was about three times and then vertically, Music till it beeps so ill gain about three times that drone, to all intents and purposes, should Be ready now to fly right. We want to test out some of the functions on this drone. Now, in particular, the follow me mode, the point of interest mode and the return to home mode follow me mode is obvious. It should just follow me about wherever i walk.

The point of interest mode is where it should just do a 360. All around me. The return to home mode were just going to send the drone off a few hundred feet away, yards whatever and then were just going to hit the uh return to home button, and hopefully it returns home uh Music. Well, it worked. We were close. We were literally just on the outer edge of the map and um. Unfortunately, we got very, very long grasses and no matter where i put the uh put the map. The grass is all around the side. So if the drone lands on the side of the map, the blades are just getting tangled up in the grass but its doing its job, its doing its job pretty well, Music, so thats. Basically, the um u11 pro drone im gon na wait for the battery to charge up now. Im gon na have a bit of fun with it, but honestly that you can see the wind when those gusts of wind come in. It really absolutely battles the uh drone, but the drones handling it really well right its time to get some photographs with this thing, well see how they stack up against the video footage. So far, the lack of video stabilization crucifies, the the video camera on this, but from what ive seen the actual still images, the photographic images are far better quality, but then that would be down to the fact that the video footage is shot in 2k and 2k.

Only whereas the photographic images are shot in 4k, but the video suffers greatly from lack of stabilization but the photographs they seem to fare quite well. So lets take a look. The drone itself is very responsive, but the controls do seem a little bit jerky, like literally just a millimeter and its snapping. You know its not that smooth lets take our first photo. I mean to be fair, youre not actually buying this package for the camera. Youre buying it because it is the complete package for 260 quid current uk prices, or certainly on the rucco website, Music, all right guys. So what are my final thoughts on the ruco u11 pro drone id like to talk about the camera. First of all, video footage is shot in 2k and 2k. Only the photographic images are shot in 4k, when the drone was hovering around 20 30 meters. I was taking video footage and taking photographs at the exact same time, but because of the lack of stabilization, the video footage came out it i i was struggling to watch it it i mean it was like. I was at a head banging concert, but the photographic images came out surprisingly exceptionally well, especially compared to what i thought or how i thought they would come out because of how the video footage come out and how violent the wind was blowing that drone about one Of the other things id like to talk about is the batteries now the batteries claim to have a life of up to 26 minutes.

Okay, i found i was getting less than that around 18 minutes give or take so im flying about im having great fun. So it approaches roughly 18 minutes and then the drone just dies and it goes into auto return mode and it takes, however, minutes to come back home because of, however far away it is so what was explained to me is basically yes, the batteries last you. So we call it fun time. Youve got fun time of up to 18 minutes, but theres. This well call it a reserve and thats. Your auto get your home time, basically return to home time. Okay, so so i was kind of thinking that the batteries are a little bit naff a little bit pants are not work, theyre, not lasting as long as claimed they did when you consider the time it takes for that drone to return to home. So that was a little issue that i had with the batteries that was resolved and answered satisfactorily. Now i dont know what its like with any other manufacturers of drones when they advertise their drones, can fly 20 minutes. Can they, or is some of that, a reserve to get you, so you can only fly, lets, say 13 or 14 minutes, and the rest of it is to get you up is to get you home basically. So its thank id like to find out. Perhaps someone can tell me in the comments and finally, what id like to mention about the ruco u11 pro is: you can fly this indoors, it is designed to be flown indoors, but what you have to do is disable the gps.

Now, on the controller, you got the four buttons at the bottom. The first one is your gps button press and hold that for three seconds. That will disable the gps and will allow this to be flown indoors, with no issues but anyway, guys that just about wraps this video up, everything you need is in the description, the links to the website. They may have a 5 or 10 discount going at the moment, but check out the links if youre interested in this drone, you might be able to get a few quid off. Um price is currently around 260 quid in the uk off the ruco website and thats. Pretty much all ive got to say on it, so folks, with that im going to call it a day.