This fancy metallic box that he comes in has the camera going nuts, but anyway, on the side of the box. Is the qr codes, so you can download the app and get that all installed before you even open the box and then on the other side of the box. It tells you a couple of the features: 4k camera fpv, feed, gps altitude hold and 40 minutes flight time, because it has two batteries. It comes with two batteries, so thats, pretty cool lets check it out all right, heres a super nice case it comes in and if you flip that open you got a little manual at the top right there. User manual has everything in there. You might possibly need, plus they give you this real cool, quick start guide and getting this thing off the ground is pretty straightforward, its pretty easy, and then you open that and then all the good stuffs in there all right guys, heres uh whats in the case Right here, all the good stuff you get a couple of these batteries and theyre 7.4. 1200S. You see that right. There looks good, pretty decent sized battery um heres, the a remote right here, its real easy theres, the on and off the return to home, high low circle mode. Follow me and theres your gps uh button and your phone holder, real simple stuff, and then there use your charge, cables usb cables. I think its usb c, if im, not mistaken, heres some spare props heres uh, the screwdriver and the screws for the props, and then they give you a couple extra gears for the motor.

I mean this is brushless the brushed motors i mean so in case. One of them gears go bad; they give you two two extra ones so thats. I actually have never seen that anybody give you any of them extra sprockets, so thats pretty neat so anyway, to get this thing going its very uh, its very straightforward, its very easy. So when you download the app the icon for the app is going to look like that right there, where it says, ruko see that right there yeah. So you just turn on the drone. Oh and the drone, by the way, is right here and has the micro sd card in the bottom theres the camera, its motorized and theres, how you put theres where the battery goes right there easy stuff. So you turn it on by holding this button in on the bottom, so there that goes and thats going to wait for the transmitter to be turned on now, thats going to bind up and just move the stick up and down so now its going to sit Here and wait for the interaction, so you want to go: get the wi fi hooked up and thats going to be this one here called drone 37908, a so thats the one youre going to grab okay. So once you grab that youre going to come back here to the ruco app and hit that and its going to want you to do a compass calibration right off the bat okay, every time you turn that on thats, going to thats going to come up, so Were just going to go ahead and do that right now: okay, so now that im inside here the gps accuracy test im not going to do so were going to skip that and then you can see by the camera here.

Let me hold this up. See the video is working flawlessly, okay, so all good all good. Now, of course it says weak gps signal because im inside okay, so that that goes without saying. But if you go in here into the settings theres all these uh parameters here for your height and your distance and all that stuff, so you just want to just go over all that stuff and put it the way you want it. If you want to put it in the beginner mode, you can, if you dont, you, can your speed. You can set all that in from from the app, but you can also set that from the from the quadcopter itself or from the controller itself. Right in here is the hi low switch for the speed, theres, the third rate, second rate or first rate heres, the second rate and theres the third rate, and then you got your gps switch on and off. You see that right there. That turns that off, okay and then it has this follow me and then the circle mode. So its really not that complicated, i got a good idea, lets go, fly it and then, oh, i forgot heres. The gimbal switch right here is the the gimbal going up and down yeah works. Great all right lets go fly it all. Righty, okay were out here with our ruko u11 for our little unboxing after after unboxing flight and were doing the compass calibration now who wants to do the accuracy test of the gps you dont have to do.

You can override that if you dont im just gon na, let it do it for a minute. I was trying to hide away from the sun all of a sudden it got. You know this pittsburgh weather right, its 31 degrees one day and then the next day, its 82. okay, well thats. The way it works in pittsburgh, its a pittsburgh thing: okay, its its success; okay, so now its in the gps mode, all right. So why dont? We uh just start some video and then take off for a little bit and fly it around some. Let me start the video up lets just take off see how she flies. Oh, it takes off fast, it dont uh, it dont start up the its a little bit windy um. You can see the trees blowing a little bit, but i got to get it out here and fly it a little bit. So i want to see what it how it acts here, but the gimbals working, okay, okay, so one two one, two: three okay, so it has three rates of speed Applause. Now this is a brushed motor quad, its not brushless motors its bopping around a little bit because of the wind. You know it is what it is, but it is actually acting pretty stable, Music yeah, its flying decently lets go over here. Im gon na try this little up the app froze. Okay, so thats, not good. I have to restart the app well.

I want to be able to get some kind of video in here, because i dont know if the other video got corrupted, you get it when you get a drone like this, when the app starts crashing youre in for a world of grief. This is what i mean by grief of when the apps dont work – good Applause – i just want to at least be able to get a couple of seconds of video for you guys to see you know. Okay, now let me get to the follow me now. Lets see if thatll work yep once you get a quad with a buggy app forget it yeah dont waste, your energy, okay, im gon na go with the follow me. Well, i guess it kind of works its following the transmitter, no doubt, but it is kind of working yeah, so i guess its kind of working, so i turned it off now: okay, its in the third right yeah. It floats its very its very floaty, but hey at least it flies right. Okay, so i hit it and its turning well, its really not doing a whole lot unless its just slow, okay, i guess its one of them. I have to set the parameters so, okay, i mean it seems to steer pretty decently. You know, even though it does do that right there, it dive bombs. You know as youre as youre making turns as youre coming out of turns and stuff itll start going down toward the ground, as you see it doing right there, and that is part of the the barometer in there.

The altitude barometer its not uh its, not a quality. You know so, okay im going to stop this video. So at least we have a little bit of video to show you theres only 28 of the battery left anyway. So im going to land it well get a bigger better flight at the park. Uh yeah im not real happy with the app crashing like that that just ruins everything you know it ruins all the you know all the gumption. You got going into the thing you know, youre sitting there all psyched up to fly it and all that and then the app freezes. You know, thats a thats, a real bummer, all right guys, stay tuned, Music, Music, Music, thats.