We will be reviewing the ruco u11 drone thats right, ruco, reached out to us and asked us if we wanted to do a quick review and of course we said yeah now there have been a few companies reaching out to us lately about doing reviews, but drones Are something that i need to get back into doing, flying getting those sweet shots and if youre gon na review something sweet, it may as well be a drone right. So this video is not sponsored or paid for or anything like that, um, nothing, weird and dont. You worry patrons, you wont, be getting charged for this video. This is just uh, you know lets. Do a review see how it goes so. First off this drone has been marketed as a beginner drone at a really good price, decent quality at a super low price. Beginner drone: now, why would you want to get a beginner drone and just not jump straight into something super expensive, because youre gon na crash it all right when youre learning you will crash it guarantee it. So your first drone shouldnt be super pricey, or else you might regret it real quick. Now this drone ill tell you right away because, im being honest with you has a couple of drawbacks, but they have other drones in their lineup. If you want to upgrade ill tell you what you need to go for number one, this one doesnt have brushless motors theyre brushed, so they could wear out over time pretty quick but ill cover that a little more in a little while.

Secondly, this drone does not have a full gimbal, its more of a fpv style flyer, whenever youre looking through the screen, its going to be shaking doing all this fun stuff. So if you want that fpv style look right here here, you go quality beginner drone! For you, there is a u11 pro drone, just a little bit more than this one, its going to give you the brushless motors its going to give you way better performance way, more life on your motors, better control, more power, everything for not very much more so Lets get into this, the box looks pretty cool. The packaging is not bad, i have to say inside the box. Of course, this awesome case and youre not going to get this with a lot of drones. You know what i mean you end up having to buy extra batteries in the case, all by itself after you get, the drone lets see. Whats inside comes with this nice little cushion padding were not going to be needing that from now on and everything was actually packaged up. Super nice with plastic. This actually came in a quality, zip, lock bag inside the box um. But everything that you need is right here in this tiny little convenient case and its actually just about the size of my gopro camera case as well, so fits right in ah as comparison here we go my case i put my gopros in then the drone pretty Much the same size gon na fit my bag, really nice all right back to whats inside so number one.

It has this cool little cover that came on the controller and, of course, were probably just going to tuck that away back in here a little later, but its a quick little reminder of how all the controls work and all that fun stuff, um, speaking of which Lets just jump straight in on the controls, so you know you got your. You got your two ups and downs thumb stickaroonies there youve got your satellite button. You can turn it on or off so you can fly indoor out or outdoor, which is nice. A couple of you got a follow me mode option here. You have a circle me mode and then you have a power switch. So you high low so thats. Why its really good for beginners? You can change how fast youre gon na fly. So, whenever youre learning you wan na go super slow as you get better, you pick up the speed. Then, of course it has a return to home button and of course, this little helper diagram thing will walk you through that pretty cool. So the controller also has up here is your gimbal, so you can your gimbal tilt on top uh. You can also shoot video and it has a picture mode. Jumping right into the video in picture mode. Its a 4k camera um is what they call it. Basically, the pixels are, when you take a photo ends up being 3840 by 2160p, which comes out to 8.

3 megapixels, so dont really get confused by that 4k. That is a 4k photo, though, but its 8 megapixel. If youre talking photography, video is going to shoot a almost double of 1080p at 2048 by 1152, so a little higher quality than your standard 1080p on video and again when youre shooting your photos and videos on this camera, not gon na lie theyre, not the greatest, But theyre not bad for a beginner drone and the price that youre paying at 289 yeah thats pretty decent. Where is it? I need to show you something where to go where to go where to go. Like i said 289 for this drone, i paid over 150 for this thing, this was my first drone. This has gps, this no gps. This camera photo video this. Neither one this thing was not easy to learn to fly, not at all half the price, but none of the awesome stuff. It also did not come with brushless motors and i burnt these motors up a lot thats. Why im going to encourage you to upgrade to the u11 pro get those brushless motors? You wont regret it. This thing is trash its going in the dumpster all right, so back to whats in the box. We went over the controller before i show you, the drone im going to show you. It came with two batteries, one of each to just like this. Your total flight time is 20 minutes per battery, so youre gon na get 40 minutes total on your drone um.

The phone holder, the drone itself ill show you that in a minute actually came with three usbc cables super duper. Sometimes you have to provide your own im just saying, and then there was this little calibration quick guide in case youre. Having problems with your motors. You need to calibrate them. This will walk you through it, so you dont have to like dig through a manual or youtube stuff online, to try to figure out how to calibrate everything, which is a problem ive had with some rc cars in the past. Then you have your ruco quick, start guide and scan this with your camera on your phone download the app get you going real, quick on the quick start guide again. Another controller diagram thats real nice. It also shows you how to connect with the controller, to the drone to your phone connect. Your satellites explains everything that youre reading right. There really nice quick start guide nice to have and if thats not good enough, we also have a little card here for common problems and troubleshooting right there. So if you dont have internet access to internet and you dont want to youtube how to fix your drone, its all right here, again, beginner, drone and theyre doing it real well, if they give all of these instructions and quick start guides with all of their drones. Every single one of them will be considered, in my opinion, a beginner drone and then, of course, the u11 manual, and this thing is packed full of information lets see if i can find some stuff real, quick.

It runs through flight safety. Drone preparation: how to set it up, how to get it ready to fly, how to unfold it? How to connect um shows you how to charge your batteries very helpful. Everything under the controller again your stuff for the app how to set it down, get to prepare yourself for takeoff how to calibrate the drone and also, whenever you start it up. Whenever you start up the app, it will also walk you through on the app to calibrate your drone. Every time before you fly its a different calibration than what this is, but itll still walk you through on how to calibrate the compass on your drone, so that youre not having weird signals, interfere with your flight, which is super nice. You should do that every time you fly anyway, but they actually walk you through it. Before youre allowed to fly thats good, then it walks through your different flight modes that you can do just some fun little things. There explains to you how to tilt your gimbal. All that and then actually takes you through launching your drone to fly it, and you can actually fly this particular drone without the actual controller. You can fly it on your phone just by itself, im not sure i would recommend doing that, but its possible and then walks you through all the alarms and codes and things that it might go through in case, while youre mid flight. You know if youre out of range or low battery and its watched through how the automatic return to home works and all that fun stuff, so yeah automatic return to home great function on a beginner drone, so youll get stuck out there.

Looking for your drone, then it runs through your specifications. Things like that. This drone lets see whats. It weigh the weight 270 grams. I think the ffa is 250 and above you have to register uh. So, yes, you do need to register this drone to fly it. Its doesnt cost much the process isnt that bad and i believe, theres instructions in here in the manual of where to go and how to do that. Image format is jpeg in case youre wondering the drone battery is a lipo 1200 mah 7.4 volts transmitter frequency is 2.4 gigahertz. Now this is their base model drone the range on it isnt that great it sends a wi fi signal from the drone to your phone. They say its somewhere around max range is 16 40 feet thats for the remote transmitting to the drone, but you can only see video on your phone up to 984 feet depending on your phone and with my testing i lost signal around 600 so, like i said It depends on your phone what frequency is running on or what wi fi signal is running on and all the conditions around you, so i got to like 600 650, something like that lost signal. One thing to note: is you always want to keep your drone where you can see it? So when i lost signals, no problem, i was able to bring it back back into range, but then you do have to go back into the app reconnect.

Your phone to the drone via wi fi, so you can start seeing the screen again and keep going so. Keep that in mind now there will be links down below for all the products that im talking about here today. All the drones um, including an affiliate link for myself. So if you use that i might get a little commission but dont worry about it, you dont have to if you dont want to, but there will be links to the website. So you can see the product of what im talking about all the links down below all right. The moment youve been waiting for the actual drone, pretty cool folds up nice and small thats handy for travel flip out the bottom arms first. If i remember correctly – oh this little thing its so that the battery cannot actually connect why its in the case, because then it would drain the battery could accidentally turn on possibly uh. You dont want to do that. Lipos can be flammable, so be careful, but that is just to keep the battery from clicking into place. I did see some reviews for people like. Oh the battery just falls right out. Well, they didnt take this out. So if you get one you know you cant leave that in and try to connect the battery just saying then the top arms fold out, like so get a nice little gimbal cover dont, throw this away youre going to want to keep that and there it is.

Look at that little beauty, then, of course, the battery snaps right in no problem boom. Then, whenever youre ready to power it up, you want to hit that button. Well, actually start up. The controller first hit that button manual walk you through all that im not going to do that right now, but thats it pretty cool little drone. What else is inside? It also came with a bunch of extra propellers theyre, still the plastics i dont want to lose them, then screwdriver and some screws in case. You need to actually take apart the arms because they also send some extra gear stuff. The brushless motor, i dont believe, comes with this option because its a different setup, these brushed motors, are smaller and they use this funky little gear. Thingy and again i dont want to take it out of the plastics ill, lose it, but its just uh its a tiny shaft with the gear on the end, sits in there like that and spins the motor. So basically, these will strip out, if you crash it potentially and then you would need to replace them, but its real nice that they send these now speaking about replacing stuff because theyre not brushless motors, they are brushed, they will burn up eventually and youre going to Need to replace them, the only way to replace them is to buy the whole arm and replace it, which is 20 okay. So over time, if you have to replace all four thats 80 bucks and eventually you will have to replace all four – you may have to replace more than four.

But if you upgrade 40 dollars to the u11 pro it comes with brushless motors and in my experience i have never burned out a brushless motor. It will last you for the life of the drone, and, i said, were going to do some test flights with this, and we will, in a minute ill show you what other than just having fun with the drone. Might this be good for? Well, it can be used for a lot of different things. You can check some roofs, maybe some old crappy farm sheds or farm structures, maybe a real estate agent, and you just want to take a picture of a gorgeous house. Maybe you want to go check a small pond to see the water level or you want to get out and look for some fishing spots. Uh now were talking right. You can do that with this lets say youre at a party with your friends. You want to get it up. Take some selfies. You know what im saying hanging out the family, snappy snappy roo. This drone will make it work for ya, but other than that, its just really fun to fly its a fun little beginner drone, like i said before, and if you like, that fpv like youre all immersed in it, that shaky like camera movement, youre gon na love. This, if you want to get into fpv eventually, but you wan na, get yourself trained a little bit first. This is a good starter if you jump right into fpv drones, youre going to crash those and go through a lot of money really really quickly.

But again, if this is the drone for you, i highly suggest you upgrade to the u11 pro for the brushless motors. Also, i believe, let me see what else is different. You get bigger batteries 19 mah, two of those which takes your flight time from 20 minutes per battery to 26 minutes per battery. Also theyre going to be more powerful with that brushless motor youre, going to zip around and have a lot more fun definitely upgrade to the u11 pro its just my professional opinion and again were going to get out and do some test flights very soon. But comparison between the two drones are exactly the same. The main thing is the battery size and the brushless motors for 40 bucks do the upgrade u11 pro if you want a little bit more flight time and a little bit more power, and you really like that. Fpv style, look with the camera, go with the f11 drone, its a little bit bigger a little more powerful, and it still has that fpv feel whenever youre looking at the screen, when the drone tilts youre going to see a tilt on the screen, which is kind Of cool, but it also has a larger field of view, so if you really enjoy flying that fpv style, the larger field of view is going to allow you to maneuver and see a lot more of whats out there. So your flight experience is a little bit better with that fpv its not as tight.

You get to see more whats going on around you, which should potentially help keep you from crashing 4k photos on both the f11 and f11 pro. The main differences between the two is the f11 pro shoots: 2.9 k, video versus 1080p on the f11, a further control range of ’37 feet versus 1640 on the u11 and 30 minutes flight time with each one of those batteries on the f11 pro and f11. Then the one drone that i would personally fly to get quality video shot, cinematic b roll stuff like that for the youtube channel would be the f11 gimbal drone or the f11 gim2 drone uh. They both shoot 4k video and 4k photo. The max range is way up there with both of them on the f11 at almost 5000 feet. The f11 gim2 at almost 9000 feet. Control range, thats, quite a ways, and the video transmission is also better, especially with the f11 gem 2 youre at 9000 feet as well. Almost 9 000 feet, 9 800 feet. Video control flight time is 28 minutes per battery on those, and you can also put a large 128 gig sd card into the gimbal drones um. Those are the ones i would go with level 7. Wind resistance lets, take it to level 11., all right, ive rambled. On enough lets get to the test flights, shall we we got byron. Hes gon na fly nicole. I think its gon na fly whats up guys.

Okay, so weve got the ruco drone here. Its gon na be first test flight for byron, whats up so were gon na get this thing set up. Real, quick and uh. Get it in the air. Brian has never flown a drone before he is a beginner. Well see how well he does ive got to do the the bottom one. First, oh the bottom, one mhm. It is a little bit windy out here today, so well kind of see how it goes. Thats, fine all right, push and hold that bottom button. This one yep all right now come set it down right over here that thumb stick down so compare with that. Then we got to go to settings to connect the drone, how to open it up, which is neat and then itll actually walk you through it tell you how to turn put all that stuff together, which is pretty cool and tell you to do your wi, fi And then starting, the motors tells you how to do all that so thats, real nice, except just, were going to do a calibration so see that diagram, thats kind of our glass so leave it flat to the ground and rotate it this and then just rotate. It yep pick it go ahead and pick it up. Okay, now tilt the vertical like this yep now now rotate it next yep this one yep leave it leave the camera pointing straight up. Kinda. Okay, i put it on the ground.

Im scared. I dont want to get cut now. Lets do a gps accuracy test. Now, in my personal opinion, you should always start with the camera facing away from you, because then the thing will get on thats. The way the controller will be youll feel more natural. That way, so its doing its uh gps accuracy test next gps access successfully cool. Then we can check our map, make sure that were good and we are right there. So we can go back to the camera. Now lets. Do this hi low button that should be high, so were going to start you on low all right now to activate the motors, go ahead and grab the controller to activate the motors, pull both sticks down towards the center hold it until the motors start up. Okay, now um, your right is going to be your movement across ground. This one youre going to want to push okay hold on okay, push this one up and launch it all right now hold on hold on now. This stick. If you move it left and right, it rotates the drones. Do that and then this one is just your ground movement right there you go dont crash it, so it is currently in low mode. We probably have five mile an hour breeze right now. Its handling no problem out up flat out through the grass and bring it back. Oh that leg hit the car. What, if you go like? What, if i know if you dont, want to go? No dont, do that right after the grass pretty fat nice all right now bring it back, and i want you to get the church go home, no, no get the church in your shot.

So another thing you can do is hold on. Let go of the sticks. Lets go to sticks, so this here tilt your camera up and down. Okay, oh so, if i need to get a better view right so that that actually tilts your camera up and down so and then this button over here will take a picture. So this one there but go ahead and click it there you go. You got a picture now bring it close to us, and so we can do a family picture. Oh thats up yeah, so the controls are confusing byrons a video gamer, so the controls are gon na feel backwards. To him same as me and nicole, so thats, one thing that i wish could be changed is an option to swap the controls, get a little closer, closer closer all right, make sure were all in it. Now you do have to keep an eye on your battery percentage right now. This is your drone im, not sure if thats your drone signal or your remote signal, thats your satellite signal, um camera signal, drone signal, slash power, i think im not sure, but then you got your battery over here. This is the one you keep close eye on. Okay, once that gets to 30, we need to bring it back and land it dont get too close to the trees of the houses, keep it out over the open area. Oh gosh, i dont want to break it.

So im just gon na come back 14 16 feet 20 22 feet. I dont think thats actually accurate for whatever reason, but sometimes its not right, thats. Why? Whenever you fly on a drone youre also supposed to visually, always keep it where you can see it. Thats cool i like it, bring it down a little bit flat right over our heads. We will fly by thats, scary, yeah. All right go full blast, hold up hello, hey little drone! Nice! Oh yeah! Oh look out! Look at that! Oh so perfect, hes catching on quick, but oh dont, dont dont get too close to us now. Thatll hurt if it hits whats your battery at oh, like 66., come on hello, so the green lights are on the front on the back of the drone and the red lights are on the front green yep. What do you think so far pretty fun? A little louder, pretty fun. Is it easy, oh sort of takes a little getting used to yeah? If you play video games like me, youd probably get used to it in like two to three minutes. Maybe but you kind of have a disadvantage because your stick layouts backwards. I know so thats, throwing you off a lot so just set it down. Yeah just keep keep pushing it down. Oh, if youre gon na land it you just got ta hold it all the way down, just hold it down until it lance pretty easy right right and then i was gon na take a shot of me, lifting it up and coming by okay, you ready to Try medium mode sure whats that do let off the sticks, push your high low button, all right now, youre in medium mode.

You can go a little bit faster! Now, oh shoot! Oh, i got good control. Taking a look right. You dont put it back in low. Yes, please, no, i want to try high. Actually, oh boy, is it okay, if i press it sure? Okay, its in high doesnt, move that fast, actually all right? What oh? No okay, its on low! Now, okay youll build flight in high one of these days. No problem medium, medium, look at the picture picture time. Yep got it now. Lets fly, get a closer one see if you can get really close to us for a really good picture. Thats gon na scare me, i dont, think im able to just move it. Nice and easy nice and slow get it down low and closer. There. You go, bring it closer to us all right face this way, got it all right. Wheres. Your battery 41. yesterday was yesterday was a little bit colder and we didnt get as good of flight times. It was only like 50 degrees, but we only got maybe 12 15 minutes per battery. I just feel like the batteries lasted a lot longer today, its about 65 degrees. I know for a fact, with my experience with drones, the temperature does make a difference all right back up a little bit. I want you to land it right here right next to me, yep get a little bit closer. There we go, thats good drop her down there, we go awesome.

High five was that fun as could be, or what do we have another battery yup you gon na? Let your mom fly it are you gon na fly, it me and then mom? Is this the one you guys used yesterday? Oh pull it backwards there you go, set it down flat and slide it in nice, all right power it on set it back in your square. I will calibrate it see how smoothly im doing it see. How smooth this is. Yeah tell me what its good its good calibrations portrayed the drawing faces: good yeah, okay, okay, there we go there, we go oh gosh, okay, that was close call because were about like four feet: hello got it all right, byron, give me a flyby whoa! Oh, my god, are you oh bro, youre scaring me. Did you see that yeah? Oh, oh, tell me how much fun youre having fun thats funny because thats george, so your first drone experience tell me about it. Uh, pretty fun pretty fun all right that pretty much does it to sum it up really nice fleet of drones, excellent beginner drones for the money. You wont be disappointed.