So this is the dream: first impression that its really fragile, like the plastic, is really not dense and its a cheaper drone, so i didnt really expect it to be too great. I also have my gopro one. I just got this in amazon today too, because now im a youtuber huh, i cant see it. What are you talking about? Anyways ill have to edit that out so heres the drone – and this is the remote. This is right here is the instruction guide that it came with im Music. He said it come with two batteries theres the second batteries in it. Do i i might have to charge it. I dont know im gon na try to use it without charging it here. I am, i got it outside flying it around im, going to show it in several ways: theres a camera on the drone that records on your phone, so you can actually see and right here i ran into a tree its really hard to drive like if youve, Never drove one before im sure ill get used to it, but um and this clip is me flying it like without the camera, showing it on the thing or whatever, but in the next clip im gon na have the footage of what the drone actually recorded in The air and the camera quality on the drone isnt that great but, like i said its only 240 drone and if its your first drone – and you know youre just now getting into drones, as my first room im – sure its a really great beginner drone and it Kind of gives you the taste of what its going to be like to really get one of those six.

Seven hundred dollar drones up to the two thousand dollar drones. So here i am flying it around its really hard to fly. I got it stuck on top of the house, i cut my finger, it was bleeding. You knew all that fun drone stuff that looks so cool. The video actually looks like its slowing down the propeller thats cool for some reason. Yes, maam whered you get that Music. Crap, so now here is the first person drone footage and, like i said, i dont really like the camera quality too great, but there you go, and this drone is on amazon for 240 dollars and i dont know if its still applying but get them while theyre Hot they got a hundred dollar coupon that i applied Music, Music, Music Music.