I got a pretty cool new drone in the other day, im gon na take a look at today. This is the ruco u11 pro now, if i say roku im going to probably say that more than once, maybe numerous times in the review of this drone, because its so similar to roku. But this is you know the the streaming uh dongles. You have your tvs. This is actually ruko r, u k o, so i hope i dont do that too often lets take a quick look at the box and then well take a look at the drone. This is just going to be the table review today. I thought id divide this up, because these these multi featured brushless gps drones can really run long in the videos. So if you want to see just what comes with this watch, this video, if you just want to see it, fly, stay tuned for the flight review. Im just going to separate it rather than sticking the table review at the end of the video ive been doing just the overall video length gets to be so long on doing these combined table and flight reviews for these gps drones like this, so anyway, you can See it its they advertise that has a 4k camera brushless motors, as i just mentioned – fpv live video, of course, and gps and altitude hold both. So i believe it also has optical flow ill, have to confirm that the app is the ruco app and then heres the qr codes.

If you need those to download that app for this drone, so you can see its a foldable gps drone with a 4k camera ill show you guys here. It comes in this uh nice uh case. So i mean at least you got a nice way to carry the drone around with you if youre on the go now ive had it out of the case, but just briefly ive not taken everything apart and heres your instruction manual, your quick start guide, which also Has a qr code and heres your instruction manual and then theres some safety and disclaimer stuff that no ones going to care about, but well well, try to look at that here in a moment here is the drone, the controller and some the other accessories lets see. Whats in the back here, real quick, its probably going to be some extra props and charging cables and stuff like that yeah i got a charging cable for the the battery and the controller i think well have to see if the controllers are charged or not, and Some spare props see if this is, is this something as well? This may be a screwdriver yeah, just some more screws and a screwdriver. Nothing too important, so lets take a look. Lets see whats inside here, real quick before we get to the actual drone. This is like the phone clip holder for your fpv to see the app. It looks like an extra battery in this one, so its nice, you get two batteries, ive already charged one of these and the battery itself, when you plug it in just charges itself and turns off ill show you that here in just a moment, so lets take A look at the drone again, this is foldable and it has brushless motors, as you guys can see, rather compact um, pretty sure i weighed this.

This is gon na weigh more than 250 grams. I believe let me confirm that by grabbing my scale here and well, throw it on the scale just to see right now, while im thinking of it. What does this come out to in terms of weight so lets move it up here? Lets throw it on there. Now its got a little gimbal guard. You can take off this plastic, but thats not going to make more than a tenth of a of a gram, distant difference, so i got 281 grams, so unfortunately, this is about 30 grams over the 250 weight limit. On terms of non registering and restrictions in some countries, so yeah this little plastic piece comes off. Let me go ahead and fold out the arms, so you can see its its, not not a huge drone, but it looks pretty nice it. It isnt really heavy, though, but its just unfortunate, its a little bit too heavy to keep you into that 250.. So you can take this little plastic piece on again. This is just nothing thats not going to make any difference on the weight. This is dampened, so that will help with any kind of vibes or jello, possibly but its just a single axis. So youre going to have to keep that in mind its just going to be youre, going to be able to rotate the the camera up and down with the controller, but it is a 4k camera.

The advertised i dont know the frame rate is probably going to be 25 to 30 frames per second, hopefully 30, but you cant expect too much on that. Well have to see how the video looks on this, but at least you can rotate it uh up and down remotely from the controller, but theres no theres, no gimbal it doesnt theres, no stabilized gimbal. I should say theres no, two or three axis so its not going to have any stabilization. I didnt see any mentions yet of having eis, which is electronic image stabilization. So unless it has that the video is going to probably is going to be rocky, its going to you know its going to be better for shooting photos, im sure and lets see lets take a look at the bottom. There is a very tiny pinhole camera here and it i assume thats optical flow when im saying i assume is because it could just be nothing there. It sure looks like theres a lens in there, so im going to assume this does have optical flow. Hopefully, as i dig more into this ill, be able to confirm that thatll help if you fly indoors with a poor gps, lock or if you lost gps lock, this will look at the ground and try to keep it close to holding its position. If you lose gps lock – and here is the battery, this is a 7.6 volt. That means this is a 2s, but its lithium high voltage its a little bit higher voltage than your standard.

Lipos are lithium ions, so 7.6 volt thats going to give it a little bit more punch a little more power and it is 1900 milliamp hour. So i get a pretty good flight time out of these. You see compress this, and this will see if i hold it in its blinking and you hold it in again. It should turn off so thats your battery meter, while youre charging, and also probably when youre flying it probably will be lit up on where the uh battery power is now theres. A little foam insert here that comes with it so that they that it doesnt accidentally power on while its in the shipment in the package. You obviously pull that out and uh that would plug in there and you have a micro sd card slot right here. So that is where youre going to be able to um put a micro sd card theres, not one included, but youll, be to put that in there and record video locally, which is really good, and the controller lets take a look at that. It comes a little less like quick start deal here so its telling us what all the features does i like when they do this? That way, you dont have to dig through the instruction manual to immediately know if you just grab the quick start guide and looked at this youre, probably going to get up in the air with no problems, especially if youre somewhat experienced.

So you got a gps switch here. This is your follow me. So gps is going to turn the gps on and off. You turn off. You just go altitude hold follow me is a follow, um sure its going to be following your mobile phone, so its using the gps, your phone to follow some of them, have it built into the app where it tries to dynamically. Follow you by drawing a square around im, pretty sure thats, not what this is going to be. Usually that would be initiated within the app as well. This is in circle mode, so just circling around and your speed rate switch there up on top. This is your photo in your video button, so this takes a photo. This will sort the video i like that these are in separate parts of the bumper there. So you dont have to do a short press, long press you can do either one thats nice and then this is your your gimbal or camera tilt to tilt it down and up while youre flying and it looks like theres. The phone clip holder goes here and lets see is this: is this rechargeable yeah lets see, if maybe its under the antennas? Yes, it is, and the usbc here so thats what this uses to charge. The antennas lets see if these are real or fake um. Just taking a quick glance here, if i turn these around towards me, if i can this ones not going to be able to, i dont see a wire on the antenna a and i dont see one on b.

So i have to look a little closer im. Pretty sure these antennas are phony, they like to put these on a lot of these drones and make it look like youve got a really high end, dji drone or something and youve got an antennas up. You probably have to put them up just to get them out of the way the phone clip holder, but if you dont have to youre, probably not going to make any difference, because i dont see any what youre looking for is a wire. A wire would run up usually in one of these antennas, just to hold it out, so you can get a better signal and im not seeing any wires on these antennas. They look like theyre, just phony unfortunate, not exactly surprising. I see these a lot on these lower cost gps drones, so this ones not super cheap, but its still, you know an uh on off brand being a ruco, and this is your one key return or one button return. Gps return its gon na press this. It will come back, fly overhead, come down and land really close, hopefully to where it took off, and this is your power switch. You can see. We have power, so obviously its blinking, because its not bound to the aircraft itself so make sure we didnt miss anything else here on the aircraft itself, it looks like we got everything again. The microsd card slot is good because you can record the video and then not have to worry about any kind of drop frames.

If youre recording the wi fi feed, you can still record the wi fi feed, but youre going to drop frames. Sd card will eliminate any of that stuff so well have to see. I dont know the flight time in this. I dont worry so much about that, because its going to come back and land itself and the battery gets low or if it got out of range. Anything like that, so you dont have to worry about timing, your flight or knowing when to keep it close. It should and that always works right on these gps drones. Ive never had one that didnt come back and land on low battery, even if it lands way off. At least it comes back close enough all right guys. I think we covered a lot of the stuff here. Lets take a look at the instruction manual and then well go ahead and end this video, so we can uh. I can film the flight review in a separate one. So lets take a look here. Its got mentions its got a green light. I think thats in the back lets make sure this is focused on the instruction manual good yeah, just pretty much what i said, the the usb spot on the battery is right here on the on the side right here. Your usb charging port again, you dont, have to use the one provided any usb c cable work, because the battery itself handles the charging they mention sd card slot.

I dont see any mention of how long it takes to charge a battery like that on usb. You want to make sure youre using a 2 amp charging port, its still going to take quite a while to charge so heres those controls which we already went over and heres a mention of that app, which was the uh ruko. I wanted to say roku again the ruko app they dont do they mention it again there. No, but the aircraft is the ruco u11 pro with some numbers behind it, thats what you connect to, and i believe it is it says 5g, so it is 5g. So itll have a better transmission signal, but obviously its going to um not have quite the range as 2.4, but you theres no cross interference from the controller or not near as much wi fi uh interference on the five gigahertz range, though its getting more cluttered than It used to be some information there about the app itself. They mention it right here and yeah its called the ruco gps app. Just like the box said. I think the box called it just a ruco app, so all right guys that wraps up the table. Review of the ruco u11 pro 4k foldable gps drone, if youre new to the channel, be sure you click the subscribe button.